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Thread: Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! (667)

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    Darumaka and Darmantan were great in the episode.

    But something bugs me with the waiter and the stranger that instructed TRio. Ether they are going to love what they'll do to the poor innocent humans and Pokémon. Or they might be Team Plasma spies that are gaining TR's Trust so they can attack.

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    Hmm... I didn't like this episode as much as everyone else. To be honest, I think it's one of the weakest Unova episodes I've seen so far (though, to be fair, I've liked basically every Unova episode). I'm not saying it was a bad episode, but I had trouble getting into it. Some parts seemed like they were dragged out just to fill time.

    The animation seemed really off at times. Ash looked really odd when the episode first started. And I thought the first scene where the two Darumaka stole the food was kinda dragged out, though I did think it was funny when Iris got burned. Don't get me wrong, I think she's awesome: I just liked the whole, "Ah, how cute..." BURN!! Irony. I also liked how Iris and Ash reacted to Cilan's comment that they're a lot alike: that was my favorite part of the episode. I've gotta admit that a little part of me is starting to support the ship between them, even though I've completely sided with Misty since the beginning... but I don't want to start a shipping argument here. It was also funny when the Darumaka were hiding on the ceiling corner behind Ash.

    One thing I didn't get: why didn't the Darumaka just have a human follow them up to Darmanitan in the first place? If they got along with the people so well, shouldn't that have been possible? : /

    Overall, I can't say I loved the episode, but it still had its moments. And, in my humble opinion, it's still above most of the episodes from past seasons, but I don't want to get into that debate either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForgottenPearl View Post
    One thing I didn't get: why didn't the Darumaka just have a human follow them up to Darmanitan in the first place? If they got along with the people so well, shouldn't that have been possible?
    A nice simple solution that occurs to everyone, except the Darumaka...

    This is the first filler episode of the series, and it was fairly standard, but still enjoyable (although my love of Darmanitan-Z may prove a little bit biased!)

    I think possibly the best thing to come out of this episode was a) The Iris/Ash comparison, and more importantly b) TR build up...

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    Mmm, the darumakka were cute, but otherwise there wasn't much memorable about this episode. I did like Cilan saying that Ash and Iris are a lot alike, and they get mad at him. Classic.

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    I really enjoyed this episode! The Darumaka were totally cute! I love how Nurse Joy told the trio that the tower was going to be restored at the end and that the Darmanitan and Darumaka could live there, a happy ending for all. The Team Rocket plot is getting really interesting, I loved Jessie and James' comedy side but I also really love this new side of them.
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    I have nothing to say about the Darmanitan episode, there was nothing special about it. Although I didn't like how Cilan said Ash and Iris were a lot alike. wtf they act nothing like each other dude.....

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    Default "Saving Darmantian From the Bell!"

    This is the first filler episode of the BW saga. I thought it was an OK episode, but nothing special.

    It was kinda funny when Iris said called Darumaka "so cute" and pulled its ears, casing Darumaka to use flamethrower on her face. However, I didn't like how those annoying Darumaka stole food from Ash and the others. Also, Oshawott was so weak in this episode, he got knocked out by the Darumaka too easily. Cilan's comment about Ash and Iris being 'much alike' was teribbly wrong, because they're nothing alike. Oh well, at least Cilan was able to figure out what exactly happened to Darmanitan.

    I gotta admit, this episode is well-animated, The chase scene between the main group and Darumaka looked really good. Ash finally battled the Darumaka, sadly the battle didn't last long.

    I liked how all of Ash's Pokémon got to do something in this episode....
    Oshawott tried to save the food(but got beaten instead) and cooled off the bell hanger, Tepig using Ember to bend the hanger, Snivy using Vine Whip to pull everyone up, Pidove trying to find the Darumaka and Pikachu Zapping the Darumaka. It's cool when they fixed the ball, but I thought the scene where Darmanitan saved Ash was necessary. Ash should've fixed bell without Darmanitan's help.

    I'm glad TPCI kept ALL of the japanese BGM were kept in the dub of this episode, that made this episode worth watching.
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    I just realized how weird some of the Pokemon sound. I imagined that the darumaka would sound a lot different.
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    Great episode of Best Wishes!, one of my favorite teamwork scenes is when the Pokemon worked together to form the hook into an S shape and cool it down.
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    I'm now wondering what this 'goal' that TR has for the Unova region is all about? Since there's still quite a bit of this saga I've never seen, it's all a mystery to me on what it is.

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    Great episode, I loved the teamwork displayed by the Darumakka, and by Ash and co later in the episode. It would have been nice to see somebody catch one of those Darumakka. I haven't seen an episode since this one that did the line justice.

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    I always thought darumaka looked kinda awkward in the games, but it's not too bad in the anime thankfully.

    I guess this was also the beginning of Oshawott's fire weakness :/

    Oh wow Ash, not even a thanks to your pidove for finding the darumaka that you couldnt find, didnt do it either to snivy for carrying all his friends, or oshawott for putting out the fire :P.

    7/10, blatent filler, but I was still entertained, so it's fine.

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