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    Default Future Pokemon Black Team!

    A first glance of my team :D

    Daikenki Jolly/Timid@?
    Ability: Torrent
    Swords Dance/Surf
    Aqua Jet/?
    *Ice Beam

    I'm stuck on whether I should go special or physical. I'm leaning towards Special though, just stuck on what other moves I should use.

    Shinpora Timid/Modest@Leftovers/Light Clay
    Ability: Magic Gaurd
    Air Slash
    Light Screen

    My Dual Screener :D

    Denchura Timid@?
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    *Energy Ball
    Bug Buzz

    Energy Ball for Grounds. Bug Buzz and Thunder for stab.

    Waruvial Adamant@?
    Ability: Overconfidence
    *Return/*Stone Edge/*Rock Slide
    *Brick Break/?

    I dunno about this one.

    Nattorei Brave?/Adamant?@?
    Ability:Steel Thorns
    Power Whip
    Gyro Ball

    I dunno about this one as well. :|

    Hihidaruma Adamant/Jolly@?
    Ability: Encourage
    Flare Blitz
    *Stone Edge/*Rock Slide

    Probably Earthquake over Return.

    I am shaky with which items I should use, so I thought you guys would know:)
    And also, with the moves with the * next to them, are those TMs available before the Elite Four and Final Battle with N?
    I am not using EVs and breeding for Egg Moves and HPs.

    Thanks for Reading! :D
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