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Thread: 4th Gen "Hit me with your best shot" Challenge

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    Armorandonomon, take a Lickilicky (I like to think of it as having the silliest name in the entire of pokemon :P) Call it Bertie. The Lickitung you catch has to be male, must always know lick (as soon as you reach Pastoria for the move relearner) and can only learn Rollout and evolve once another pokemon attempts to comfuse or attract it and it fails due to Lickitung's ability, and Lickitung then solos said pokemon. You cannot have one of your own pokemon try to confuse or attract it in a double battle.

    I'm on HG and want pokemon in the Kanto Dex that have a letter repeated three times or more in their name (if there are less than 6 pokemon with this characteristic, sorry). I'm fine with any restrictions, other than the rule where the pokemon has to be at the front of the team. I've just gone through that in a scramble challenge and it really annoyed me throughout the challenge. Other than that, go wild

    My Team:
    Victreebel. Must be female, and name it Liberty. It must keep the moves Leaf Storm, Wring Out, and Sleep Powder.
    Electrode, knows Magnet Rise.
    Kangaskhan, no restrictions
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    gen VI announced next day

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