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Thread: JamTheMaster's Epic Trade Shop

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    Post JamTheMaster's Epic Trade Shop w/Survey


    In the past I have had to deal with some very awesome people, and also with some complete idiots. In order to save myself time and organization, I will be having a trading template, which I will ask you to fill out when asking for something from my Trade Shop. There have been times I’ve spent over 10 messages just asking people about the information of a pokemon, and the trade they wanted wasn’t fair in any way!

    Pokemon Name:
    Event (If Any):
    IV (if applicable):
    EV (if applicable):
    Touched or Untouched:
    Method of obtaining:
    Place caught:
    Date caught:
    Additional Details:
    What you want from my collection for this pokemon:
    (Only fill out details you know)

    On that note, I trade in the following ratios (this is subject to change based on the person, so feel free to negotiate):

    My Event – Your Event
    My Event – 2 of Your Shinies
    My Event – Your EV/IV’d Poke
    My Event – 3 of Your Egg Move Pokes (lv1 male any nature)

    *** Also, I know it sucks, but I won't be doing any IV requests. It is too much of a hastle, and I really don't have the time anymore. I still will trade events and shinies for IV trained, but it's not in my interest to work that much on it at the moment.

    1. Obviously, follow the general Trade Shop rules, found here :

    2. No Hacked Pokemon. I will never trade you a pokemon that I know is hacked, and if i traded for it I'll make sure you know there's a possibility of it being hacked. Clones don’t make a difference, just don’t tell me either way.

    3. No advertising. This is my trade shop, so I view it as showing respect by not taking away potential customers of mine on the forum. If you really feel the need to make a better offer to that person, then private message them please. Signatures are perfectly legal of course, even I have the link to my shop in my sig.

    4. Follow the outline. I have taken the time to make a template for all people wishing to trade me, so I’d appreciate it if you filled out your request accordingly. If your list of offers Is too big, message me the list and I’ll pick a few I’d like you to fill it out with.
    5.Respectable offers. Don’t offer to trade me something of the same nature, event, etc when I already have it. Also don’t try to trade me a lv12 Goldeen for an ALAMOS Darkrai (yes this happened)

    Other then those rules, there isn't really anything I didn't cover that isn't common sense.


    Services I offer:
    Breeding Natures & Egg Moves
    EV Training

    My Wants!

    Events I don’t have
    Shinies I don't have
    Egg Moves I don’t have
    EV/IV I don’t have
    High Levels (but not 100’s)
    ...And Many Others I Didn't Feel Like Researching/Writing!

    Specifics- For these events I will trade 2 of any of my pokemon, as I still haven't happened across any of these
    PCJP Absol, Bagon, Pichu, Ralts, Meowth, etc.
    JEREMY.. need all I don't have (only have growlithe and slowpoke)
    Ario Pikachu
    Hadou Registeel
    Hadou Regirock
    Pokepark 2005 Events
    Shinsegae Feebas
    Christmas Milotic, Seviper, Zangoose, Kingdra, etc
    Wish Drowzee, Exeggcute, Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Lickitung
    Doel Deoxys
    Seth Heracross
    Tom Heracross
    Christy Heracross
    Jun Psyduck
    Ken Psyduck
    Shigeshige Psyduck
    Palcity (besides Lucario)

    Pokemon I have

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- SHINY POKEMON:

        Spoiler:- EGG MOVES:

        Spoiler:- BREEDABLES:

        Spoiler:- DITTO COLLECTION:

        Spoiler:- IN-GAME LEGENDARIES:

    9.Closure - To finish off my Thread, I just want to remind everyone I can be reached by my email, pm, and posting on this thread. If you post what you want on here, and then send me a pm or email just to tell me to check out what you wrote, I'll most likely respond to it much faster. I do have a life though, so if I'm doing a job like EV training, don't expect me to get your pokemon back in 15 minutes. I live in the United States, in Central Time. Thanks for everything guys, happy trading!
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