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Thread: The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice (663)

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    Quote Originally Posted by XCSheehan View Post
    did the pokedex sound different [?]
    I just skimmed this thread, and I was surprised to see only one person point this out. I'm pretty sure they forgot to give it a "robotic" sound to it. Hmm.

    Anyway, good episode. Oshawott was funny in the beginning when he "let" Pikachu battle. And I wonder if they ever will meet Tepig's trainer... I should keep catching up on old episodes. And Iris sure wants to capture cute Pokemon. Too bad for her Ash is a starter magnet (except in Hoeen and Sinnoh).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thing View Post
    Fire starters sure are hated by trainers.......why do they always get released?! Fire starters are awesome. The trainers in the anime suck. 5/10
    It's just a troll trend that the show likes doing. I like fire starters the most too.

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    I feel so bad for Tepig in this episode. His trainer seemed so much like Paul did in earlier episodes, abandoning his pokemon because he felt it was too weak. They did nice realistic animation for tepig looking exhausted and starved too. I like the reactions of Don George's people on rare umbreons and talking meowths too. LOL

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    That Tepig's owner was so horrible! It was so sad to see Tepig like that. Glad that Ash caught it, Tepig really took a shine to him. Apart from that there's not much to say about this episode. If Tepig hadn't have been caught, this episode would have been quite boring filler.
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    Terrible episode but it gave Ash an awesome pokemon.

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    I thought this was one of the better episodes in Unova.

    We got introduced to the battle club for the first time, which I think is a great concept. Sadly it wasn't handled that well throughout BW because it rarely appeared, but it was great when it appeared, just like in this episode.

    We also got introduced to Ash's Tepig, not one of my favorites like Snivy or Oshawott, but still a good Pokemon nonetheless. You could argue the abused fire starter is overdone at this point, but I thought Tepig was handled well anyway. The way Ash took care of Tepig also shows us how much of a kind and caring trainer he is.

    Finally, I really enjoyed Team Rocket as well. Their black uniforms and their Unova music is a definite plus and I thought what they did this episode was good too. They even reminded me of their OS selves this episode, probably because of the comical moment with Meowth on top of their serious personality.


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    #49(-ish): The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!

    This episode begins with Ash cheerfully looking at a large city he thinks is Striaton City, but Iris tells him otherwise (of course she shouldn't have expected him to know, he's a kid!), which disappoints him, since he was so psyched for a gym battle. Then she tells him that there's a Battle Club nearby, which he doesn't know what it is...

    In the building, Iris explains the concept of Battle Clubs to him, which gets him excited for a battle. So after the intro and episode title, Ash sees two people battling and gets more excited. When the battle's over, a burly man comes out and reveals himself as Don George, the Club Battle manager. Then he notices Ash's Pikachu, which is a huge deal, since it's not native to Unova. The winner of the previous match challenges Ash to a battle, and he accepts. Pikachu's ready to battle, when Oshawott suddenly comes out of its ball, also ready for battle. It knocks down Pikachu, and the other trainer sends out Dewott, Oshawott's evolution. This causes Oshawott to cower behind Pikachu, and Ash to recall it. The battle begins, and then we cut to a somewhat amusing scene with Team Rocket. I would have complained, but the battle was nothing special, and TR are MUCH more likable than they were for much of the anime's run.

    They go inside of an unlocked building, and Jessie says, "No locks? Careless.", which made me laugh for a bit. A small, shadowed figure runs out of the building, and they stumble for a bit. The alarm rings, and they run away instead of just standing there and getting caught. The alarm also forces Ash's battle to get suspended, and Don George goes off with his subordinates to investigate, with Ash and Iris following along. Soon after, one of DG's subordinates report that nothing was stolen, and Don George gets the idea to use the security cameras.

    Back in the building, Ash is more concerned about whether or not the cause of the conflict is a new Pokemon he can catch...he's such a kid if he expects to find a new Pokemon that easily! And so, the security system reveals the scene of Team Rocket setting off the alarm and running away, and we get this overused line:

    Ash: They're a bunch of bad guys who steal Pokemon from other people!

    So after they identify the mystery Pokemon as an Umbreon, Meowth suggests stealing a bunch of supplies while finding Umbreon. The other two agree, but first, they have to distract the others somehow. How? Well, Jessie whips out a can of paint, and genius Meowth catches on to their plan to paint a fake trail! But then he gets no response, and all of a sudden, it hits him...

    Back with the others, they're all still looking for Umbreon, when they suddenly hear one cry out its name. They then see the Pokemon (which is really Meowth in disguise) running away, and take chase. You'd think they'd accept a Meowth, since it's also foreign to the Unova region.

    Ash and Iris are trying to lure in the Umbreon with food, and are competing to see who catches it first. Oshawott pops out and provides more humor. When the humans are not looking, it starts eating the food meant for Umbreon! Pikachu tries to stop it, but Oshawott shoves it away, causing a bowl, followed by a box to fall on it. Oshawott looks confused that Pikachu's suddenly gone, but just shrugs it off. Then...

    "Who's That Pokemon?"

    You'd think it would be Umbreon, but...

    "It's Tepig!"

    Guess the "mysterious" Pokemon is not so mysterious anymore, is it?

    Anyway, the next scene is Ash and Iris seeing...Tepig, but it looks black and thin, and also has a rope tied around its snout. Ash tries to take off the rope, but Iris comes in and calls him, and Tepig runs away. The next scene is just Ash chasing after it and calming it down so he can untie the rope, before betting that he'd like to eat some yummy Pokemon food, which he feeds him. Oh, and he has this line:

    Ash: Oh, man. Who would do such a terrible thing?

    Gee, I don't know...maybe paul, Damian, and so many more you've met over the years...months...however long it's been since you first started your journey?

    The next scene is Meowth luring Don George and the workers away from the warehouse so his friends can search it for anything worth stealing. Meowth gets cornered, and they start crying tears of joy over finally catching up to "the first Umbreon to be discovered in Unova!". Meowth feels guilty for leading them on, so he polishes his charm to show that he's actually a Meowth, before casually walking away. At first, they're disappointed that it's not an Umbreon, but then one of his workers remind Don George that a Meowth would be just as rare, which gets them to turn around to see Meowth running away from them. Since it's too far for them to catch up, they start crying again.

    Meanwhile, Ash and Iris meet up with Don George, who explains Tepig's backstory. Basically, after it lost to a Deerling, its trainer tied a rope around its snout and left it there. After Don George tried to untie it, it chewed itself free, but there was still a piece of rope tied around its snout. After the story, again, Ash wonders how someone could do something so terrible, while Iris wants to give whoever did this a piece of her mind. Then they see Team Rocket strolling along with a bag, and Ash asks them what they're up to, but they keep moving on. Behind TR, Oshawott points to them, having finally decided to put aside his rivalry with Pikachu, who makes a muffled sound inside the bad.

    Ash: That voice, who's that, Pikachu!
    Jessie: "Who's that voice", so naive, indeed! (Agreed!)
    (The rest of the motto goes here)

    Oshawott tries to blast them with a Water Gun, but they put up a shield to defend themselves, so Ash runs after them himself...only to slip on a puddle made from the failed Water Gun. Then, Tepig offers to help and uses Ember on TR, who have an expression of fear. The device they're hovering on explodes, Pikachu is freed, and Team Rocket...escape on gliders. Awesome!

    Ash: Team Rocket burned me up!

    You have to love how angry he gets after they escape!

    Anyway, Iris comes to the scene and admires it for a bit, before getting ready to catch it. However, Tepig wants to go with Ash instead. For what, you may ask? Well...

    Don George: It appears Tepig has chosen Ash as its trainer! And after all its hardships, Tepig knows a great trainer when it sees one! Raise Tepig well, Ash!

    .......What? First of all, Don George wasn't even there when Ash helped the Tepig, so this makes no sense. If he's referring to the way he commanded it, then it's just stupid, seeing as anyone can say "Tepig, use Ember". Second, how exactly would Tepig know a great trainer if it was mistreated? Iris just watched Ash treat it, so going by that logic, she'd be a great trainer too, since she didn't do anything to him. And again, anyone can say "Use Ember". This just looks like more Ash glorifying, which it is. It would be great if they could stop bringing up how much Ash loves Pokemon, because it's just annoying, and it proves they can't come up with anything else.

    Before the episode ends, Giovanni assigns the trio to go to Striaton City and contact headquarters immeiately after they arrive there, for a certain area requires their investigation.

    Now, if I liked this episode so much, what's my problem with it?

    #1. Tepig's backstory is a rehash of Charmander's, and also Chimchar's to an extent. With Best Wishes! doing many original things, you'd think they wouldn't reuse the abused fire starter plotline, too.
    #2. Ash's one-track-mind and general cluelessness was annoying. As well as that, some of his lines were completely idiotic.
    #3. Yet again, the writers rely on Ash's love for Pokemon as a crutch to make him look better.
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    That the story with the Tepig is depressing
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    I was shocked to find that Pokemon would feature a Pokemon being malnourished and starved in such a truly graphic way! Made me really appreciate Ash on this episode and was nice to so Iris appreciating him too. The cast of this season so far is amazing! Loving team rocket and Ash and his Pokemon as well as Iris and Axew!
    Someone once told me that Misty's cameos in Advanced Generation help make it easier knowing that she is no longer a series regular. They couldn't have been more wrong. After she leaves behind Togepi she returns to her gym more alone than ever AND ON TOP OF THAT, her last cameo was in 2005. 2005!?!?!? ITS BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE ONE OF THE CAST WHO STARTED THE SHOW WAS ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW!?!?

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    It's neat how the Pokedex doesn't just show the same static image in this saga when scanning(?) a Pokemon, and shows three/four different angles of it.
    Ash seems to be on fire when it comes to catching Pokemon: three in the span of two episodes.

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    Tepig's backstory might have been a rehash of Charizard's but at least they did a good job making it as emotional as possible. That scene when he finds Tepig was pretty graphic. It looked like it could fall over and die any second.

    Didn't appreciate Oshawott's new running gag of coming out of it's pokeball with the intention of being chosen over Pikachu. Despite that, this episode was still consistently enjoyable. So far Tepig is my favorite addition to Ash's party.
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    Oh man, tepig looked really freaking skinny when Ash found it, it was honestly kinda sick (and kinda clever considered how Pignite and emboar are fairly big pokemon).

    Two things that will never annoy me about BW: Oshawott being somewhat cowardly, and Iris' kid comments. I just find that it adds a little personality to the show, and it's not really like it's mean-spirited. Iris also clearly gained respect for Ash in this episode

    Ash helping out tepig was adorable as well. In general a lot of these early BW episodes kinda reminds me of the feeling I get when watching early OS episodes, which is a plus in my book.

    10/10, I loved this episode.

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    What I liked about the episode was Tepig's potential in battle, when it used Ember to free Pikachu and Oshawott. What I was unhappy about was Tepig was so skinny and its previous Trainer was so cruel. I found the part of mistaking Tepig with Umbreon funny.

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    This episode's plot should have been a little different imo. Since it took place in Accumula Town, N should have been introduced as Ash's main rival in this episode and Team Plasma should have been introduced and replaced Team Rocket in this episode as well. Iris and Oshawott were funny in this episode and the Ash and Tepig moments were pretty nice.

    I rate this episode 6/10.

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    Aww Tepig looked so malnourished it was just heart breaking but I liked how Meowth disguised himself as an Umbreon to fool Don George and also Pikachu's and Oshawott's scenes were so funny. The Battle Club place was a great setting.

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    Oshawott pushing Pikachu was messed up lmao, and Meowth's Umbreon disguise was one of TR's few cool schemes in BW...

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    It was nice to see Battle Club being introduced.It was cool to see Meowth disguising itself as an Umbreon.Tepig's story was emotional but I'm glad that Ash got it.Iris and Oshawatt were also enjoyable.8/10.^^

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    Tepig supposedly starving made little sense since the rope was tied around his nose/snout and his mouth was completely free. 4/10

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