Tonight is the night of all Hallows Eve, where the spook and specters take your souls and all of Fizzy Bubbles shivers in their boots as the dead rise and feast upon juicy brains and guts all evening long.

And why do we do to celebrate this festive season? Because it's Awesome =D

Trick? Treat? You'll have to find out won't you with my little gift:

Bubbling Cauldron (Hold Item)
This Witches brew is as it looks a brew of bubbles and troubles, what will happen? Well in battle if used one of these things could happen:
- The holder is healed 50%
- The holder is Healed 100%
- The holder is Damaged by 10%
- The holder is afflicted with a Random Status effect
- The holder is transformed into a random Pokemon (Updator and Ref discretion)
- The holder and Opponent switch bodies until the end of the battle
- The opponent is Damaged 10%
- The opponent is Healed by 50%

You also recieve from me a:

x5 Purple Gummi's
x3 Mysterious Gummi's
x3 Gold Gummi's

Hope you all have a good Hallows Eve and don't eat too bloody much =p