Cilan's voiced by Jason Griffith who was the previous voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic X animé and also the games from around Shadow the Hedgehog up until Sonic Unleashed. He's also done some voices recently in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's dub, prominently as a 'duel-robot' called Ghost.

Let me preface the rest of my post by saying that I did like a lot about the episode, but I honestly didn't like that an under-levelled and much weaker Tepig won against moves that were supereffective against it while an over-levelled Pikachu couldn't even win against a weaker Pokémon that had a type disadvantage. The animé has made Mud Sport look WAY more powerful than it really is.

I know, I know, "thundershock the horn!"; the animé has its own strange rules, but this just annoyed me to no end, especially when Tepig losing wouldn't have just made sense, but also been really fitting considering how new it was to Ash.

Pikachu losing against vastly weaker Pokémon, even if they DO have good counter-strategies, just feels like a massive disservice to the poor rat.