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Thread: Civilization V Disscusion

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    Default Civilization V Disscusion

    I have begun playing Civilization V, and boy am I having a blast! But, sadly, I only have one friend who plays it. If anyone would like to add me on steam so we can play together, that would be great! My username is Canman1222.
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    My friend gifted me the entire game, plus the DLC, when it was on sale for $17. Right now, I'm in love and addicted to the game. However, I still want to spend time on the game by myself before I even dare go on multiplayer. I just suffered a humiliating win... a timed victory. I felt stupid.

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    Depends, where do you live?


    I want this game with all my soul. I love games like this, but have have only seen videos of this one. It looks so great.
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