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Thread: Do you get angry feelings toward Pokemon Villains?

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    I actually always really like the villains in Pokemon. The only one I don't like is Cyrus because of how he mistreats his grunts and I basically love the Galactic Grunts because they are hilarious.

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    I always thought they were kind of slow and not very organized. So I never sen them as much of a threat but kind of funny.

    I did get mad at the rivals from the first 2 gens when I was younger. Ya know, with them calling me a loser and stuff.
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    I dont really feel any sympathy towards N either.
    About angry feeling, not really. Those game villains havent killed anyone, have they?
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    no i don't really get mad.

    really, their stupidness is kinda funny
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meeker View Post
    There are much eviler villains out there, trust me. It's kind of repetitive how they're always "Team (insert word here)" and they get defeated by a kid. Also, their goal is always to take over the world, which I'm pretty sure is more than they can handle. Gamefreak really needs to make some better antagonists if you ask me, ones who are truly evil.
    That is a horrendous oversimplification. Pokémon villains have been much more diverse than you give them credit for being. Only two of them have wanted to "take over the world." Team Rocket's goal was to make profit and to work themselves into positions of influence; to a degree, they wanted power, but only for the sake of business. Team Aqua/Magma's goal was to use Kyogre/Groudon in order to expand the sea/land for the sake of aquatic/land-based Pokémon. Team Galactic wanted to use the powers of Dialga and Palkia in order to create a new universe for them to rule over, while Cyrus secretly intended to harness Dialga/Palkia's powers for himself so that he could create a universe without spirit, which he believed to be the root of all suffering. Team Plasma's (stated) goal was to have N befriend Reshiram/Zekrom and use them in order to defeat Alder and impress the people of Unova so that they would be compliant with N's order to release their Pokémon (supposedly for the well-being of Pokémon that are "hurt" by their Trainers). However, Ghetsis was manipulating N for his own purposes, as he wanted power only for himself. To that end, he intended to retain his Pokémon so that, once everyone else had released theirs, he would be the only person that could benefit from the advantage of having Pokémon. In BW2, Neo Plasma wants to use Kyurem in order to freeze all of Unova so that they could steal everyone else's Pokémon and essentially fulfill Ghetsis' previous scheme.

    The "Team X" thing is just a naming convention for the sake of simplicity; in Japan, it's also a pun.

    They're always taken down by a kid because that kid is a very talented Trainer who, if you pay attention, only ends up in a position to bring them down mostly by coincidence and because they use a more direct approach than the police, and generally, the kid does have help from people like the damned Champion.

    I honestly don't know how you managed to miss all of that.
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    I can't feel angry really because I have never actually seen their actions in the game we are just told about them a lot. The only time I can remember now was cubone and its mother. I was sad for cubone and a bit angry at Rocket but there was nothing you can do its not like you could of saved the mother. Outside of that I can't really hate team rocket because anytime they try anything evil you always come along and either stop them or reverse the damage. Manga and Aqua don't really do anything evil towards Pokemon really they just want to help them but their methods and final result are short sited . Team Plasma also are the only team I feel a bit of anger to especially in black/white 2 when you see all the Pokemon that were stolen from their trainers and have not been returned I feel sorry for them but at least in the end Most of Plasma try to correct this so at least they understand their errors.

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