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Thread: Help with my Pokemon Black 2 Team.

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    Default Help with my Pokemon Black 2 Team.

    This is Post game and it's an ingame team. Now, i don't want to use any starters on this team. So, don't suggest any. I never used Vanilluxe at all so if his moveset and nature looks awful then suggest me a nature and moveset that i could follow. Suggest movesets for the others as well. I love Seismitoad's, and Heatmor's moveset but i need some suggestion on how i can improve my team. Does anyone have any ideas how.

    Nature: Serious
    Earth Power/earthquake
    Surf/hydro pump
    Drain Punch/focus blast
    Ice Punch

    Nature: Quiet
    Leech Seed
    Sucker Punch
    Energy ball
    Hyper Voice

    Nature: Quirky
    Fire blast
    Super power
    Sucker Punch
    Giga Drain

    Nature: Naďve
    Signal beam

    Nature: Lonely
    Hyper Fang
    Hypnosis/zen headbutt
    Thunder punch

    Nature: Rash
    Focus blast
    Earth power
    Shadow ball

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    Well, as harsh as it is to say this, the best way to improve your team would be to replace a lot of the members. Most of the Pokemon you're using tend to be wildly outclassed. Heatmor is pretty much the bottom of the barrel for fire types (I'd put it on par with Flareon, to put it in perspective), Maractus gets outshined by most grass types, and Seismitoad has trouble competing with the hundreds of other water types. Watchog is generally terrible as well, but this is not really surprising. Vanilluxe's shallow movepool leaves it somewhat outclassed as well. Anyway...

    Golurk wants physical attacks; even with a Rash Nature, its base 55 special attack pales in comparison to its base 124 attack. Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, and Drain Punch are all great if you have Iron Fist as an ability. STAB Earthquake is invaluable, as well. You generally don't want to use Curse on Ghost types, since cutting your own HP is somewhat counterproductive.

    Hail isn't necessarily a great idea on Vanilluxe. Yes, it heals with Ice Body thanks to Hail, and gets perfectly accurate Blizzards, but none of your other Pokemon appreciate the hail at all. You might as well go with Ice Beam, and replace hail with something like Flash Cannon... it really doesn't have many options for attacking, unless you have a decent type of Hidden Power for it (like fighting or grass).

    Heatmor's movepool is actually pretty standard, although you could potentially switch Superpower for Focus Blast. The accuracy may suck, but it'll hit harder than Superpower... either one works though. In general though, Heatmor is outclassed by most fire types due to crummy speed and defenses. I'd honestly switch him for any other fire type you can find, barring Flareon.

    Maractus... really has a rather sucky movepool. Honestly, I'm at a loss for what to suggest for it because its moves are just generally terrible. It has no good special attacking options outside of grass moves. I'd strongly recommend switching this thing for any other grass type, it's something of a lost cause. You could try sticking Drain Punch on it though, and using Growth to have a mixed set, although this is largely outclassed. Lilligant, Ferrothorn, Sawsbuck, Leafeon, Roserade, Breloom... all superior choices to Maractus.
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    Adamant Nature, Iron Fist ability
    ~Ice Punch
    ~Shadow Punch
    ~Drain Punch

    Rash does nothing good for Golurk considering its base SAtk is only 55 while its base Attack is 124. You'll do better by focusing on its physical side.

    Modest/Timid Nature, Weak Armor ability
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Signal Beam
    ~Flash Cannon/Toxic/Water Pulse/Hidden Power [anything not Ice/Bug/Poison/Steel]
    ~Flash Cannon/Toxic/Water Pulse/Hidden Power [anything not Ice/Bug/Poison/Steel]

    You might as well use a Weak Armor one since this is not a Hail team. Weak Armor at least is slightly more useful outside Hail.

    Lonely/Naughty/Brave Nature, Flash Fire/White Smoke ability
    ~Flamethrower/Heat Wave
    ~Giga Drain
    ~Aerial Ace/Shadow Claw/Body Slam/Sucker Punch

    Lonely/Naughty/Brave Nature, Water Absorb/Storm Drain ability
    ~Giga Drain
    ~Drain Punch
    ~Aerial Ace

    EDIT : ah, some of the things in my post are already mentioned by Draco, oh well

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    Alright well I can't help you with all of them, but I'll help with 2 of them. Maractus is not a great pokemon. It has substandard stats, and not a great offensive move pool. I'd suggest using a Lilligant if you can get one to look like this:

    Own Tempo
    Quiver Dance
    Giga Drain
    Petal Dance
    Sleep Powder

    That Lilligant will be able to hit hard and hit fast. It's defenses aren't amazing but it can't be 1-shotted by most pokemon. Giga drain is there to help recover from those moves that get it down to low health and petal dance is there to hit hard while working well with Own Tempo. Sleep Powder is to put the enemy to sleep while you take it down. Quiver dance is a great move that will boost her Speed, SpAtt, and SpDef stats, that allows her to hit harder and faster. She's not a sweeper, but she's definitely a good fighter.

    Now on to Heatmor. He isn't exactly strong defensively, nor is he very fast. He is only good for his SpAtt. Now while SpAtt may be important for fire types, Spd, Def, and SpDef are also important. Personally, I use a Chandelure. His nature is really bad, so I will need to change it eventually, but he is still an amazing fighter because he has a decent Spd and okay Def + SpDef stats. If you do decide to use Chandelure, it should look something like this:

    Flamethrower / Fire Blast
    Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball
    Calm Mind

    Flamethrower and Shadowball are strong STAB moves for him, and they both have great accuracy. Fire Blast should only be used if you EV train yours to have higher defenses, allowing him to take a hit or two while he tries to land a hit. Energy ball is for coverage against Water, Rock, and Ground types, and when coupled with his stellar SpAtt, it does massive damage. Calm mind is there to boost his SpAtt stat, while giving him a little extra protection from moves like Surf and Shadowball. If you EV train it, you should put EVs toward Speed and Defense, as those are his most common faults.
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    Thanks for the suggestions but now i am wondering who to replace Seismitoad and Watchog
    for Watchog i was thinking of Cincinno or Audino

    Seismitoad i was thinking either Jellicent Male or Female, Swanna, Red or Blue Basculin, or Simipour.

    If you can suggest a moveset for any of those pokemon or have another pokemon to suggest that would be great.

    Update (April 15,2013)
    umm, I still have a question about who to replace Watchog and Seismitoad with
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