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    Quote Originally Posted by Squaaah View Post
    Why did Dento leave the gym, does he have a goal?
    That's hard for me to answer, because I don't know exactly what was being said however it sounded like Dento wants to be a better Pokemon Sommelier (I think because he guessed Mijumaru's compatibility with Ash wrong) and so he wants to travel with Ash who basically proved that he still needs work being a Pokemon Sommelier. That is my best guess based on my limited knowledge of the Japanese Language.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cazak View Post
    How exactly was Kibago trapped in its dream guys?
    Just the dream powder we already saw. Although I'm sure someone can better explain it, because I'm not sure what you want answered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cazak View Post
    Why and when did Ash ask for a battle? Did Kibago pull off some impressive moves that Ash wanted to battle it?
    No Iris was "likely" just being condescending Iris as usual, and that made Ash angry so he asked her for a battle. But it seemed quite obvious that Iris wasn't exactly expecting that so she basically called him a "kid" and ran away leaving Ash kind of sour (though maybe it was Dento that primarily stopped Ash from doing anything since Dento said something to Ash).

    Oh and this all took place after Ash's gym battle (I think before he was presented with the badge), and I think Ash asked Iris what she thought then as I said she was just apparently being condescending. So likely she said something like "Is that the best you can do?" and as we all know that's not exactly a thing you want to say to Ash especially if you're bystander watching the battle.
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