My first thought when I put together this team was that I want ALL of them to be 5th gen pkmn. I'm not going to be sending anything from past gens to use in my team. I think this group has good type coverage, and not too many shared weaknesses.

Daikenki- The only starter that really appealed to me, and it's probly one of my favorite water types from this gen.
Nature: Timid
Ability:Shell Armor
-Ice beam
-Boiling water
-Grass knot/Megahorn

Shanderaa- Possibly one of my favorite ghost types from any gen, and it has a massive sp.atk stat. I think it should be able to handle the many fighting types that came with this gen, along with all the new bug, and steel types. I would like to fit energy ball on this set somehow, but idk what the best way to do it is...
Nature: Timid
Ability: Shadow Tag
-Bursting Flame/Flamethrower/Purgatory
-Shadow ball
-Pain split/Calm Mind

Warubiaru- It was kind of a toss up bewteen Warubiaru and Doryuzuu, but I ended up deciding on Warubiaru just cuz I like how Warubiaru looks. Also, from what I've heard, Warubiaru is pretty much a beast in battle.
Ability: Overconfidence
Nature: Adamant
-Stone Edge
-Fire fang

Ononokusu- In my opinion, probably the best dragon in this gen. It's stats are all great, and it learns dragon dance. This thing has the potential to be a real monster.
Nature: Adamant
Ability:Mold Breaker
-Dragon Dance
-Rock Slide
-Outrage/Dragon Claw

Denchura- Has great typing, and it's the first bug type that I've really ever considered using. Also, 100% thunder just makes it a beast.
Nature: Timid
Ability: Compound eyes
-Energy Ball
-Bug buzz
-Agility/Volt Change

Mebukijika- Here I was torn between Mebukijika and Doreida. I decided on Mebukijika for its more diverse movepool and ghost immunity.
Ability: Adamant/Jolly???
Ability: Herbivore
-Jump Kick
-Wood horn
-Thunder wave/Wild bolt

As you can see, there are a few moveslots I'm not sure about. Also, I'm not really good at EV planning, and I haven't really tried to work that out a whole lot yet anyway. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please RMT!!! =]