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    Default Future White/Black Team :)

    Okay, so here's what I'm planning for my black/white team. Help would really be appreciated, especially w/ natures and items, which I'm kind of cluless about. I accept criticism really well, so give me everything you've got!!!

    Even though I've had about forever to decide, I'm still not sure who my starter should be. :/ I was originally leaning towards Daikenki, since I traditionally pick the water starter. But since Isshu is supposed to be a "fresh start", anime-wise, I thought I might go w/ someone else this time. I'm kind of a sentimental/emotional/passoniate person, so I never box my starters away; they're the most significant pokemon on my team, IMO. I know asking for one whole pokemon is a bit much, but I'd really, REALLY appreciate it !!!

    Shandera @ white herb
    Ability: Flash fire
    -flame burst
    -energy ball
    -shadow ball
    I love his design and his awesome typing. His special attack is beyond amazing, and he'll defenitely be one of the most powerful and overused pokemon on my team. Flame burst and overheat are there for fire STAB, shadow ball for ghost STAB, and energy ball to deal with his water, rock, and ground weaknesses. White herb is so that using overheat won't kill his sp. attack stat.

    Burungeru @ ???
    Ability: Cursed body
    - water spout
    - surf
    - ice beam
    - shadow ball
    Surf, water spout and shadow ball are there for STAB, and ice beam is to counter grass pokemon. It's also there to deal with dragons, which are plentiful this time around. Also, cursed body seems really interesting; I can't wait to see just how good it really is (30% is pretty high for an ability as awesome as this one)

    Warubiaru @ rock incense
    Ability: Overconfidence
    - knock down
    - earthquake
    - trickery
    - outrage
    I really like his movepool: knock down to deal w/ flyers, earthquake for STAB and to kill everyone, trickery for STAB, and outrage to deal w/ all the new dragons, in case burungeru gets killed or something. He'll probably be the most used pokemon on my team, especially with that ability, overconfidence. I gave him rock incense since knock down's base power is lower than his other moves.

    Shinbora @ ???
    Ability: Magic guard
    - psychic
    - air slash
    - energy ball
    - ice beam
    I really want to make my team have the ghost-dark-psychic-fighting combo, like in Isshu's elite four (i don't like the fighting type, so I replaced fighting with another ghost :P). He also has a pretty nice sp. attack, and decent speed, something a lot of Isshu pokemon seem to lack. Psychic and air slash are here for STAB, and i just threw in energy ball and ice beam to deal with anything else that I might come across. Magic guard is also a really useful ability; much better than Miracle Skin, which seems overshadowed by Magic Guard in every way.

    Hihidaruma @ ???
    Ability: Encourage
    - superpower
    - flare blitz
    - giga impact
    - psychic
    Looking back at my team, I needed another physical-based pokemon. I'm still not too keen about his design, but with that base attack of 140, how could I refuse?? Daruma mode also really interests me (it's why psychic's there). Flare blitz is his only attack that gets STAB. Superpower is super-effective against a lot of types, so it doesn't matter to me that he won't get STAB for it. I just sort of threw in giga impact, since it also has a secondary effect (are negative secondary effects also ignored by encourage?), and like I said earlier, psychic is for when I figure out how to catch a Hihidaruma w/ Daruma Mode as its ability.

    Also, how do you get the images onto your post? Apparently, copying and pasting doesn't work >.<
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