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    Default MokKish' trade shop (shinies, EV'd..)

    Hello and welcome to my trade shop. Here you can find pokemon and items, mostly obtained by me but some are also from trades I've done here on Serebii.
    Also, huge thanks to /vp/ for the awesome sprites of EV'd section!

    - No hacks. I'm not intentionally offering them, and neither should you.
    - I'm not always on Serebii, so please be patient.
    - You MAY pm/vm me after first posting here.
    - Please read the wants part before offering anything.
    - Only ask for things I'm offering! There are plenty of other shops offering Dex fillers and whatnot.
    - I also have my Dex completed in both Diamond and Soul Silver, so I don't need any normal pokemon either.
    - Posts ignoring these rules will be ignored.
    - Have fun!

    My OT/ID/FC:
    Diamond: MokKish, 48229: 0904-4561-0444
    Soul Silver: MokKish, 56036: 2708-6722-2165

    Table of content:
    1. IV-bred pokemon
    2. Eggmove pokemon
    3. EV'd pokemon
    4. Pokewalker
    5. Shinies
    6. Items
    7. Wants

        Spoiler:- 1. IV-bred pokemon:

        Spoiler:- 2. Eggmove pokemon I can breed:

        Spoiler:- 3. EV'd pokemon:

        Spoiler:- 4. Pokewalker:

        Spoiler:- 5. Shinies:

        Spoiler:- 6. Items:

        Spoiler:- 7. Wants:
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    Specializing in females in special balls, perfect IV bred pokemon, and much more!
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