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    Default The Only Way (working title) PG-13

    Skydra’s Amazingly Amazing Fanfiction™
    The Only Way
    A Johto Epic

    This fanfiction is rated PG-13 for violence, romantic content, and other things, not yet defined, that may turn up in the story. Rating subject to change depending on what direction the narrative goes in.

    This is my newest fan fiction, The Only Way. After some experimentation and an incomplete fanfic that didn’t quite work out, I have decided to go back to the basics and write a simple journey fic, set in Johto. This fanfic is both in an old format, the basic journey of a trainer, and a new format, one that includes no professor, no Pokédex and no set “starter” although it is not out of the question that he will obtain a Pokémon often meant as a starter. Also, although there are villains, they are not labeled Team ______ or some such form of naming prevalent for Pokémon wrongdoers.
    This is a Pokémon fanfic, so as is obvious it will contain many, often copyrighted or trademarked, things from the Pokémon universe. Many human characters were created by me, but all Pokémon (e.g. Marill) and many human characters (e.g. Lyra), as well as many locations (e.g. Johto Region) and items (e.g. Poké Ball), are made by the Pokémon design team and are as such not in any way claimed to be owned by me. Many of these imaginary things are either © Nintendo, © Game Freak, or © Creatures Inc and all rights are reserved by them (e.g., if they were to tell me to stop writing this [I have no idea why, how many fanfics have been created that were claimed as violating copyright?] I would immediately stop writing it). Chapter beginnings may or may not contain lyrics, poems or other media also not owned by me. In short, anything related to anything thought to be plagiarism (I’m not plagiarizing anyone, but someone might think I am for whatever reason) and copyright laws is not intended as copyright infringement and is subject to complaint from select group or individual.

    “As one song ends, another begins."
    Milla, The Seventh Tower by Garth Nix

    The luxury limousine cruised down the well-kept street of a large city. The windows couldn’t be seen through at all from the outside, and the shiny black paint reflected the moonlight that streamed down from the heavens. Custom decals featuring a Meganium and a Marill, as well as a shining silver “C”, were painted on the left side, and the same “C” accompanied by an Ampharos and Miltank decorated the right. This standout vehicle could only belong to one person. And that was the Champion.

    On her latest tour through the region, Lyra had just finished a battle demonstration at the Ecruteak Dance Theater and was arriving late into the night at a 5-star hotel in Goldenrod. Her two week tour had started in Cianwood City, her current home and would end in her hometown, New Bark Town. Then she would travel to the Pokemon League for her monthly week-long challenge acceptance term where those who had defeated the Elite Four could give battling her a try and potentially become the next Champion.

    The town was still frequent with activity, although it was night. It was Johto’s “City that Never Sleeps.” Lyra preferred to call it “The City that Never Lets Anyone Get a Good Night’s Sleep,” based on her bias against large cities and the fact that she never slept well with noise. Cianwood and New Bark Town were the places she liked to be.

    An intersection came upon them, and the driver pulled to a stop at the red light. Other vehicles, noticing the larger vehicle to the side, rolled down their windows and tried to get the Champion’s attention. They couldn’t see her through the dark tint, but they knew she was there. She didn’t pay attention though, as was customary. She just sat and observed the fans who stared at the limousine.

    Lyra looked in the rear-view mirror as the car revved at the sight of the green light. She saw three vehicles behind her: one a small green convertible, one a dark blue truck, and the final an orange van. Nothing interesting, so she turned her gaze away.

    Had she kept looking, she might have seen the dark sports car that came up behind the Champion-holding vehicle.

    “Are we close?” she asked the driver, a tan-skinned man in his late 40’s. She wasn’t comfortable in large cities, and wanted to get inside as soon as she could.

    “It’s up at the next intersection,” replied the driver.

    Lyra sighed with relief, ready to sleep after a long day.

    But others had other plans. And she had every right to be uncomfortable.
    The traffic extended into the distance. Sobbing Pokémon League representatives gazed at the scene before them. The driver, both arms wounded beyond repair and covered in bandages, looked upon the scene with wide eyes. He was in shock and had lost too much blood for comfort. But his troubles were inconsequential when compared to the worst that had happened that night.

    Six Poke Balls lay in front of the Champion’s manager. She had cried out all her tears- now she just fingered the metal spheres but knew it wasn’t right to release their contents.

    A phone call was made. Far away in a town bordering the sea, there was more tears. A six-year old sat with his father and cried into his arms. It was all the father could do to not sob as well. But he had to be strong for his son.

    In another area that was both part of Johto and Kanto, a group of four gathered together in sadness as well. Eight other powerful trainers remembered their beloved rival and cried alone. Those watching late night news exclaimed after the breaking news flash.

    That night would go down in the history books.
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