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    [Rated PG-13 for peril and fantacy violence]

    It's finally here, my newest fanfic...


        Spoiler:- Character List (Possible Spoilers):

    Now, let it begin...

    Avalar has been peaceful ever since the defeat of the Dark Master, Malafor by the legendary 'Heroes of Avalar' Spyro and Cynder.

    It has been 5 years since then and now a new legend is about to be made.

    One that includes an even greater evil then Malafor himself...

    Several young dragons ran about Warfang, The Dragon City. Many others, mostly the older ones were at the Dragon Temple or scattered about, training and practicing their elemental attacks.

    One dragon in paticular wandered through the city, happily enjoying her walk. Her purple scales and rainbow wing-membrane shone in the sunlight. Her name, Heather.

    Heather was the middle child in a familly of three children. Her parents were said to be 'famous', everyone seemed to know who they were. Even travelers did.

    As Heather walked the streets she heard several other dragons talking about her. Something about her being the 'next Purple Dragon'.

    Heather didn't pay attention to these comments, she ignored them thinking they were just rumors and silly stories.

    However, she should have listened to these comments the dragons had made. It would have been usefull for when 'They' came to Warfang.

    Meanwhile far away from the Dragon City three dragons were running at full speed. Several shouts came from close behind.

    "Don't let them catch you!" The first one, obviously male, yelled.

    Before he could take another step a net fell on top of him. "Wave!" the second dragon, a female, yelled before suffeing the same fate.

    The third dragon, a young one stood frozen in fear as her parents fell. "Mommy! Daddy!" she cried.

    Several creatures neared the trio. "Run Aurora! NOW!" The female dragon yelled "Get out of here, we'll be fine!"

    The young dragoness, Aurora, turned and ran. She dived into the shadow of a tree and was gone without a trace.

    "Be safe..." the male dragon, Wave, said as the world started to go black "We're counting on you...." the female finished.

    With that the two adult dragons slid into unconsciousness.

    Hope you enjoyed, feedback is always welcomed
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