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Thread: Tracks of Light Deoxys mission questions

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    Default Tracks of Light Deoxys mission questions

    So I need another DS and another copy of ranger to play?

    1. Does the second copy have to have ranger completed?
    2. Do they have to have the mission downloaded?
    3. If I have two copies and two DS's, can I get 2 Deoxys?

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    1. I don't think so, as long as it has the Deoxys mission downloaded.
    2. Yes. I don't think DS download works.
    3. Only the leader gets it, so if you want both copies of the game to get it, you must beat the mission twice, switching to a different leader.

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    Wow, so they not only need the game but to have downloaded the mission as well? That's some stupid stuff right there. It's only a limited time to isn't it?
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