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Thread: Games Rules [Edited July 28, 2014]

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    Arrow Games Rules [Edited July 28, 2014]

    Games Rules

    With all the new stuff going on, we figured that you could use a new set of rules, too.
    - Be sure to read it, or else bad stuff will happen to all you love

    one - the big papa of all rules
    - General SppF rules apply. Read them, follow them. Simple as that.
    - The only exception to the SppF rules that applies to Games, though, is the power of the creator to "bump" his/her thread when it has been just approved and it's already found in the latter pages. He/she can only do this once, though. Exceeding attempts are counted as spamming.

    two - game creation
    - The game must be original. In other words, if you create a game that is found to be very similar or exactly the same as another active game, it will not be approved. The Games and Face-Offs Index will help you with that, though, as it has all the active games listed.
    - A notable exception to the above rule are Mafia Games. As per discussion, we are allowing only up to three versions of Mafia games at one time. In the interest of allowing a fair chance for anyone to take one of the spots, you're not allowed to reserve a mafia game. It's first come first serve. Because of the competitiveness of getting to run a mafia, the forum standard 30-day inactivity rule has been cut to 15-days. So if a mafia hasn't had a response in the last 15 days it'll be considered inactive. That means if you want to run a mafia game you sure as shoot better be willing to maintain it.
    - If the game is a remake of an old game, make sure the old game is already inactive and/or you have the permission of the previous owner. If a game hasn't had a new post in 30 days, then it is considered an inactive game, and other people have the right to remake it. If anyone wishes to remake a game that a) is still "active" [has had a new post in the last 30 days], and/or b) is a part of a series [these games usually have a "version number" in their titles/first posts, then that person should have the permission of the previous owner PMed to me before starting the game's thread.
    - The game must not promote spam. If the mods think that the thread's only there to create spamfests, pointless conversations, or anything similar, don't count on it being approved. This now includes Counting Games.
    - The game must be just that - a game. There's a fine line differentiating games from Face-Offs and RPGs. This is the cause of the mass closure of threads that the forum experienced. Read on to find out the difference.

    three - game content
    - The game must not be a purely survey-type game. In these forums, that is what we call a Face-Off, and it has its own forum and its own set of rules. And it's actually a subforum of Games!
    - The game must not purely contain RPG elements. That means that games must not require you to take on a role of some sort and take part in a story arc. Those games, called Role-Playing Games, have their own forum, too. Note that by saying "purely contain" means that games may still have some RPG elements, but it must not be the dominant aspect of the game.
    - The game must not promote spam, flame, or any misbehavior. Self-explanatory IMO. Any game caught having these will be dealt with immediately.

    four - game approval
    - The game's first post must contain some sort of rules. In some cases, though, a guideline detailing the mechanics of your game would be enough, as long as it can be easily understood.
    - Show patience. As soon as you create your game, it goes into the Mod Control Panel, where it'll await the approval/disapproval of a moderator. We'll try to approve/disapprove the game as soon as we possibly can, but don't go PMing us telling us to rush or something - chances are, if you do so, we'll disapprove your thread regardless of how good it is.
    - Check the Approved/Disapproved Games and Face-Offs Thread. It's a new addition to the Games forum, and it saves you people from VMing/PMing us asking why your game isn't approved and blah blah blah.
    - As a side-note, should you have any objections with an approved or disapproved game, don't hesitate to PM us, but be sure your PMs make sense / aren't just "y u no approve mah game?!?!?!!11" / stuff like that.

    five - game etiquette
    - Follow the main etiquette promoted in the SppF rules. That is, don't flame, don't bash, don't screw stuff up and all that jazz.
    - Don't spam up the games with pointless conversations. In face-offs, this is what we call free chat, and this is treated as spam. If you really wanna have a conversation, take it to PMs and/or VMs. That's why they're there, anyway. Even in simple games where you feel like you can play the game and chat, don't do it. This is not the place for that sort of thing.
    - Don't bump inactive games. The act of "bumping" is posting in a thread that is several days old, which is frowned upon in the forum. If a game hasn't had a new post in 30 days, then it is inactive and subject to closure, and people who post after that 30-day limit will be bumping it and be warned appropriately.
    - Use the report button. Don't try mini-modding - that red-bordered triangle with an exclamation mark is there for a reason. We'll deal with it. It's our jobs, after all.
    - When things get really out of hand, don't be afraid to PM one of us. Yeah, Schade, Sweet May, and Hydrohs are more than willing to help you with whatever Games-related problem you have.
    - As a side-note, if you're requesting to close, move or rename your game, please provide a link to the game in question so as to save time from searching and so that we won't be closing/moving/renaming the wrong game.

    six - have fun!
    - You are, after all, visiting the Games forum, which is purely for your entertainment. Just be sure to follow the rules above and you'll be fine.
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    Due to frequent abuses and inappropriate behavior within the counting threads, we will no longer be allowing them in this section. What's more, I want to emphasize that conversations/chatting should not be taking place in any of these games from this point on. Even in otherwise simple games where you think you can chitchat and play. Don't do it. It's infractable. And if I see a game constantly devolving into the equivalent of a general chat, it is likely to be closed. If you want to hold a conversation, you can utilize tools such as VM and PM or offsite means of chatting. The games section is not the place for this.

    If you have a complaint about this then keep it to yourself because you will make no progress with me. You guys were given some rope and decided to hang yourselves with it.

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