What im Offering
mew lv100
cresselia lv50ut
jirachi event good natures
groudon bold lv71
ho oh lv 87 hardy and lv 45timid ut
lugialv75 serious nature i can also get a timid nature
darkrai alamos docile nature
3 birds
palkia adament and diagla bold ut
mespirt azelf uxie
latios and latias
milotic relaxed
spirtomb,feebas all fossil pokemon,starters any pokemon you want name it ill have it
electrive magmortar lucario

egg move pokemon
vulpix with energy ball/hyponsis
pidgeys with brave bird /uturn/fly
lapras with dragon dance,thunder bolt
eeves with wish,yawn,baton pass,mean look
feebas with hypnosis
roselia with leaf storm
lavitar with rock slide/earthquake/payback
chickorita with leech seed/counter
ponytas with hyponsis
gible with outrage
duskull with pain split
hippopotas with slack off
sneasel with ice punch
elekid with ice punch
bagon with hydro pump
totodile with dragon dance
riolu with blaze kick earthquake
machop with 3 element punches
buneary with 3 element punches + sky uppercut
absol with flamethrower,punishment
the reduce berries
stones thunder,water etc

my wants
any good nature pokemon with decent ivs
other eggmove pokemon
staryu timid natural cure
roselia natural cure with leaf storm
jolly bagon with dd/outrage
murkrow brave bird
skarmory impish brave bird
and pokemon in sig

im also willing to take up egg move breeding projects