Posting this story to see if i should continue writing it. This is just the prologue.

Ash looked furiously across the room. The battle field was torn up, rocks broken and cracks in the floor ran through the middle. Pikachu huffed on all fours looking across the broken plain. Pikachu was tired and Ash knew that it had to end quickly. Giovanni chuckled on the other side, flipping a pokéball into the air. His Nidoking was bent over as well, using its hands to slowly lift itself up. None of this made since to Ash, while it appeared that he was Giovanni was losing, he was still all smiles and getting happier about the outcome as the battle went. He felt as if somehow he was walking into a trap with this.

Nidoking was now fully erect and it wouldn’t be long before he was ordered to lash out another deadly earthquake. “Pikachu iron tail one more time!” Giovanni chuckled one more time as Pikachu came at Nidoking full speed. Direct hit! Nidoking collapsed onto the floor ending the match.

Giovanni again snickered as he called Nidoking back. “Your strong , I could use someone like you at Team Rocket.” Giovanni declared to Ash

“Never! Now let me go!” Ash demanded, “You said if I won the match you would let me out of here!”

“And I will let you go, first I have a offer to make to you though, that is after all why I had you brought here. Join me Ash, I need a new 2nd in command, of course I’ll have to start you as a grunt, but you can be one of the best Rocket’s. Together you and I can have it all Ash, and the paychecks! You’ll finally be able to impress that girl Misty into going out with you. Join me now and ill make you my top grunt with the first opportunity to be admiral.”

“I will never join you! Your pathetic scum! You think by kidnapping me and making me battle you that you can get me join your ranks! Now let me go!” Ash snapped back, he was mad now. The nerve to kidnap him and try to get him to join these bottom feeding scum.

“Fine Ash, as you like I will let you go. However I must let you know, I only promised to release you, I said nothing about your mother!” Just then a panel on the wall opened up revealing a glass window and on the other side ash’s mother sat tied to a chair surrounded by rocket grunts.

“Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!” Ash felt emotions start to well up as he reached for a pokéball, thinking of a Pokémon that could break through the glass.

“It’s not worth it Ash.” Giovanni scolded, as if he had read Ash’s mind about his next move. “I’ve specially designed this glass. It’s unbreakable. Now if you really want for me to let her go, I can make a trade with you. Sign a contract to join Team Rocket. My offer still stands, top grunt! All you have to do is sign the dotted line, promise me a year of loyalty and she is returned home instantly!”

Giovanni reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a paper contract and a pen and offered it towards Ash. Ash gritted his teeth. He would never stoop to the level of Giovanni, there had to be another way. “Pikachu iron tail on that glass!” Ash decided to fight!

“Rhyperior hammer arm go! Ash I let you beat me last time, you walked into my trap this time and I will crush you!”

Rhyperior sprung out of the pokéball that Giovanni had been fiddling with and charged at Pikachu. For a Pokémon of such large bulky size this Rhyperior was shockingly fast. Its right forearm smashed into Pikachu knocking him backwards toward Ash.

“Ash it is no use!” Giovanni chuckled “Both of you will not leave here unless you join me!”

Ash looked at Pikachu knocked out cold on the floor and at his mother sitting in the chair behind the glass. “You win.” Ash mumbled as a tear trickled down his cheek. Ashe stepped forward and grabbed the pen and paper from Giovanni.

“Good! Just sign this line then my boy!”Giovanni laughed as he gloated in his pride of completing his mission. He turned to the guards by Ash’s mother “Take her back to Pallet Town. Ash she will be fine as long as you obey me! One wrong move though and we will kidnap her again!”

A grunt walked out towards Ash and handed him a Team Rocket hat and black t-shirt with a large red “R” inscribed on the chest.

“Welcome aboard my boy!”