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    Default Unova Pokemon Debuts

    Well, it's about time that I sprung this idea. I remember there being a Remaining Sinnoh Pokemon to Debut thread a while back, so I figured, why not make one for Unova? Mods, if you think this should be shut down or at least postponed, just close it. But for now, I'll start up the lists. Also, here's a list of what can be counted as a Pokemon's debut:

    What Counts as a Debut

    1. A physical appearance of the Pokemon. (Ex. Snivy in BW001)

    2. A flashback featuring the Pokemon. (Ex. Drilbur in BW036)

    3. A fantasy featuring the Pokemon. (Ex. Haxorus in BW006)

    4. A photograph/poster featuring the Pokemon. (Ex. Liepard in BW056)

    What Doesn't Count as a Debut

    1. A stone statue or similar object made in the likeness of the Pokemon. (Ex. Dialga in DP036)

    2. A clothing article, toy, or other merchandise-oriented likeness of the Pokemon. (Ex. Cryogonal in BW059)

        Spoiler:- Remaining Pokemon to Debut in Anime: Japan List:

        Spoiler:- Remaining Pokemon to Debut in Anime: Dub List:

        Spoiler:- Remaining Pokemon to Debut in Movies: Japan List:

        Spoiler:- Remaining Pokemon to Debut in Movies: Dub List:

    Now, may the speculation commence of what Pokemon will debut where and with who.
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