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Thread: Dawn/Hikari fan club v4 [Warning: images may be over 500 kb]

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokesrini View Post
    Hey guys! New member incoming!

    I'm quite a big fan of Dawn, and I regard her as the best Pokegirl alongside Serena. I wonder if we will ever see her make a cameo again
    Yay a new member! Welcome to the Dawn Club! I think Dawn was an awesome Pokegirl indeed. We both share the "no need to worry!" catch phrase, so that's bonus points for her ;D but she was entertaining, and I would love her to return!
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    I love Dawn's catchphrase; it really fits her personality imo since she seems to look at the positive side of things most of the time.
    Anyways here's a new topic question:
    Would you like to see a meeting between Dawn and the Kalos gym leader Valerie? Why or why not?
    Credit goes to Cresselia92

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