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Thread: My Planned Pokémon White Team!!

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    Default My Planned Pokémon White Team!!

    Basically, I planned out what my team for Pokémon White will be when I get the game in Spring 2011. It is the following:

    #503- Daikenki (Starter Pokémon) @ Muscle Band
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - X-Scissor
    - Dig

    Basically, Daikenki is going to be my starter. Surf is for STAb, Ice Beam is for Grass Types. X-Scissor is for coverage and Dig is for Electric Types (I doubt Daikenki would receive much damage from Earth Quake when it uses Dig). Its Attack wouldn't be that much lower than Special Attack.

    #555- Hihidaruma (Route 4) @ ???
    - Fire Punch
    - Super Power
    - Facade
    - Earth Quake

    Fire Punch is for STAB. Super Power & Facade can help out sometimes too. Earth Quake is for Rock Types and coverage.

    #586- Mebukijika (Route 6) @ Muscle Band
    - Wood Horn
    - Jump Kick
    - Faint Attack
    - Wild Bolt

    Wood Horn is for STAB. Wild Bolt is for coverage and flying types. Faint Attack is for coverage and Jump Kick is for coverage as well.

    #521- Kenhorou (Route 3) @ Muscle Band
    - Fly
    - Facade
    - U-Turn
    - Detect

    Fly I wil keep since it is a strong move and is for STAB. DON'T SUGGEST A REPLACEMENT. EVERYBODY DOES THAT TO ME!!!! Facade is for STAB U-Turn is for coverage and in a tough situation. Detect can help out for something like stalling in a match (and I couldn't find any other good moves).

    #523- Zeburaika (Route 3) @ Muscle Band
    - Nitro Charge
    - Wild Bolt
    - Stomp
    - Pursuit

    Wild Bolt is for STAB. Nitro Charge & Pursuit are for coverage. Pursuit is also the fastest move. Stomp helps out.

    #508- Muurando (Route 1) @ Muscle Band
    - Crunch
    - Wild Bolt
    - Return
    - Aerial Ace

    Return is for STAB. Aerial Ace, Crunch & Wild Bolt are for coverage.

    I mainly need help with items honestly. Don't suggest natures since I couldn't give a care in the world what natures my Pokémon are. I don't want to spend ten hours for one nature.

    Some moves I might want to keep, so just deal with that. Thanks!
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