Here's what I'm thinking for my White team. I'm considering buying the Japanese version because I cannot wait. Here's my team and a little reason why I picked these 6

1. Jaroda

Nature- Lax
Item: Meadow Plate

Attacks: Coil, Leaf Blade, Toxic, Dragon Tail

Why: I always pick between the Fire and Water starters and I locked in on picking the Grass one this time. On top of that, Jaroda has a nice DEF and High Speed. I get the first attack and I'm able to brace myself for a attack.

2. Doryuuzu

Item: Shell Bell

Attacks: Dig, Drill Liner, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace

Why: I already saw a couple people see him as a HM slave of some sort. I like him because he has nice HP and ATK. His defense is really bad but I gave him Shell Bell so when I give damage, he recieves HP.

3. Abagoora

Nature- Timid
Item-Razor Claw

Attacks: Boiling Water, Level Ground, Ice Beam, Shell Break

Why: I originally wanted the Water Monkey, but I think Abagoora works better for me. I love the Boiling Water attack that could burn the opponent. I also think Shell Break (which increases speed) could help.

4. Desukan

Nature- Jolly
Item- Focus Sash

Attacks: Power Share, Guard Share, Giga Impact, Psychic

Why: I like at least one really good defensive pokemon on my team. Jaroda has good defense, Desukan has Amazing defense. He could be my bleeder who could start me off in battles.

5. Ononokusu

Nature- Impish
Item- Muscle Band

Attacks: Outrage, Dragon Tail, Incinerate, Dig

Why: Dragon pokemon can learn tons of moves, there very good overall and Ononokusu fits the bill. Beside his low HP and SP ATK base stats, he's pretty good and has a very good move pool

6. Kojondo

Nature- Relaxed
Item- Wise Glasses

Attacks: Drain Punch, Bounce, Payback, Reversal

Why: I like a fighting pokemon on my roster. He doesn't have a high DEF but that's where Reversal comes into play.