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    Default Shards of Destiny

    Based of a 2 comics on deviantART. The first one can be foundhere and the sequel here

    Note: The comics are slightly different then the fanfic because of small removed parts. But the same storyline remains in both.

    [Rated PG-13 for peril, fantasy violence, and themes of death]

        Spoiler:- Character List: Minor Spoilers:

        Spoiler:- Attack List:

        Spoiler:- Possible Major Spoilers:

    Now, let us begin...


    Deep in a forest known as Dawn Forest a Piplup lay on the ground. This Piplup was not the normal colors of its kind, or those of a shiny pokemon. Her head and upper body were a light blue color, her 'cape' was collored a light tan and her lower body was almost black. She was tossing and turning wildly, muttering things that made no sense.

    Suddenly, the Piplup jolted awake, panting, sweatdrops ran down her neck in panic.

    She looked around, her brown eyes scanning her surroundings before she sighed deeply, as if in releif. "Morning Marie!" a cheerful voice said nearby.

    The Piplup, Marie, turned to see a happy Shiny Riolu running towards her. This Riolu was none other than her 'adopted' brother, Riki.

    "Hey Riki..." Marie tried to say happily to Riki. However, it only came out filled with sadness and fear.

    "Marie are you alright?" Riki asked, his cheerful tone now serious and filled will remorse, "you seem worried."

    Marie looked into Riki's teal eyes and sighed deeply before speaking "Lately I've been having strange dreams... dreams that make me feel fear and dread."

    "Like what Marie?" Riki asked tilting his head slightly. "They're about Falcon" Marie said in reply, growling at the name 'Falcon'.

    "That Skarmory that belonged to the Cipher?" Riki replied in question.

    Marie nodded "I fear he's after me still..." she said, "thats not the only thing that worries me though..."

    Riki tiltied his head is confusion "What else do you fear?" he asked.

    Marie looked at the sky before speaking "I fear that I'm not the only one he's after," she said, "He's after Wave too, I'm sure of it."

    The name seemed familiar to Riki "Wave is that Shadow Piplup isn't he?"

    Marie nodded to tell Riki that he was right. "He's a Prinplup now but if my guess is true..." she began "...We must find him before Falcon does."

    "I'll wake up Lizzie and Forest!" Riki said, his cheerful personality returning once more.

    Marie called after him "Don't do anything..." she was cut off as Riki readied his attack, one that was rare for his kind. A light blue glowing orb began to form between his paws.

    "AURA SPHERE!" He yelled, launching the attack at a green turtle-like pokemon nearby.

    "...stupid..." Marie finished slapping her forehead with her flipper.

    The pokemon was sleeping soundly, the leaf stem atop his head swaying with every breath, his hard brown shell rose up and down in rythym to it's breathing. This pokemon was known as a Turtwig.

    The Turtwig was hit hard with the glowing light blue orb that was Aura Sphere, causing him to jolt awake in shock from his deap sleep.

    The yelp that came from him woke up an orange chick-like pokemon next to him, she shock her head in drowzyness, the small 'crown' of feathers on the top of it shook with her head. The pokemon was called a Torchic.

    The Turtwig glared at Riki who was rolling on the ground laughing, Marie just stood behind him, her flipper still on her forehead.

    The Turtwig went over to the duo, the Torchic close behind.

    "Riki" the Turtwig began, his voice filled with some anger and annoyance "Of all ways to wake me up why did you HAVE to hit me with Aura Sphere?!"

    "Sorry Forest" Riki said standing up, obviously over his laughing spree.

    The Torchic behind the Turtwig, now known as Forest, spoke, "It was kind of funny though Forest" she said.

    Forest shruged, "I guess it was a bit funny Lizzie" he replied to the Torchic.

    "So" Lizzie began "what are our plans for today?"

    Marie began to speak, explaining about her dream and theroy.

    "So this Skarmory named Falcon is after you and this Prinplup Wave?"

    Marie nodded "Yes, and we have to find Wave before Falcon does or else who knows what may happen."

    "Well then" Lizzie began "We should get going."

    With that sentence said, the quadrant of pokemon set out on their search, their hopes to be successful with them.

    However, as they left they weren't aware of the Pokemon watching them from a cliff, hidden in the shadows.

    "Soon Marie" The pokemon said to itself "I will get what I want one way or another."

    The pokemon opened its glowing red eyes, a evil smirk across its face "Very soon"

    Hope you enjoyed, feedback is always welcomed^^
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