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From what I've seen on filb, Miju deflected the solar beam with its shell (what utter nuisance that is!!). Then went onto deflect another bullet-seed. Dento sensing the shell to be a problem, ordered a bullet seed directed at the shell. This succeed and the shell got thrown away from miju. Ash, knowing that miju was nothing without its super-shell, ordered miju to use water-gun pointed at the shell, which got blown away in the air. Miju jumped and caught it. Used shell-blade twice on yanappu, which then died.

SO yeah, it was full of absolute impossibilities.
Sounds pretty good. I'll definitely have to see ths soon.
@Bold: this is Pokemon, what do you expect
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Or blast off? Please for the love of God just blast off!!!
You want the ridiculously boring, hammy and repetitive TR back? I'm glad they don't blast off any more; it's made me not want to turn of my screen whenever I see them.