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I'm thinking of writing a Pearlshipping fic or a Dawn fic. Wondering which one should I pick.

Also guys I thought of an awesome challenge. A challenge is like a playthrough of the game with extra challenges. There are nuzlock, scrambles monotypes... and all that. But I creatively thought of a creative challenge that ALL Dawn-fans must do.

The Dawn Challenge

So you go through a game (preferably in Platinum) using Dawn's team. So by the Elite Four you should've gotten this team:

Cyndaquil (Quilava if you want)
Ambipom (can be neglected, however)

Sounds pretty hard right?

Requirement: A Platinum/Diamond/Pearl Game (preferably) but any games wll do. A possible trade source OR a Heart Gold/Soul Silver game.
Non-Requirement: A Togepi from transfer. Swinub egg transfer.

What do you guys think xD
I am never going to reset my Platinum. Maybe when I get Diamond/Pearl i'll try that.

I'm thinking since Piplup is so popular it might help Dawn return sometime in the new region, unless Dawn happens to return which would be awesome.