hi everyone. i just started this topic to discuss everything that you guys can tell me about what do you enjoy more on the 3rd generation. if its the PVE play or team building or PVP play.

anything related to comparing both is welcome to the thread.

i do not play on pvp as i dont have anyone to play aganish that i meet in my area.. also im a bit too old to go around and talk about it :P still i find the chalenge in the battle frontier/battle tower quite interesting.

i enjoy making up breeds for pvp and pve teams just to restart my games ahead with head start,

i have realised from talking to a friend that he said people usually use "upgrade moves" (by this i mean stuff like agility) on pvp battles. do you guys use it on PVE too for instance ?

i would like to raise an interesting discussion he on this topic as i think the comunity will have many things to say. =)