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Thread: fake pkmn games... i think

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    Angry fake pkmn games... i think

    i bought firered leafgreen emerald and ruby off ebay and when i try to migrate it deletes the file on the gba game AND says there were no pokemin there on the first place.

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    Is there any other signs of it being bootlegged? You know, the color of the cartridge, serial code, the box, etc.
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    That you bought them off of eBay is basically a guarantee of counterfeit in and of itself. That they do the memory erasing boogaloo fills in the rest of that guarantee.

    Again, never buy Pokémon (or many video games, really) off of eBay.

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    Yep, it's fake, sadly.

    ...and that sums it up, so going to close. Ask questions in the Help threads in the FAQ subsections of RSE/FRLG/Colo/XD sections next time, please.

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