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Thread: Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure

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    Default Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure

    Some people have great stories to tell ...
    ... and then there's these two.


    2010 SPPf Fanfiction Awards
    First place for best pokémon chaptered fic
    First place for best trainer fic

    2009 SPPf Fanfiction Awards
    First place for best pokémon chaptered fic

    2008 SPPf Fanfiction Awards
    Second place for funniest fanfic

    Summary: Rly? You can't tell what the story is about by the title? Fine. HLBMA is somewhat of a new twist on the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald games, featuring the two main protagonists of the games (I'll let you guess who). While it does rely on the game plot of all three of the games, I try to put my own spin on scenarios so it's not just a boring "game in 'fic version."

    Rating: PG (K+ fiction rating) for mild language, minor violence (non-graphic), and some sexual jokey jokes. ;P
    Genre: Adventure/Humor
    Disclaimer: Pokemon and all related characters do not belong to the author.

    Anyway, enjoy! You have a whole lot to read. Lol.

    COOL NOTE TIME: Revamp version #3 is underway! We'll be tackling description and changing up capitalization this time! I also plan on developing Brendan and May's relationship a bit (i.e. the beginning they seriously hate each other so the development of them becoming friends is more apparent in later chapters). This is mostly for the earlier chapters (like 1 - 25), but I'll be going over my later chapters for errors as well.

    Indeed. I did give my lame, lame chapters these lame, lame chapter titles at

    Latest Chapter (posted 02/22/10):

    To the Top
    Part I || Part II

    Chapter Index

    Knowing me, a banner for this is coming soon.

        Spoiler:- Chapter Index:

    * chapter has been revised and edited as of Feb 2009
    ^ chapter is considered a "side-track" chapter

    Character Bios (beware of spoilers)

    Don't feel like dealing with SPPf's unpredictable lag and the pages of spam? ;P Here's the version: Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure


    The New Girl

    There was something strange about this place. For one, it smelled horribly like mothballs – no, wet mothballs wrapped in wet trash. Another, it was dark. Cracks of sunlight peeped their way in from the corners of the small, cold room, but it wasn't bright enough for the girl to see her gloved hand a few inches away from her face. Darn that mother of hers. Darn her and her, “It'll be an adventure, May! You'll love riding in the back of a moving truck!”

    Her mother was wrong.

    There was no use complaining about it, though. She had bigger things to worry about. For example, one thing would be not emptying her digested breakfast all over the cardboard boxes that contained her family's items.

    Wobbling a bit like a drunk at a party, the poor mess of a girl stumbled toward a wooden crate pushed up against the cold, metal wall and plopped down on top of it, doubling over to hold her head, hoping it would help alleviate the queasiness in her stomach. And it did, she supposed, until the moving truck sharply turned, and she, along with several boxes, careened roughly into the wall opposite of her. She then groaned, twitching in pain.

    Luckily, the moving truck shuddered to a stop, the motor coughing and sputtering before turning off. She could hear heavy footsteps outside as her ears were still pressed up against the wall. Peeling herself off, rubbing the side of her face as the back door of the moving truck rattled open, she hissed like a riled up meowth from the sudden bombardment of sunlight, shielding her eyes.

    “Oh, sweet suicune! The light! It burns!” she cried, exaggerating of course. Climbing over some boxes, almost falling over in the process, the girl managed to make her way down the ramp of the truck where a sweet, warm wind greeted her. She then looked down at the machoke, its gray muscles bulging as it lifted several boxes in its hand, its snout blowing out air from all the weight.

    “So this is Hoenn, huh?” she asked more to herself, though the being next to her nodded. “I guess it's not ... too bad. Definitely no Goldenrod.”

    The girl's epiphany was interrupted when a lady opened the oak door of the home the moving truck was parked next to. Her bright, blue eyes, the same color as the flustered girl's, shone brighter as she ran toward the girl, her arms open wide, her dark brown, curly hair flying behind her. “May!” the older woman greeted warmly, hugging the bewildered girl, her yellow, summer dress floating around her.

    “Um ... hi, Mom,” muttered the girl known as May, patting the older woman awkwardly on the back before releasing herself from her vice-like grasp.

    May's mom, Caroline, didn't release the girl from her grasp, though. She held onto her forearms and stepped back, evaluating her daughter's appearance. “You look ... dirty. And I just got you these clothes, too,” she remarked with disdain, releasing the girl's arms to clean her up. She pulled down on May's red and black collared t-shirt to rid it of wrinkles before lightly slapping the black material of the girl's shorts to rid them of dust. “Your hair is such a mess too. What kind of fourteen year old girl are you?” Using her fingers as a comb, Caroline brushed the shoulder length brown locks of her daughter, trying to rid them of her tangles before the girl pulled away, frustrated.

    “Mom!” May whined, running her own hands through her hair. Her fingers then made her way to the red and white bandanna that covered the top of her hair, adjusting it so it was centered on her head. “I'm fine!”

    “Oh, don't get so flustered, May. I'm just trying to make you look presentable, that's all. First impressions mean everything!” Caroline crossed her arms and looked up a bit to admire the modest two story home. The light brown paint of the house made it seem welcoming and warm. Large, clear windows filtered sunlight, making them gleam. Each home on the quaint street had a red shingle roof complete with a tall chimney and a well manicured lawn, the grass as green as it could be. It was every couple's dream home. “It's nice, isn't it?”

    May also looked up and sighed. “Couldn't we live in, like, a city or something? What exactly is there to do around here?”

    Caroline either didn't hear her daughter or chose to ignore her, too enthralled with the beauty of her new home. That or the poor woman had answered May's questions several times already. May's father recently had been offered a job to be gym leader at Petalburg City in the small, island region of Hoenn, and the only homes that were in their price range was in the sleepy town of Littleroot. “Let's go inside!” she remarked perkily as she pushed May lightly into the house with her hand.

    May staggered over the threshold of the door, her black and red sneakers squeaking across the wood floorboards, but she quickly regained balance. The house her mom bought came furnished, so a black leather sofa sat on a plushy, red rug. The television pushed up against the wall was blaring the Hoenn news. May turned her head a bit to where the kitchen was, noticing that a couple of machokes were moving the refrigerator so another could set up the polished kitchen table complete with four chairs.

    “You know you get your own room this time,” Caroline said tauntingly, nudging May in the arm while smiling sneakily. “An actual room, too. Not that cramped up washing machine room that we had back in our apartment that you so 'desperately needed.'” She shook her head fondly, remembering the day her daughter crossed the threshold from innocent child to grumpy teenager.

    The girl merely shrugged, not entirely convinced that she liked her new home. “I guess that's cool,” she murmured, crossing her arms.

    Caroline nudged her daughter further into the home. “Well, go check it out and make sure everything is there. I made sure the machokes furnished your room first so you could take a nap if you wanted. Dad also gave you a clock. I'm not too sure why as your old one was fine ...” She trailed off, smiling a bit. “It was still thoughtful, though.”

    “I guess ...” May shrugged and sidestepped past a machoke carrying a heavy crate, walking toward the carpeted stairs. Upstairs was a narrow hallway, also carpeted with the same red fabric from the staircase, and the girl peeked her head into each individual room, trying to find her own. Seeing her familiar bed complete with fluffy white pillow and a pink bedspread decorated with dancing pokémon in the room at the end of the hallway, May entered, greeted by sunlight pouring into the open window. She took a deep breath, whiffing in the sweet wind as she walked further in. She turned around slowly, doing as her mother said. Her small television was setup in the corner, its screen dusty, and then noticed the computer that sat on her desk, just as dusty as the television. She then let out a small squeal, noticing her yellow fanny pack on the table. She was afraid she left it back in Johto, but surely enough, it had someway found its way here (she supposed her mother had something to do with it). She zipped it open and checked its contents. Ribbons, hairbrushes, and combs. Everything was neatly in place.

    Grabbing it off the table and swinging the bag to clip it around her hips, she noticed she knocked a half-empty bottle of pokémon potion to the floor. She sighed; it was yet another attempt by her father to find some interest in traveling as a pokémon trainer. While May absolutely adored pokémon, being the daughter of a newly appointed gym leader and all, she had no desire to travel. Getting dirty and lost sounded disgusting. Her complaints didn't stop her father from trying to persuade her to travel anyway, and he often left random pokéballs and other items around for May to find ever since the day she turned ten, the official age a trainer could own a pokémon. Annoyed a bit, May nevertheless took the bait and quickly bagged the potion into her bag. She suppose it could have some use if she encountered an injured pokémon.

    May turned toward the open door of her room, when she noticed the shiny, round clock on the wall. Again, heeding her mother's advice, she adjusted the time so it matched up with Hoenn's. She then ran down the hallway and down the stairs, her footsteps rattling the railing. She quickly emerged downstairs and turned her head toward the television, hearing the end of a newscast and noticing her dad's face fade from the screen.

    “Dad was on T.V.?” she asked as the next show came on.

    “Yeah, but we missed it,” Caroline answered sadly from her position on the couch, but she smiled all the same as if her face were always pulled by hooks like a fish. “I suppose it doesn't really matter; we know all about your father. Anyway, that somehow reminds me that our neighbors are friends of Dad's! The Birch's, or something like that. You might remember them when they visited Johto a long time ago, though you were about four or five. Ah, you and their adorable little son played so nicely together.”

    May raised an eyebrow. “Son? As in a boy?”

    Caroline smirked a bit. “Yes, son as in a boy. There are boys outside of Johto, you know. Why don't you meet them? I'd go with you, but I want to make sure the machoke don't break anything ... Anything valuable anyway.” She gave the side eye to a couple of machokes that were fighting over a boxes of rattling dishes, sighing.

    “Well, okay, Mom,” May replied. “I guess I'll see you later.” Brushing past a couple of boxes stacked near the front door, she walked outside, flattening the clover green grass underneath her feet. Since her house was on the corner, the only house that the Birch's home could be was the one directly to the right. She shrugged, walking past the fence of her home and toward the concrete sidewalk and the home next door. Surely enough, May bent over a bit to examine her neighbor's mailbox that was etched with “The Birch's” in silver. She then looked up to examine their home. It was an exact replica of her own except the paint job was a darker brown and a rose garden was underneath the windows of the first floor.

    May walked down the dirt path and toward the door of the Birch's home, the door painted a dark green. She rapped her knuckles hard against the door, not once, not twice, but three times. No answer. Her hand found its way toward the brass doorknob of the front door to see if it was unlocked, finding that it was. She hesitated, blinking a few times. People in her apartment complex back in Johto never locked their doors during the day since they all knew each other well, but this was Hoenn, and Hoenn might be completely different. But her mother would be mad if she returned without meeting them.

    With a strange logic that decided that her fear of her mother's wrath trumped her fear of strangers, May opened the door and peeked her head inside. “Heeellllooo?” she greeted, her voice echoing. She then pushed the door open wider though decided against entering the home until someone greeted her back.

    May heard thumping like someone was racing down the stairs, and sure enough, a lady wearing a pair of faded denims and a red tee-shirt ran down and greeted May, gasping for breath. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail, her warm, dark red eyes looking at May as she placed her hands on her hips. “Hello,” she replied with a smile. “I'm sorry about not answering the door. I was just helping my son pack for his journey.” Her eyes swept over May's appearance. “You remind me of someone ... You wouldn't happen to be Caroline's daughter, would you?”

    “Er, yeah,” May answered slowly, smiling back to be polite, extending her hand. “My name is May.”

    “That's it. I remember when you were a cute little toddler back in Johto. You grew up to look like a younger version of your mother.” The lady laughed lightly, shaking May's hand. “I doubt you remember me, though. I'm Professor Birch's wife, Mrs. Birch.” She moved a bit and welcomed May in with a gesture of her hand. “Come on in!”

    May nodded and entered as Mrs. Birch closed the door behind her, darting over toward the table to tidy up the papers that were littered over it. “I apologize for the mess. My husband likes to come home and just throw all his work wherever he can!” She laughed again as May looked around. “Anyway, you must meet my son. Brendan!” she shouted. No response.

    The girl hummed to herself and rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet as the woman continued to call up the stairs for her son.

    “For latios' – Brendan! Come meet your new neighbor!” Mrs. Birch put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently, glaring at the staircase. “Brendan Birch, if you don't come down here right now–”

    “I'm busy!” an angry voice from upstairs shouted back.

    Mrs. Birch sighed, giving up. “He's starting his journey soon,” she remarked. “He's been a bit lonely since there aren't many kids here around his age, so he spend much of his time helping his dad with research. His father finally convinced him that he didn't need his help researching around here anymore and to start his own adventure.” She absentmindedly motioned her hand toward the staircase. “Anyway, why don't you go upstairs and meet him instead?”

    There was something awkward about bursting into a room to greet some guy, but May did as Mrs. Birch suggested anyway, climbing the long passage to the second story and entered the only open room on the second story. She stood at the doorway and noticed a boy no older than her hunched over a backpack, shoving items into it, and she pushed the door open, walking in slowly, the boy unaware of her presence. She peered over his shoulder.

    “Bag full, pokémon healed,” May heard him mutter to himself. The boy then turned around, feeling someone breathe against the nape of his neck. He jumped a bit, startled, though not afraid. “What the – hi! Who are you?” the mysterious boy asked, holding out his hand for a handshake.

    “Oh! Um, hi! I'm May, your new next door neighbor.” May shook his hand in return. She inspected this strange boy while exchanging greetings. He was a few inches taller than she was, making him around five foot eight. His eyes were a ruby red and his tousled, snow-white hair was covered in a black and red bandanna – Hoenn Colors. Also exclaiming his Hoenn Pride was his outfit, a black tee-shirt with red stripes at the sleeves. His pants were also black but the ends were red and yellow. One pokéball was clipped on his belt.

    “So you're the gym leader's kid, huh?” he remarked thoughtfully, turning around a bit to zip up his one-strap yellow backpack. He swung it around his shoulder and smiled smugly. “My dad told me that some gym leader's kid would be moving in soon, though I thought you would be a boy. Boys do make better trainers after all.”

    May gaped. “Are you saying girls can't train pokémon?” she asked crossly.

    The boy shrugged, amused. “Hmm ... Yeah, I suppose. It's true, isn't it? I mean, look at you.” His eyes swept over her appearance, noticing that her fanny pack had no pokéballs clipped to it. “You're the gym leader's kid and my you're my age I think, yet you have no pokémon?” He pointed toward the pokéball on his belt. “At least I have one. What's your excuse?”

    May frowned, astonished by the boy's attitude, crossing her arms. “You know what? I am so getting a pokémon, and when I do, I'm gonna beat you soooo bad that–”

    “Okay, okay. I'm sorry! I was just messing with you!” He put his arms up in surrender sort of way, smiling innocently. “I can even catch you a pokémon now if you want – oh, wait.” He snapped his fingers like he were disappointed. “Sorry, but I can't right now. I have to help my dad with some last minute research. See you later!" He brushed past her and headed out of the room. He then returned, peeping his head around the corner to add, “And I doubt you could beat me.”

    May huffed, blowing up her bangs, flustered. “He's a weird, weird boy,” she thought out loud. “But what the hell is his name? He never did tell me ... Brendan was it?”

    Since May no longer has a reason to stay, she went downstairs, said goodbye to Mrs. Birch, and left, observing the rest of the town, walking along the sidewalk. For awhile there was nothing by row upon row of houses, but soon she noticed a taller, more extravagant building with tall windows, solar panels on the roof and satellites pointing in all directions. She could only assume this was the lab of Professor Birch, husband of Mrs. Birch and father to that sexist boy she just met. With a slight shrug, she made her way to the lab and stepped on the mat, the automated glass doors opening for her. She was surrounded by the whirring of machines and the buzzing of computers, but no one seemed to be inside except for some lonely scientist hunched over his desk, his hair greasy and the frames of his glasses slipping off the bridge of his nose.

    May walked over toward the scientist and said, “Excuse me, sir? Are you the professor?”

    The scientist looked up from his paperwork and let out a hardy laugh. “Me? The professor? No, I'm just his assistant. Professor Birch went to do some field work. He was never the type to sit down and do paperwork. He should be back later if you need to speak to him.”

    “Okay, thanks.” May waved good-bye to the assistant and jogged out the door, the wind greeting her again. “Fieldwork?” she mumbled to herself, walking further down the sidewalk. She soon reached the edge of town where civilization seemed to end, the concrete sidewalk merging with the dusty road. She heard birds chirp and creatures in trees rustle. “Well, I guess I should turn back–”

    A loud scream interrupted her as she saw a little boy flail his arms in the air, panicking. “Help!” he squeaked, his voice dry. “The professor's in trouble!”

    “So you just ditched him? Nice,” May muttered sarcastically to herself. She then looked around, noticing that no one else was around except for her and the helpless little boy. “Well, I guess I have to help now.” With that statement said, May ran down the route, passing by an old, worn down sign that said “Route 101.” She huffed for breath, the long grass tangling up around her bare legs, but she managed to find a middle-aged man running around in circles not too far away from the entrance to Littleroot. His long, white lab coat flapped behind him as he was being chased by a small, wolf-like pokémon with crimson red eyes and a black and gray fur coat. There was something funny about this picture. The man was sturdy built and muscular, yet he was afraid of some puny puppy that probably was all bark with no bite.

    “Help!” the man yelled, continuing to in circles to avoid the pokémon.

    “Aw, but it's so cute,” she cooed, noticing that the pokémon was a mere puppy. She shook her head to rid herself of her “cutesy wutsey” thoughts and looked at the professor. “How?” she asked.

    “See that bag over there?” The man pointed toward a yellow backpack. “It contains two pokéballs! Use one of them!” he shouted as he backed into a tree slowly, the canine pokémon advancing on him.

    “Oh, all right then.” May shrugged and ran over to the bag, bending over a bit to open it. The bag then toppled over from all the weight, spilling out two glossy pokéballs. She ran a fingertip across the shiny surface of both balls before plucking one from the ground. She then enlarged the ball in her hand by pressing the button in the middle, reeling her arm back and releasing the ball from her grasp. “Go ... whoever you are!”

    The red and white ball broke as soon as it hit the ground, and a small, delicate chick pokémon popped out. She ruffled her reddish-orange and yellow feathers, one of her sharp talons digging into the ground. The yellow feathers that stuck out on the top of her head swayed in the delicate wind. She glared at the barking poochyena who turned around to face her, but her threatening look only upped her cute factor.

    “Torchic!” the chick pokémon cried, her eyes narrowing.

    May had learned a lot from her dad: Attacks, type advantage, and other things, but all her knowledge seemed to drain away now that she was in an actual battle. “Use your Scratch!” May half commanded, half guessed, noticing that the chick had sharp claws.

    Torchic ran and hopped into the air, using one of her claws on the poochyena, scratching at its face. The poochyena howled in pain and snarled, angry. Torchic stepped back a bit, her feathers ruffling in a nervous manner.

    “You can do it, Torchic!” May called out, assuming that was what the chick's name was. “Use another Scratch!”

    “Chic!” Torchic chirped cheekily and ran a bit, clawing into poochyena's flesh. The poor poochyena howled in pain and ran away quickly, its howls fading the further it ran.

    Wiping at his brow, the professor sighed in relief, stepping away from the tree to thank May. “Thank you ... uh–”

    “May,” May finished for him as she returned the torchic in a beam of red light. She then gathered up all the contents that spilled out of the professor's bag and handed it back to him.

    “May?” the professor said her name slowly and thoughtfully as he took the bag and swung it over his shoulder. “Oh, yes. You're Norman's daughter, aren't you? Hi, I'm Professor Birch. Nice to meet you!” He shook her hand.

    “Likewise.” May smiled cheerfully while shaking his hand back.

    “Anyway, let's go back to my lab to talk. We don't want to be attacked by another random pokémon, now do we?”

    May laughed again. “All right. Let's go.”

    - - -

    Back in the lab, both professor and girl had a discussion. The professor sat at his desk, spilling out the contents of his backpack before catching the two pokéballs in them with his free hand. He then looked up to where May stood on the opposite end of his desk.

    “May, I think you have what it takes to be a great pokémon trainer,” the professor said as put one of the balls down and fiddled with the other between two of his fingers. He couldn't contain his grin, almost like he were planning something. “I saw you battle that poochyena with ease. Amazing ... just like your dad.”

    “I just kept using the same attack. No biggie,” May pointed out, smiling while rubbing the back of her neck nervously.

    “Still ...” the professor trailed off. “I notice that my torchic liked you from the start. She's pretty stubborn and doesn't always like to listen, yet she seemed to take your orders without a second thought. I feel that she will continue to grow and like you even more if you had her as a starter pokémon.” He stared down at the pokéball in his hand before handing it over to May.

    May, bewildered, looked at the pokéball in Professor Birch's hand, the ball shining in the florescent light. She then sighed. “My dad set you up to this, didn't he?”

    Professor Birch raised an eyebrow and smirked. “What do you mean by that?”

    “Ever since I turned ten, he's been trying to get me a pokémon and travel, but I told him I didn't want to. It just doesn't sound ... appealing to me, especially if I have to travel alone. It's not like I can't or anything. I passed the tests and even have my license. It's just ... I don't know. I guess I'm kind of afraid of doing it alone.”

    “I can honestly say that your dad and I didn't plan on anything, though he does call me to ask how he can persuade you to travel.” He laughed a bit, his arm still outstretched to give her the ball. “That being said though, I'm not saying you have to travel if you don't want to. Torchic obviously likes you, and I think she'd be happy with you. The other trainer I was suppose to give her to found her too difficult to handle.”

    May sighed again, taking the ball in her hand reluctantly. “So I don't have to travel right away? I can just keep her as a pet for now?”

    “Yeah, of course. You travel when you're ready.”

    The girl enlarged the ball in her hand. “Then I would love to have her. Thanks!” May smiled wider and pressed the button again, releasing the creature within. The torchic landed on the floor and ruffled her feathers again, looking up and blinking her wide, brown eyes at May, cheeping.

    The professor smiled as May bent down to pick up the torchic, hugging her and nuzzling the top of the torchic's head with her chin. “Yes, well, my son, Brendan–”

    May interrupted him. “Is your son that white-haired kid with the Hoenn color pride going on?”

    “Why, yes. Yes it is.”

    “Oh, I met him! Never told me his name though.”

    “Yes, he can be rather ... ignorant sometimes. But he will and can teach you the ropes of pokémon training if you ask him–” He held up a finger to stop May from arguing with him. “I know, you have no interesting in being a trainer. It's still a good skill to learn though just in case you do need encounter another wild pokémon that is tougher than that poochyena. He told me he was heading toward Route 103, looking for pokémon right now, getting their data. That's why he traveling in the first place. That and the fact that he wants to be pokémon champion.”

    “Isn't that almost every boy's dream?” May rolled her eyes but then smiled as she heard her torchic chirp cheerfully. “All right, Professor. I'll go ask him for some pointers. See you later!” She exited the lab with Torchic happily flapping her wings as she carried her. “Route 103 ... That's only a few minutes from here I figure,” she said to herself as her torchic peeped again. She began to walk past Oldale Town, another quaint town much like Littleroot, and started walking up toward the route where Brendan was at. She then found Brendan staring at a tree, watching him scribble in a notebook, his red eyes wide. “I knew he was weird,” she murmured.

    “I heard that!” Brendan turned around to face her, an angry look plastered on his face, making May freeze in her spot. “So, what do you want?” he asked cheekily. May knew that this boy has a cocky side.

    “Your dad told me to ask you to teach me the ropes of pokémon training,” May answered as she placed Torchic on the ground. The chick pokémon began to jump up and down in one spot, full of energy.

    “Haha, funny.” Brendan laughed, shoving his notepad into his backpack and crossing his arms. “Let's see if you were telling the truth!” Reaching down to his belt, he picked up the lone pokéball and enlarged it to the size of an orange. He released the pokémon that was with held in it. “Go, Mudkip!”

    In a blaze of white light and dark blue sparkles, a pokémon popped out and growled excitedly as he slapped his blue tail against his small, blue body. His face has two orange spots where his face cheeks were and an orange thing (which is the only way May could describe it) stuck out from the top of his head like Torchic's yellow feathers. His four paws dug at the ground as he lowered his head, ready to pulverize the chick pokémon.

    May scratched her head, confused. “Whatcha doing?” she asked idiotically seeing as she never had been in a pokémon battle before.

    Brendan slapped his head in frustration. “It's a pokémon battle, stupid!”

    May glared at the white-haired boy. “Stupid? I'm not stupid! But they say it is contagious. Go, Torchic, but stay as far away as you can from Brendan over there! You might catch his stupid!” Torchic nodded and chirped cheekily as she jumped out and took a battle stance.

    “Mudkip, start off with Mudslap attack!” Brendan ordered, flustered by May's taunt. The mudkip dipped his tail into some dirt and flung it at the torchic, growling.

    “Careful, Torchic! Ground attack are super effective on fire types,” May warned the pokémon, her knowledge of pokemon kicking in. Torchic heeded her warning and easily evaded the attack by jumping up into the air, flapping her short wings.

    “Good!” May cheered. “Try using your Growl!”

    “Counter it with Tail Wag, Mudkip!”

    Torchic chirped cutely and Mudkip wagged his tail cutely. May awed at the cute, playful face that danced across the mudkip's face as he wagged his tail while Brendan smiled at the high-pitched little peeps that the torchic squeaked when she jumped up and down. The attacks seemed to be useless as both trainers seemed to be under the spell of both pokemons' cuteness.

    “Tackle it, Torchic!” May commanded, pointing a finger at Mudkip. Torchic cheered, jumping in the air a few times and ramming Mudkip full on with her head, sending them both skidding on the ground. Torchic hopped off and landed gracefully on both feet.

    "Hey! A torchic can't learn tackle!” Brendan shouted angrily. He then turned toward his mudkip and looked at him worriedly as he groggily got back on all fours. "Are you all right, Mudkip?" Brendan asked with concern.

    “Kip!" Mudkip cried, nodding, angry.

    “What's there to learn? Tackle is just ramming your opponent with your head!" May retorted smartly, crossing her arms while blowing up her bangs.

    Brendan only huffed. “Let's show 'em who's boss! Tackle right back!”

    Mudkip charged at Torchic and rammed her with his own head, this time the mudkip on top and the torchic on the bottom. Torchic's head collided sickeningly into the base of a tree. Mudkip got up, cheering triumphantly while Torchic laid still on the outer roots of the tree, breathing heavily.

    “Hang in there, Torchic! Finish him with Scratch!” May commanded, smirking, getting more enthralled with the battle, her hands balled up into fists.

    “Chic!” Torchic ran toward Mudkip and scratched it hard with her claws. Mudkip roared – despite the fact that it did sound adorable – in agony falling over and fainting, swirls in his eyes.

    “Mudkip!” Brendan cried, concerned, picking up his fallen pokémon and cradling the being in his arms. The mudkip sighed a bit, going limp in his trainer's arms as fatigue overcame him.

    “Sorry, Brendan,” May apologized, picking up her pokémon too. She then mentally slapped herself; she didn't have to apologize for winning.

    “It's all right. I just need to go to a pokémon center to heal him up ...” Brendan replied, down-fallen by his defeat. He began to trudge slowly to Oldale Town, scratching his mudkip's head comfortingly. “You better get back to the lab ... Tell my dad that you won.”

    “Wait up!” May shouted, but he still kept walking forward, hopping down the ledge toward the quaint town. “Do we think we hurt his ego?” May asked the torchic on the ground, sighing. “He did tell me that boys made better trainers, even though it's obviously not true.” The two began their descent toward Oldale as well, the torchic flapping her wings happily.

    The torchic merely flapped her wings again and chirped her name in response. “Maybe, but that's boys for ya!” May's pokémon replied cheekily, blinking her eyes twice to look innocent.

    “Hold up.” May stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide, and picked up the torchic and eyed it inquisitively. “Wait, you can talk?”

    “Depends what you mean by that,” the torchic giggled. “It's a special bond between trainer and pokémon. While I'm not speaking in um ... whatever language you humans speak in, we can still understand each other!”

    “Oh, right. My dad told me about that. Then how come some trainers don't understand their pokemon? I read it in a journal once.”

    Torchic chirped again as if she didn't know, and May laughed, walking back toward Littleroot, kind of perturbed by the fact that she understood her pokémon. On the way there, they found Brendan by the entrance of Oldale Town, an eccentric Mudkip playfully snarling and biting at his heels.

    “Finally, slowpoke!” Brendan yelled, smirking at his joke.

    May shook her head but smiled sweetly. “I've known you for an hour, but it feels like that I've known you for years with all this name calling.”

    Brendan ran his fingers through his hair. “I'm not the shy type if you can tell."

    “Yeah, you're more of the smart-aleck type huh?”

    “Whatever, girl.”

    “The name is May!”

    “Does it look like I care? I have to meet my dad.”

    “Okay, okay. No need to get your whitey tidies in a twist!”

    “I don't wear whitey tidies! I wear–”

    “Big boy undies?”

    “Haha, funny. Hysterical really,” Brendan replied back sarcastically, rolling his eyes, unaware that they made it past the “wild” of the path between Oldale and Littleroot. “Hey, we're here already. That was fast.” Brendan walked toward his dad's lab, scooping up his mudkip in the process while May followed quickly at his heels, still hugging her torchic close to her chest. The automated doors of the laboratory opened for them again, and the two were greeted by the buzzing of machinery and the typing of a computer's keyboard.

    “Hey, Dad!” Brendan shouted, his voice rebounding throughout the room as the two crossed the tile flooring of the lab. “I'm back!”

    “Hey, Brendan and May! Did you two have a battle?” Professor Birch asked curiously as he threw the paperwork he was working on over his shoulder. The papers were sucked in by the fan, but he merely shrugged, not fazed by it, like he wanted it to happen.

    “Yeah,” Brendan grumbled, rolling his eyes and scowling.

    “He's just mad 'cause he lost,” May added happily, squeezing Torchic a bit, making the chick chirp.

    The professor chuckled. “I told you that you would make a great trainer, May.”

    May smiled. “I guess battling wasn't that bad ...”

    Professor Birch stood up from his chair and pressed his hands against the cold metal of his desk, leaning into it so he could peer at the two young trainers. “You know, Brendan, I know you wanted to make a new friend so he or she could travel with you on your journey.”

    Brendan raised an eyebrow. “So?”

    “So May is your age, isn't she?”

    “What?” Brendan looked back and forth between the girl hugging her torchic and his smirking dad. “Dad, you can't be serious! You want me to travel with ... her?”

    May looked at the bewildered Brendan and scoffed. “Oh no, no, no, Professor! You told me I wouldn't have to travel yet! You told me I could just keep this torchic as a pet!”

    Professor Birch tried to calm down the rioting Brendan and the disgruntled May. “Let's think about it,” he began as May huffed and Brendan avoided his eye contact. “May, you told me that what put you off from starting your own journey was you being alone. Obviously traveling with Brendan would alleviate that problem. And Brendan, she's your friend, isn't she? She can travel with you!”

    “She's not my friend,” Brendan murmured, causing the girl next to him glare at his turned head.

    “I'd think it would be good if you two traveled together throughout the Hoenn region. In fact, I asked both your moms and they think it's a great idea.”

    “No! You're lying!” Brendan and May exclaimed in unison.

    “The pokémon world is vast and dangerous,” the professor added, rubbing his chin. “You never know when you two might need to bail each other out of situations. I wish I got to travel with someone like you two but ...” he trailed off as he went down a trip on memory lane.

    “But–” the two trainers argued, interrupting Professor Birch's thoughts.

    “No ifs, ands, or buts,” the professor cut them off firmly. “You two better pack up and start your journey!”

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    That was great! It didn't lack anything but originality.Not that it means you should stop writing. It was great! Good job. Can't wait to read Chap. 2!

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    Hmm, pretty good. However, I don't think mudkip would be defeated that easily. May didn't actually do any training so it would probably have taken a few more hits for the mudkip to faint. Over all it was good. I always wondered what it would've been like if Brendon and May had traveled together. I'll take your word for it! This should be interesting.

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    YAY you posted it! Great Work breezy. 43 more chpters? But, you only have 42 up on Anywho glad to see HLABAMA here. Also uh... good work.

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    The Adventure Begins!

    Brendan paced in front of the new girl trainer impatiently, hands in his pockets, waiting for her to tie her running shoes. What was taking her so long? Did she tie her hands in the bows or something? Well, she did look like an idiot when he first met her, and the fact that she didn't know what a pokémon battle was didn't help her look like a genius either. Girls ... All they know about is shopping and being mad once a month for some strange reason that he did not dare question.

    “May! Hurry up! It's bad enough we have to travel together!” Brendan finally shouted, staring impatiently at the bandanna-wearing girl. “It's not like you're slow enough already! Sheesh! By the time we get to be OLDale town, I'll be OLD!”

    “Geez, sorry.” May rolled her blue eyes. “I just can't tie these stupid running shoes!” She hassled with the black and white laces, her fingers fumbling but was finally able to tie them all the same in the end. “Besides, you already have the hair color for an old person. No need to rush.” She stood up, brushing the dirt off her pants. “Let's go, gramps!”

    “Finally!” Brendan replied, picking up his faithful mudkip. “Did you just call me gramps?”

    May ignored his question, admiring her new shoes by raising her foot up a bit. “So how so you get these things to work anyway?”

    Brendan shrugged as he pulled out a crinkled piece of paper from his pocket to read the instructions. “Hmm ...” he said, trailing off, his eyes narrowing a bit as he read. “Well it says to push the 'b' button whatever that–”

    May interrupted him as she began to poke him at his shoulder repeatedly, giggling a bit.

    Brendan was annoyed by this girl already, and it's only been two hours. How was he suppose to live though this? “Do you mind if I ask why the heck you are poking me for?” he shouted, raising his free hand in the air before pushing the girl's arm away, his eye twitching.

    May smiled sheepishly and dragged her right foot in a circle, her hands behind her back to look innocent. She looked down, trying to suppress her giggles. “Well, your name starts with a b, and it said to push its buttons–”

    “On the shoes!” Brendan yelled, steaming.

    “Wow, you're very easy to annoy,” May observed, placing a finger on her chin. “It's going to be fun traveling with you!” she remarked happily, jumping around a bit. She then stopped, sighing. “Fun, fun, fun! I think I put too much maple syrup on my pancakes today.”

    “Yeah, I noticed,” Brendan replied in an angry voice as he shook his head. “Latios, how am I suppose to travel with you for almost a year? You're already beginning to piss me off.”

    “Let's get the show on the road!” May cried cheerfully, ignoring Brendan's last statement, skipping down the road, Torchic happily hopping behind.

    The white-haired trainer shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets, following the crazy girl and her torchic. At least Mudkip wasn't as stupid as she was ... hopefully anyway.

    Brendan and May began to walk up the Route 101, enjoying the gentle breeze that swayed through the path. Thick oak trees bordered the dirt road, their roots bending and twisting in front of them. The sun smiled happily upon them, and the sky deep blue and cloudless. A raccoon-like pokemon ran across the path in front of them, stopping to stare at the bewildered duo, before scurrying away.

    “Hey, when do you think we're going to reach a gym?” May asked curiously as the two began to walk again once the raccoon pokemon, known as a zigzagoon as Brendan told her, was out of sight. “Is there one in Oldale Town that I didn't see or something?”

    Brendan closed his eyes for a second, a peaceful look sketched on his face as he thought. “I know there's not a gym in Oldale Town – just yet anyway – but Petalburg is nearby. That gym is pretty tough, though, so you need at least four badges to battle with the leader there,” he answered, remembering the gym leader's test he took a few months ago in pokémon school.

    May smiled brightly. “That's my dad's gym! That's why we moved here in the first place!”

    “Is that a good thing or bad thing?”

    “What is?”

    “Moving here.”

    “Well, it's been cool so far, so yeah, it's a good thing.” She then added, “So far,” with a slight smirk.

    Brendan smiled as they made there way to Oldale Town, an old-fashioned town that lived up to its name with its wooden porches and its thriving elderly community. At least this girl didn't seemed annoyed with him yet.

    “We should stop for supplies and things like that,” May pointed out as she looked at the blue roof of the Pokémart. “You never know when you're going to need a potion or an extra pokéball!”

    “Yeah, good idea,” Brendan agreed, opening the Pokémart door for May. “Ladies first.”

    “Then why aren't you going in before me?” May sneered. “Sorry, I couldn't help it! You totally set yourself up for that one.”

    “Yeah, whatever,” Brendan grumbled and went inside after May went in.

    A little while later, they emerged from the store, backpacks and fanny packs bulging from all the needed equipment for their journey.

    “Man, I'm already low on cash,” Brendan complained, looking at the emptiness of his black leather wallet. He then put it in his back pocket, sighing.

    “Yeah, but at least we get money for beating other trainers at battling,” May pointed out, patting her stuff bag. “And we can add our money together if we're both too poor or something.”

    “That's true,” he muttered as the two turned west and walked toward another open path. This path was nearly identical to the one that separated Oldale and Littleroot except it was dotted with puddles and there was a small pond with splashing pokémon in it. There were a few rookie trainers, much like Brendan and May, hunched over in the grass, observing footprints to see if they could find a pokemon to catch. “I just hope we get to battle soon. There's a urge in me that's telling me to battle soon or I'll blow up!”

    “I never seen a person blow up before ...” May said thoughtfully, perching her peeing Torchic on her shoulder. She then stopped in her tracks, looking at the boy who stopped because she did. “Okay, let's wait for a bit. I want to see.”

    Brendan rolled his eyes as he turned around to face the girl. “It's a figure of speech. Like 'I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.'”

    “I don't care. Blow up,” May replied simply, crossing her arms and smirking.

    “No! Make me!” the boy taunted back.

    “Don't make this difficult. Just do it.”

    “I don't even know how to blow up. Demonstrate for me, and then I'll do it.”

    “If I blew up myself – which I don't know how to by the way – then why would I ask for you to do it and comment that I've never seen a person blow up?”

    “I ... don't know?”

    Unknown to the two bickering rookie trainers, a young boy, a few years younger than the duo, crept up behind them, his bare legs getting scratched up by the long, itchy grass. He turned his baseball cap around so his bangs poked out from the hole in the back, his white shirt dirty with grass stains. He then raised his arms, his fingers outstretched and his palms flat, before reaching and grabbing the two trainers' shoulders, shaking them while yelling, “I LIKE SHORTS!”

    “Holy crap – this person is not my parent!” screeched Brendan, turning his head to see who ambushed him. He then looked down at glared at the laughing eleven year old. “Haha. Funny, you pipsqueak.” He brushed the younger trainer's hand off his shoulder. “What's with you and your obsession with shorts?”

    “Really? I like shorts too!” May said cheerfully, ignoring the disgruntled Brendan and commenting on the young trainer's statement. “They make my legs feel so free!”

    “Yeah!” the young trainer agreed cheerfully, nodding frantically. “They're so comfy and easy to wear!”

    “I totally agree!”

    The eleven year old smiled at May then turned toward Brendan. “Who is this girl? I like her.”

    Brendan sighed and began the introductions. “May, this is Joey, one of my old neighbors. He left a few days ago to start his journey, though I'm not sure why he's still in this area.” He smiled sheepishly as Joey glared at him. “Joey, this is May. May is tagging along with me during my journey–”

    “Excuse me?” interrupted May, poking Brendan in the arm. “Tagging along? No, no, Brendan. You're lucky to even have me come with you.”

    “Me? Lucky? Please, Miss 'I'm afraid of being alone.' You're the lucky one to have someone so strong and brave watch out for you.”

    “Really? I have someone strong and brave watching out for me?” May looked around mockingly. “I don't see him, Brendan. Where is he?”

    “Listen here, girl–”

    “For the LAST time, you jerk, my name is May! May Maple! As in the month and in the tree. No, my name isn't 'girl,' and no, my name isn't 'stupid.' So get it right!”

    The two continued to argue (again) until Joey, rubbing the back of neck nervously as he watched the verbal tennis match, asked, “You want to battle, Brendan? For old times sake?” he asked, pulling out a pokéball from his pocket and throwing it up in the air, catching it soon after.

    “No way, Joey! I saw them first!” A girl around Brendan's and May's age appeared, her ebony-black hair braided into two long strands. A white t-shirt clung tightly to her body, and she placed her hands on her hips where Brendan's eyes trailed, noticing the ridiculously short length of her black miniskirt. Instead of being annoyed with the boy's lingering eyes, she winked at him as she marched up to Joey. “You always get to challenge people! It's my turn!”

    Joey rolled his eyes, spinning his pokéball on his index finger. “Please, Sarah. I do not.”

    “Uh huh!

    “Nuh huh!”

    Brendan rubbed the back of his head, stopping his argument with May. “It's nice to see you again, Sarah,” he remarked in hopes of stopping the fight. “What brings you around these parts again? Didn't you leave a few weeks ago?”

    Sarah turned her head to look at Brendan and smiled sweetly. “Oh, you know. Just wanted to make sure widdle Joey here started his journey okay.” She took Joey's hat off his head and rubbed his hair annoyingly before recapping him despite the younger boy's complaints. “And maybe, just maybe, I hoped I would see you again. I'm lucky.”

    May snorted as she looked shiftily to the side, causing both Brendan and Sarah to look at her. “Anyway, who is this Brendan?” she asked, not addressing May.

    “May,” she answered for Brendan coolly, staring Sarah straight in the eye.

    “May ...” Sarah repeated, blinking a few times. “Ah. And are you traveling with Brendan, May?”

    She shrugged. “I suppose,” May answered. “Unfortunately.”

    Then there was silence as the two girls glared at each other, one boy scratching his head in confusion and the other coughing to himself.

    Awkwarddd,” said Joey in a singsong voice. “Anyway, what about my battle, Brendan?”

    Sarah huffed again. “Joey! Let me fight him! I haven't fought in so long.”

    “How about you let me fight you, Joey, since you've already battled Brendan before, I think,” May suggested, looking at the younger boy. “Brendan can fight Sarah 'for old times sake.'”

    The two other trainers looked at each other another and nodded. “Fine,” they stated in unison.

    “Kay, but me and you are first! You two can watch!” Joey said smugly. “Go, Zigzagoon!” Joey threw the Pokéball that was enclosed in his fist. The ball opened, releasing a brown, striped raccoon-like being, similar to the one that Brendan and May encountered on their path to Oldale. He was busy gnawing at his claw.

    “Ziggy!” the young raccoon pokémon cried.

    May smiled and picked off the twittering chick off her shoulder, placing her on the floor. “Let's go, Torchic!”

    “Chic!” Torchic chirped and faced Zigzagoon, clawing at the ground, the same determined look in her eye like when she battled that poochyena.

    “Zigzagoon, use your Tackle attack!” Joey commanded, pointing at the torchic. Zigzagoon nodded and ran swiftly at Torchic, tackling her at her left side with his head. Torchic groaned as she skidded back a few feet, using her talons to stop herself. She then chirped, ruffling her feathers.

    “Hang in there, Torchic!” May said. “Try using Scratch!”

    Torchic obeyed and chirped cheerfully again. She ran over, peeping as she did so, and scratched Zigazagoon's face hard with a mighty sweep of her claw. Zigzagoon moaned, trying to touch his face with a short fore paw, the scratch on his face turning a bright red.

    “You can do it, Ziggy! Try Tackle again!” Joey encouraged his pokémon.

    “Use your Tackle too, Torchic!” May countered, replying to her opponent's attack.

    The two Pokémon ran at each other and collided at the head with a sick and rough thud. Torchic was dazed a little bit, shaking her head to clear her blurred vision but Ziggy stumbled around a little like he had an inner ear infection. He then fell onto his side, exhausted.

    Joey gaped, pulling out Ziggy's pokeball. “Zizagoon, return,” the young trainer recalled his Pokémon in a beam of red light. “You did great, Ziggy! You deserve a nice rest!” He looked up toward May. “That was a good battle! You're a great trainer!”

    May smiled and picked up Torchic at the same time. “Thanks! You're not so bad a trainer yourself!”

    Sarah pushed Joey aside so she could stand near the empty clearing where the battle could take place. “Kay, enough of this peace treaty,” Sarah exclaimed impatiently. “Let's battle, Brendy-poo; I want to see how well you've been raising that adorable little mudkip of yours.”

    May snorted as Joey held back a laugh. “Brendy-poo?” she murmured between giggles, covering part of her mouth with a gloved hand.

    Brendan ignored the giggling girl, smiling cockily. “You got it! Go, Mudkip!” He pointed toward Mudkip who immediately jumped out and onto the battlefield, a smug smile plastered on his face just like his trainer's, slapping his tail against the ground.

    “Let's do this! Go, Taillow!” Sarah released a small swallow-looking Pokémon from the ball she had clutched in her hand. The ball spiraled and hit the floor, releasing a small flying type. The bird immediately took flight, ruffling her navy blue feathers and puffing out the white feathers on her chest. She flew circles around Sarah's head, awaiting orders. “Start things off with your Growl!”

    Taillow let out a small, yet cute, chirp from her small, yellow beak that made Mudkip howl in protest but made all three trainers (besides Joey who gagged) coo simultaneously.

    “C'mon, Mudkip!” Brendan cheered, pumping his pokemon up. “Use your Tackle!”

    Mudkip stopped twitching from the taillow's growl and ran at Taillow at full speed, jumping up. The taillow merely smirked and flew up higher, chirping mockingly at the growling water type.

    Sarah smiled tauntingly. “My little Taillow is too fast for your mudkip!”

    Brendan growled in frustration. Hundreds of thoughts from previous battles he have seen began to race through his head. After a few seconds, he began to grin despite the fact that Sarah had the upper-hand in this battle. “Mudkip, use Mudslap!” he commanded while snapping his fingers.

    Mudkip dipped his long blue tail into a small patch of dirt and flicked it up, sending it toward Taillow. The taillow merely took the hit, groaning at the sharp rocks that pelted her body, but she seemed unharmed.

    Sarah sneered at Brendan's stupidity. “Ground attacks don't have any effect on flying types, silly!”

    Brendan only laughed lightly at Sarah's confidence, flicking the white bangs that teased his forehead. “Mudslap not only attacks a foe, but it does much more. Look around.”

    Sarah looked up at her bird who was also looking around confused, a thick cloud of dust surrounding her. “Oh no! Taillow can't see! Hurry, Taillow! Try and blow the dust away with your wings!”

    The boy reacted fast though. “Don't let her, Mudkip! Use Tackle!” Brendan ordered.

    Mudkip jumped into the dust cloud and knocked the taillow out of it, sending them both hurtling toward the ground. Mudkip landed on top, pinning down the poor bird's wings. The taillow twitched and tried to get out of the mudkip's grasp but soon found herself too tired to do so.

    “All right, Mudkip!” Brendan cheered while Mudkip ran toward his trainer, flipped over, and grinned merrily.

    “Return, Taillow!” Sarah returned her fallen pokémon. “You did awesome!” She then turned to address Brendan, smiling cutely again. “You're only getting better, Brendy-poo. I can't wait to see how you do in the league at the end of the year. I mean, I never expect you to use a Mudslap to your advantage like that.”

    “Expect the unexpected, as I always say,” Brendan stated, getting on his knees, scratching Mudkip's head, making him purr in delight. May stifled a laugh by coughing at the boy's corniness, again rolling her eyes to the side, and Brendan rubbed the back of his head, smiling awkwardly. “Uh ... right.”

    Sarah pulled Joey next to her much to his dismay. “Well, c'mon, Joey. Let's go heal our pokemon. Hope to see you later, cutie!”

    “Ew, you called Brendan cute?” Joey made a face and stuck out a tongue as Sarah dragged her away. “Girls! Bye, Brendan and May!” He waved at them, May waving back and Brendan looking a bit dazed.

    Brendan felt woozy. “Heh, bye,” he replied two minute too late.

    “Bye!” May waved off to them and then smiled smugly at Brendan when they were out of sight, nudging him with her elbow.

    “What?” Brendan asked, confused, snapping out of her daze.

    “You like her, don'tcha?”

    “What? No!”

    “Yeah, whatever. C'mon!” May sneered and walked away toward Petalburg. “We're almost at Petalburg!”

    Brendan stared at her back, his mouth wide open. “Hey! Wait up!”

    “Hurry up, 'Brendy-poo!'” The girl laughed, skipping down the road, her torchic on her heels.

    Brendan sighed and shook his head, laughing. “You think what you want to think, May Maple.”

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    Breezy why are you posting each chapter every once in a while? Why not postevery chapter now? Just wondering.

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    Fantastic. I think I've read this before yes. Might be that plagarism person. Anyway, it's good. So far it's good in description, though it could have been better in certain points in the battle. But the length is good too. Hope to read more of this.

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    As always, you rock Breezy ^_^ And the story is still really good, though I've read it before on, I still enjoy re-reading it ^_^

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    Petalburg City and Night Time Thoughts

    The girl trainer (it was still odd thinking herself as one) looked outside the window of the pokémon center wistfully, her closed fist supporting her chin. Reflected in the deep pools of her blue eyes was the outside world of Petalburg, a busy (yet still peaceful) town complete with the newly renovated gym her dad worked at and several, crystal clear ponds that housed schools of fish. What the girl was thinking about was nothing too complicated, like how well she was going to do as a trainer, but something small and trivial yet still meant a lot to her all the same. She decided to ask her “companion” for advice on the topic.

    “Hey, B Boy?” she asked Brendan who sat across from her at their table in the center, addressing him by a nickname inspired by Sarah's “Brendy-poo” she so fondly giggled at. She continued to stare out the window. “What should I name my torchic?” She looked at the boy when he stared back at her when his name was called, and she squirmed a bit at the attention, the bottom of her shorts squeaking against the plastic back of the booth. “Ember, Pyro, Flare, or something else? I don't want something too common, but I want to make sure it's not entirely random either.”

    “Flare,” Brendan answered as he tapped his fingers on the side of the table while he thought, “because you don't hear the pokémon name 'Flare' as often. That does remind me though ... I've had my mudkip for a couple of weeks but still haven't been able to think of a nickname for him. I want to call him something though. What should I name him? Kippers?”

    “Kippers?” May raised her eyebrows, playing with the strap of her fanny pack she set in front of her. “Aren't those the smelly fish?” She made a face in complete disgust, sticking out her tongue. “I always hated when my mom served us those for dinner. Yuck!”

    “Ugh!” Brendan smacked his head down on the table, rattling it. “Fine. I won't name him Kippers since it might make you flinch whenever you see Mudkip.” He sat up and rubbed the spot underneath his bandanna where his head careened with the table. “But do you have any better names?”

    “Hmm ...” May thought and rubbed her chin. “Well –”

    “I knew I should have gotten that treecko,” Brendan complained, knocking his head on the table again and resting it there, talking into his lap instead of the girl. “That way I could have named it Geiko. You know, after that commercial with the gecko.”

    “What are you talking about?” May pushed his head back up with the palm of her hand and kept it there, her bright, blue eyes staring into Brendan's cold crimson ones. “Mudkip's a great pokémon – all three starter pokémon are great. It's just that mudkips are the hardest to name.”

    “Yeah, I know that,” Brendan groaned, still rubbing his forehead after he pushed May's hand aside. “Especially the part where mudkips are the hardest to name.”

    May scratched her head. She then snapped her fingers as several ideas for nicknames entered her head. “Why don't ya name him Storm? Or Thunder? Lightning?”

    “Those are electric pokémon names, May! Latios, you're so stupid.”

    “I'm just suggesting, Brendan! No need to throw a pissy fit –”

    “Chansey!” a large, egg-shaped, pink pokémon dressed in a striped red and white nurse's outfit cried in a singsong voice, causing May and Brendan to jump up in unison. She jiggled the metal tray clutched in her two hands, making the two balls on it shift around and also causing the nurse's hat on her head to go askew.

    May turned her head and took both balls off the tray, handing Brendan his own. “Thanks, Chansey!” she said with a smile. Chansey nodded before jigging back to the main desk.

    “Come on out, Torchic!” May released the young chick from her ball. May's torchic came out in a flash of red light and landed firmly on the table, shaking it a bit, very happy to see her trainer. She flapped her wings and jumped into her trainer's open arms.

    “Oh, you're so silly.” The girl smiled, delicately holding onto her pokémon's feathery body. “I'm going to nickname you Flare! Is that okay?” May asked her pokémon.

    “Sure,” Torchic, now known as Flare, chirped cheerfully, ruffling her feathers in the process. “I know it's hard to say Torchic all the time.”

    Brendan smiled at the sight when May hugged Flare as he released his mudkip also.

    “Mudkip!” Mudkip cried brightly jumping up into his owner's arms and staring up at him through wide, curious eyes, his tail wagging. “Do I get a nickname too?” he asked hopefully, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

    Brendan frowned, causing the mudkip in his arms to frown too. “Sorry, buddy. I can't think of a nickname for you yet, but I promise I will! Maybe Typhoon. Nah, too boring. Muddy? Bemired Muddy Mudkip ... Hmm ...”

    The mudkip sighed under his breath but held up his grin all the same.

    After a few moments of uncomfortable silence between boy and his pokémon, May shifted a bit and shook the table, causing the two to look at her. “Well, I'm going to go visit my dad in his gym since we're here. Do you want to come with me?” May questioned, getting up and stretching her legs. She then placed Flare on the floor who looked up at her with curious eyes.

    Brendan shrugged before sliding out of the booth, still holding on to his mudkip with his free hand. “I guess so. It's not like were in a hurry,” he answered simply as the two made their way to the doors. May pushed them open, smudging the clear glass with her fingertips, smiling as her cheeky little torchic hopped out of center first. Then, forgetting about the white-haired trainer behind her, she released the door from her grip as soon as she passed, the door shuddering and shaking as it careened squarely with Brendan's forehead.

    Groaning, Brendan pushed open the door, his mudkip looking up worriedly at him as he rubbed the sore spot underneath his bandanna. “Why don't I think that's going to be the last time this happens to me?” he muttered, dropping his hand.

    “Oh, don't be so bitter about it, you big baby.” May rolled her eyes and stopped in her tracks, turning around to look at the disgruntled boy. She placed her hands on her hips, blowing her bangs up. “It didn't hit you that hard. Now come on. My dad's gym is nearby.”

    “Then how about I hit you with a glass door?” Brendan murmured under his breath, following the girl, glaring daggers at her back. “And then we'll see who's the big baby ...”

    “I can still hear you!” May said in a strained yet cheerful voice as she ran up the stone steps toward the gym, jumping up them two at a time. She then tapped her foot impatiently as she waited at the top for her torchic to hop each step one at a time and Brendan to trudge his way up. “Hurry up! We haven't got all day!”

    “Ah, but don't we?” Brendan said as he reached the top, rubbing his chin and looking up thoughtfully. “What is but a day? Does it end with the setting sun? The rising moon? Does the day really end? Isn't the day nothing but a silly word?”

    “No, you fool. The day ends at the stroke of midnight. Didn't you ever read Cinderella? That's why all her neat stuff turned back into animals and pumpkins and whatnot,” May replied with another eye roll, pressing a hand against the wooden panels of the gym's door before pushing it open, greeted with the strong scent of incense and pine. Flare hopped in first again and May followed, this time making sure she held the door for her annoyed “companion.”

    It was just like her dad to decorate a gym so plainly ... yet so interestingly at the same time. May's dad didn't bother to paint the walls a different color – they were still dark brown from the wood. Engraved in these walls were words, and May walked up toward one of them, running her hand along the smooth grooves. “Strength,” she read as each finger passed each individual letter. The room was cast in a warm, golden light from the ceiling fan up above, circling a fresh breeze tinted with incense around the room. The gym wasn't that important though. What she really wanted to see was her –

    “Dad!” May yelled happily, alarming the boy next to her who was also examining the engraving.

    Brendan quickly snapped his head where the girl ran to – one of the many doors of the gym. As the girl hugged her more muscular and taller father, he began to observe the new gym leader. Being the kid of a famous professor had its perks, and meeting gym leaders was one of them, but Brendan and his father hadn't had the chance to visit Norman, May's dad – at least at a time where Brendan wasn't five and didn't cry if his teddy bear got chewed up by a stray dog.

    He digressed though and shook his head to snap out of his memories, examining the man. Brendan immediately realized that May took more after her mother in appearance. May had dark brown hair while Norman's was black, gelled and slicked back. While May's eyes were cool and blue, her father's were a warmer shade of brown. Underneath his maroon jacket and darker pants was a muscular body while May was more dainty and petite.

    Brendan heard Norman exclaim, “May! How did you get here without a pokémon? It's dangerous to travel this far without someone!” Thoughtfulness trailed across the pale face of the gym leader as he released the girl from his grip, his eyes scanning her up and down. “Not unless ... Calm down, Norman. Don't get your hopes up; you might be dreaming.”

    “Dad,” May groaned, nudging her father in the arm playfully. She then beamed and pointed to the small chick that hid behind her leg, looking up in wonder. “She's a torchic,” she continued, smiling at her father's astonished face, “and I nicknamed her Flare!”

    Norman let out a small laugh, grinning. “Well, I'll be. My little May with a pokémon ... I never thought I'd see the day. I hoped, obviously, but never thought it would happen this soon with your stubbornness. Anyway, you must have met Professor Birch if you have a torchic – torchics are one of the three Hoenn starters after all.” He then rubbed his chin curiously. “Hmm ... That doesn't explain why you're here though ...” His eyes then got starry as he clasped his hands together. “You're not traveling ... as a trainer, are you? Please say yes.”

    May shook her head at her father's excited antics. “Yes, I'm traveling as a trainer –” She paused to let her dad squeal in happiness. “I mean, I guess traveling does seem interesting, and it'll be nice to be out of the house to see new sights, especially since we moved here and all.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” Norman waved off May's excuse with a motion of his hand. “Don't lie, May. I've been feeding you those lines ever since you turned ten, and the moment I'm actually not bugging you about it, you decide to actually heed my advice? Now really – who convinced you to travel? Who do I get to thank?”

    May begrudgingly turned around, popping her hip with attitude and crossing her arms to look at the bewildered Brendan who had stayed quiet all this time. “This is Brendan, the professor's son. Mom and his mom and Professor Birch got together and 'convinced' us to travel together,” she muttered while blowing her bangs up at the same time.

    “Ah, yes. I remember him all those years ago when he visited us back in Johto,” Norman remarked, acknowledging Brendan as he crossed the room toward the father and daughter pair. “I see you got rid of that old, chewed-up teddy bear.”

    “Yeah ...” Brendan replied slowly, his eyes shifting to the side. “It's nice to meet you, Mr. Maple.”

    “Please, call me Norman,” Norman replied with a small nod, noticing the mudkip clutched in Brendan's arms. “I see you got a pokémon too. It's a mudkip, right?”

    Brendan nodded, shifting his arms to grasp the squirming mudkip more firmly. He then sighed as the mudkip continued to beat his tail against his chest in annoyance, and he gently dropped him to the ground so he could playfully nip at Brendan's feet. “So you use normal types, I heard. I don't think any gym leaders in the history of Hoenn have done that before.”

    “Something I picked up from Johto,” remarked Norman with a smug smile. He then whispered, though it was still loud enough for the disgruntled girl next to Brendan to pick up. “Anyway, be careful with this girl. She's scared of loud things in the night.”

    “Dad!” May screeched. “That was when I was, like, seven!”

    “Yeah,” Norman said, ignoring May. “She still sleeps with a night light.”

    “It's a lava lamp!” replied May sharply, her cheeks flushing as Brendan laughed. “The light soothes me!”

    A weak knock on the front door interrupted the girl. All three turned their heads toward the door as it slowly creaked open. Between the crack peeped in the head of a boy with loose locks of green hair that shifted slightly in the breeze of the ceiling fan. He then pushed the door open, fully revealing his frail, slouched body of dangling arms and buckled knees. He couldn't be any older than Brendan – at least in his eyes – though there was this air of ... softness about him that looked like he could be pushed back and forth if he got caught in the breeze. Brendan noticed that the kid didn't bother to look up from the floor, his green eyes watery.

    “You said you would help me catch a pokémon before I left, Norman?” the strange kid asked weakly and tentatively. He pushed up the sleeves of his white button up shirt in nervousness, though the sleeves ended up going back down over his wrists anyway.

    “Ah, yes. Wally Wood isn't it?” Norman replied as his eyes reached the ones of the fragile-looking boy. He walked over toward his desk and opened the drawer, shuffling through it. “Do you have your own pokéball to catch a pokémon with, Wally?” he said over the shuffling of his junk.

    The boy shook his head.

    “Not a problem. Here's my zigzagoon. I caught it just recently around these parts, so it should be able to handle any pokémon that is around this area.” He tossed Wally two pokéballs, one already containing a pokémon and the other to catch one with. Wally barely managed to catch them, his fingers fumbling over the shiny surface. Norman then looked toward Brendan and May. “Brendan, you seem to know a lot about pokémon already, and I've taught May well – I hope. Can you two see if Wally catches a pokémon okay?”

    Brendan and May nodded. “Sure,” they replied in unison.

    “Thank you,” Wally stuttered quietly. “Thank you for everything ...”

    - - -

    “Seriously, May. You're fourteen year old, yet you still sleep with a night light?” asked an amused Brendan as the three made their way toward the outskirts of Petalburg toward the path Brendan and May recently trod.

    “It's a lava lamp! There's a huge difference!” exclaimed May, huffing.

    “Hmm ... a lamp that produces light at night ...” He then clapped Wally on the back, the weaker boy jumping up a bit in, startled. “What do you think? It's a night light, isn't it?”

    Wally looked up from the ground slowly. He first stared at the cocky smile on Brendan's face and then shifted his head to look into the deep, mystified eyes of May. “Um ...” he replied quietly, his eyes trailing toward the ground again, staring at the folds of his khaki pants. “Well, it is just a lava lamp ... Night lights are little bulbs or something, right?”

    “Bah, kid!” remarked Brendan with an eye roll. “What do you know?”

    May stopped when they stood in the middle of a grassy pasture, quickly followed by Brendan who then reached out to grab the back of Wally's shirt to stop him from walking. They stood still, knee high in clover-green grass as to not alarm any wild pokémon. Frustrated after a few minutes of silent standing, May remarked, “There's no poké –”

    At the sound of her words, a pokémon that looked almost like a human child, small and curious, wandered down toward the three trainers, one white hand place below her mouth. She stopped a few feet away and stared up at them, her eyes hidden by the green helmet-like shape on her head.

    “Whoa! A ralts!” Brendan shouted in awe, noticing the pokémon first and pointing at it excitedly. “Even my dad has trouble finding those in the wild! They're even rarer than the surskits that live around here!”

    “Brendan!” May hissed, slapping her forehead in annoyance. “You probably just scared her a –”

    Again, at the sound of May's voice, the ralts began to charge down toward the awaiting trainers, her head lowered as if to ram them down.

    “She must hate your voice, May,” muttered Brendan, causing the girl to glare at him again. “Now is your chance, Wally!” he commented, ignoring the fuming May as Wally's eyes followed the ralts like a predator stalking its prey. “Call out Norman's pokémon to battle!”

    Wally blinked twice but obeyed Brendan's orders. Stepping back a bit, and fumbling with a pokéball, he stuttered, “Uh ... Go, zigzagoon!” He threw the pokéball, and a zigzagoon popped out in a blaze of brilliant white light, shaking his stripped brown fur. His nose twitched a bit as he turned around to face the petrified Wally, awaiting orders.

    “Try using tackle,” whispered Brendan helpfully.

    Wally nodded. “Tackle attack!”

    “Zig!” The zigzagoon nodded and darted over toward the awaiting ralts, his head lowered. When he got close enough, the racoon pokémon lifted his head, ramming straight into the ralts. Ralts skidded back a bit, her teeth clenching, before she jumped back onto the makeshift battlefield, growling in a high pitched tone. Zigzagoon's ears flattened back, his face cringing.

    “Zigzagoon, try using your tackle again!” Wally commanded, sounding more confident as the battle progressed.

    Again, the zigzagoon lowered himself to the ground and dashed over toward the ralts, colliding with her and sending her flying backward into the trunk of a tree. She slowly slid down toward the tree's roots, her eyes closed shut. The trainers could tell that ralts was weak with her exasperated gasps of breath and the slouched position she was in – a clear sign that Wally should try capturing it. He pulled out the empty pokéball from his pocket, pressing the button in the middle to enlarge it.

    He then hesitated, looking at the white-haired trainer behind him for reassurance. “Um ... now what?” he questioned meekly.

    Brendan raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms and shifting his weight to his left foot. “Well, throw it?”


    “The ralts, moron.”

    May gasped and punched a smirking Brendan on the arm, her eyes narrowing in anger. “Don't be so mean, Brendan!”

    “Oh, come on, May! It's common sense! What else would you throw it at?”

    Wally turned around, tuning out the bickering trainers behind him, his body quivering in nervousness. He looked at the ralts still slumped over and resting on the outer roots of the tree and then the pokéball gripped tightly in his hand, nodding firmly. Reeling his arm back a bit, he managed to mutter, “Uh ... g-go pokéball!” as he released the ball from his grip, watching it spiral before hitting the ralts smack in the head, sucking her inside the ball in a beam of red light. The ball shook, and shook, and shook, until the familiar “ding” sounded.

    Wally's jaw dropped from the sound, causing the fighting trainers behind him to stop arguing and look at the pokéball on the ground in awe. “Wow ...” he whispered, his heart racing. “I ... I did it ...” He closed his eyes, his face scrunching up before straightening out to reveal a beaming smile, joy running inside his veins. “Awesome! I caught a Ralts!” he yelled happily, running over toward the ball on the ground, picking it up and holding the pokéball at arm's length. He jumped up and down excitedly. “I did it!”

    May smiled at his antics. “Let's go show my dad then!”

    - - -

    Wally burst through the doors, a very different entrance compared to his earlier arrival. His hair was messy and his eyes were frantic as they swept the room for the gym leader. He finally spotted Norman sitting at his desk, and he rushed over, almost tripping over his feet. “Norman!” Wally said breathlessly, standing in front of the desk and waving his pokéball in the air. “Look! I caught something! And not just anything either, but a ralts! A real, live pokémon!” He then fished inside his pocket and grabbed Norman's own pokéball, handing it back to him. “Thank you for lending me a pokémon!”

    Norman, a little bewildered at Wally's entrance, looked up from his paperwork and chuckled as he took back his zigzagoon from Wally. “Good job, Wally!” he congratulated as he placed his zigzagoon back in his belt holder. He noticed Brendan and May enter the gym, walking and standing behind the green-haired boy. “I trust that Brendan and May helped you okay?”

    “Yeah, they did. That reminds me –” Wally turned around to face the two trainers behind him. He looked toward May, smiling. “Thank you so much, May, for supporting me. It really helped!”

    May smiled sweetly in return. “No problem! I'm always happy to help others!”

    Brendan blinked twice, gaping, looking back and forth between the smiling May and an oddly blushing Wally. What the heck? He, Brendan, was the one that helped Wally catch a pokémon while May stood there like a wide mouthed baboon who continually kept socking him in the arm. He was the one that told Wally about what attack to use on the ralts. He was the one that helped Wally actually capture the ralts. Where was his thanks? Where was his praise? And why the hell was this Wally kid blushing anyway? He didn't like her, did he – not that Brendan cared or anything.

    Wally tore his eyes away from May's and looked at the floor, his cheeks still flushed red. “Heh ... It's quite hot in here.”

    The white-haired trainer snorted. “Not really since this IS an air-conditioned building,” Brendan growled under his breath. May elbowed him in the arm sharply, glaring.

    “Yes, it's really hot.” Norman covered up for Brendan and smirked at him. “Maybe someone switched the air-conditioner to the heater.”

    There was a tense silence as Brendan tried his best not to glare at the green-haired kid he was starting to dislike. He couldn't get over the fact that he thanked May, that stupid girl that still sleeps with a night light, instead of him, who did all the work. And not only that, but he may like that stupid girl, too! He didn't care though. Nope. Not a bit.

    The doors cracked open a bit, and the head of a woman peeped around the door, curly brown hair drooping in front of her eyes. “Wally, dear! Time to go!” she said, using one of her fingers to move the hair away from her face. She opened the door wider, revealing her slightly plump frame. Her eyes, the same dazzling shade of green like Wally's, sparkled in the light of the gym.

    “That's my mom,” remarked Wally, waving at his mom, a small smile on his face and the flush in his cheeks dying down. “I'm moving to Verdanturf Town and living with my aunt. My parents say the breeze there will be better for my health.” He bound for the door toward his mom and embraced her in a hug. He then turned around, facing a grinning May and Norman and an irritated Brendan who seemed lost in his thoughts. Shrugging, he remarked, “I guess I'll see you later! Bye, May and Norman! Oh, and Brandon!” Wally walked out with his mom and closed the door behind him.

    That was it. That was the final straw. He knew he was going to have problems with this kid. First not thanking him and now messing up his name? “It's Brendan!” Brendan shouted at the closed wooden doors, fuming.

    Norman laughed out loud and clapped the flustered Brendan on the shoulder while wrapping his arm around May's. “Well, you two better get going. I suspect that you're eager to get to the next city.” He urged them toward the entrance, kicking the door open with his foot. A cool breeze greeted them, whipping around their faces.

    “Hey! When do we get to battle you?” May asked as her father pushed them out of the gym and onto the concrete floor outside.

    “Don't worry about. Soon enough.” Norman smiled as he stopped at the door frame, releasing Brendan and May from his grasp. The two trainers turned toward him as he crossed his arms and smiled warmly. “You know, May. I am proud of you. I'm glad you decided to become a trainer.”

    May rolled her eyes. “Are you going to get emotional on me?” she whined.

    Norman let out a small laugh again. “I won't, I promise. I just never thought I'd see this day, that's all.” He then looked firmly at Brendan who's eyes went wide from the contact. “You'll take care of her for me, won't you?”

    “Daaaad!” complained May. “I don't need anyone, especially him –” She looked at Brendan with disgust, causing the boy to let out a flustered groan, “– to take care of me. I'll be fine!”

    “I know, I know. You take care of him too, May. You two, eventually, are going to have to pull together to get out of tough situations. I know right now you both might not agree with your moms or Professor Birch, or hell, even me, but you'll be glad you two have each other. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. You might not even realize it until you do split up, which, yes, may happen one day. But ... well, it'll work out.”

    Brendan snorted and received yet another punch to the arm again. He grumbled, rubbing the sore spot. “It was nice to meet you, Norman,” he stated, doing his best not to glare at the gym leader's daughter.

    Norman nodded, stepping inside the gym a bit and placing one hand on the door. “Likewise, Brendan.” He then looked at May. “Well? Do I get a hug or not?”

    May smiled and walked closer to her father, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tight. “I'll be okay, Dad. I promise.”

    “I know, May. You're a good kid.” Norman let go of his daughter and ruffled the top of her hair, causing her to whine in annoyance. “All right, you two. Get out of here.”

    “Bye, Dad!” said May as Brendan descended down the stairs. She raced after him, turning around a bit and waving at her father until he closed the door of the gym. Turning back around, she crashed into the back of Brendan who stopped at the foot of the staircase. About to yell at him, Brendan clasped a hand over her mouth. She huffed and pounded her foot on the ground, but the boy simply pointed to a group of people a few yards away, two of those people being Wally and his mom.

    “Okay. Bye, Wally-kins!” the duo overheard Wally's mother say to Wally as she released him from her embrace. “We'll come visit you in Verdanturf Town soon, okay?”

    Wally nodded, sniffling a bit to hold back his tears. “I love you, Mom, and I miss you already!” Wally replied, stepping back a bit to stand next to another older woman, most likely the aunt that Wally was going to live with. He looked around a bit and spotted May and Brendan again, waving at them. “Good-bye again, May and Brandon,” he yelled cheerfully. “And thanks again!” May waved goodbye back as he left with his aunt, while Brendan crossed his arms and scowled.

    Wally's mom made her way toward the two trainers, a watery smile on her face. “I want to thank you both for helping Wally catch a pokémon. I haven't seen him smile like that for ages. He's been a sickly boy ever since he's been a young child. We believe that the air is better in Verdanturf Town is better there than here, so it should help with his breathing problems. It's just hard to see him go ...” Wally's mom wiped at the tears falling from her cheeks. “There I go, crying again. I promised I wouldn't cry.”

    “He's a good kid,” said May thoughtfully.

    This made Mrs. Wood smile wider. “Thank you, May. Anyway, I have to go now. Thanks again May and Brendan.”

    Brendan smiled along with May, finally glad that someone got his name right – other than May – today.

    - - -

    Brendan and May exited Petalburg City to start their trek toward Rustboro. The dusky, dirt path quickly changed itself into the pathless stretch of beach, soft sand slipping into their shoes. The taillows were making their finals tweets as the end of the day approached. The sun had already set behind the mountains, the sky caught in between a period of light and dark. Rays of orange sunlight grasped at the night air, but the night prevailed, sweeping over the canvas of the sky. Despite this peaceful picture, there was nothing but awkward silence between the two rookies. May was still irritated with Brendan, leaving the white-haired trainer confused. He sure this wouldn't be the first time the girl would be mad at him without him knowing why either.

    “So ...” Brendan began, trying to lighten the mood. He turned his head toward the side where the glimmering ocean winked back at him, waves thrusting themselves toward the shore before retreating back in a loud splash. “Uh, look! The beach! Isn't it cool? I liked going to the beach when I was little. It was very fun. Did you go to the beaches in Johto when you were little?”

    “Huh?” May said, clearly bored, twiddling her thumbs, not paying much attention to Brendan blabbering. “Oh, yeah. I did hear the legend of Ho-Oh when I was little, yeah.”

    Brendan only rolled his eyes. “Apparently we're not on the same topic.” He looked at the sky, the silver moon eyeing him back. “Hmm ... It's getting late, so we better set up camp.” He pointed toward a nearby clearing settled in a grassy patch next to the sand. “There's a good spot. We shouldn't get too much sand in our belongings there, I hope.”

    May stopped dead in her tracks, looking at the spot in disdain. She put her hands on her hips, her eyes wide. “You want me to sleep here? Outside?” She then gulped. “In the wilderness? Brendan, why don't we go back to Petalburg and sleep in the pokémon center instead? It is only a fifteen walk back after all.”

    “Well, why did we travel out here then? That would make all our walking pointless, and from all that complaining you did, I'm pretty sure you hate walking,” replied Brendan, walking over toward the clearing and unhooking his sleeping bag from his backpack. He unrolled it, flapping it in the air to rid it of wrinkles before setting it on the floor. Bending down a bit, he began to gather nearby twigs and leaves for a fire, piling it up in the center of the clearing. “Besides,” he looked up at May, smirking, “I thought you weren't afraid of the dark.”

    “I'm not!” the girl protested, stamping over and pouting.

    “Then prove it. Sleep outside, girl.”

    “I don't need to prove anything to you, and for the umpteenth time, my name is May!”

    “Right, right.” Brendan dropped to his knees and swung his backpack around, digging inside his backpack for a couple of matches. He struck them, trying to ignite a flame. “Fine, leave. I'm not leaving though. Go ahead. Walk back. Alone. In the dark.”

    May looked down the path they came from. While it was lit from the rays of the setting sun earlier, darkness quickly engulfed it. She gulped, fidgeting nervously a bit before glaring at the back of her cocky companion. “Fine! I'll stay because I know you need me!” she finally stated, sitting down next to Brendan and watching him try to start a fire, her nose scrunched up.

    “Of course I do, May,” muttered Brendan, still unsuccessfully trying to ignite a fire. He continually scratched at the rough surface of the matchbox book, but no spark. He gritted his teeth, frustration taking over him. “Ugh! Why don't these stupid matches work!”

    May rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed at Brendan's attempts at getting a fire started. Pulling out her pokémon's pokéball, she released her faithful Flare. Flare jumped up and down in place a bit before jumping into May's lap, cuddling against her chest.

    “Aren't you a cutey today, Flare?” cooed May, scratching the torchic on the top of her head, causing her to chirp happily. She then picked up Flare, turning around to face the pile of twigs. “Do you mind helping him out by getting a fire started?”

    Flare nodded and hopped out of May's lap. She blew up her cheeks before blowing out reddish-orange flames at the pile of twigs, the foliage immediately catching on fire and starting a warm campfire. Unfortunately, or maybe luckily in May's opinion, Brendan didn't catch onto May's plan and didn't pull away from Flare's Ember attack, so his finger was caught in the inferno. With wide eyes, Brendan looked at his smoking finger and yelled loudly, quickly jumping onto his feet and running toward the ocean, dipping his burnt finger in the cool water.

    “Sunuva – I can't believe – you are such a stupid –” May ignored Brendan's steady stream of curses, rolling her eyes.

    “Talk about weenie roast ...” May murmured to the pokémon who giggled in response.

    “I heard that!” Brendan shouted as he walked back toward the campsite, sitting down grumpily on his sleeping bag. He sucked on his finger, trying to soothe the pain.

    “Suck it up, baby,” murmured May as she thanked Flare before returning her inside her pokéball. “Rather, suck on it.” She laughed quietly to herself, unclipping her own sleeping bag from her fanny pack, uncurling it and laying it out straight next to Brendan's, surprising him. She slipped off her shoes and fanny pack, placing them neatly near the head of her sleeping bag.

    “Uh ...” Brendan stuttered a bit, noticing how close the girl would be sleeping to him. He, too, took off his shoes and slid his legs inside his sleeping bag, though he still sat up. “Let's ... uh, just sleep early tonight. We got a lot of walking to do tomorrow.”

    “Great.” May sighed, blowing up her bangs before sliding herself inside her sleeping bag. She rolled onto her side, looking at Brendan for the final time that night. “Well, pleasant dreams, B Boy!” She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep, the sound of the tide crashing on the shore lulling her to sleep.

    Brendan wasn't so lucky. He kept looking at May's sleeping form, unable to lie down, worried. Calm down, Birch, he thought to himself, finally forcing himself to lie on his back. It's just a girl, like, a foot away from you. It's not like you're going to jump on top of her or she's going to roll onto you –

    There was a rustle of leaves and the breaking of twigs from the nearby bushes. May woke up, alarmed, and rolled on top of Brendan, her eyes wide. “What was that?” she asked worriedly, peering into the bewildered orbs of the boy trainer.

    Brendan flushed and thanked the legendary pokémon for the darkness of night. “It's probably just a wild pokémon, stupid.” Might as well keep his dignity while he was at it.

    “Oh, yeah ...” May let out a deep breath in relief. “Sorry, Brendan,” she apologized, rolling off of Brendan and back into her spot. “Good night again!”

    “Uh ... No problem, May ... G-good night.”

    May yawned and fell asleep again, leaving Brendan to his thoughts. He rolled on his back to look at the stars. You idiot, Brendan! he scolded himself in his head. One minute you're all cool, and the next you can't even say a sentence! It's only a girl after all! And I'll admit that she is kinda of sort of cute in a strange, awkward kind of way but still! Just remember, if something DOES happen to her, her dad will kill you, not unless your parents don't kill you first! Okay ...

    Finally, Brendan shut his eyes and fell into a peaceful slumber.

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    Great Chap! Barely any mistakes. But I do have one question. Is this story the Pre-Quel to Who Shot Brendan Birch?

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    great chap. I like the misspelling of Brendan's name and I like the story. Good in description so Keep it up !!!

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    I think you might wanna get this from Breezy, but I think WSBB isn't exactly tied in with this story.

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    Hey, guys! Chapter 4 coming up!

    Oh yeah, to typhlo, Who Shot Brendan Birch isn't a sequel to this story but if you think about it, it kinda would work seeing as this story isn't finished yet. Ya never know after all lol.


    Gotta Catch at Least One

    It was six-thirty in the morning as Flare, May's torchic, gazed happily at the amber-golden sun rising over the ocean waters. Her trainer and that guy that she was traveling with weren't awake yet, and she couldn't find Mudkip anywhere, leaving her to her lonesome. She didn't mind though; she loved the serenity of nature after all.

    A voice from behind interrupted this peaceful picture though. “Flare?” Mudkip asked behind the chick's back, cocking his head to the right, puzzled. “Aw, you're lucky that you already got a nickname already.”

    Flare turned around and smirked sheepishly, ruffling her feathers.“ That's because girls are more creative than boys, Muddy. But besides that, want to join me?” she asked politely.

    Mudkip sat down next to Flare on the sandy ground, rolling his bright orange eyes. “Don't call me that, and what's that suppose to mean?”

    “What? Girls are more creative than boys?”


    “Well, they are!”

    “You keep thinking that if it makes you feel better.”

    Flare rolled her eyes right back at the mudkip in response. “So ...” she remarked, trying to change the subject. “What do you think of our new trainers? I think May is cool!”

    Mudkip looked back at his trainer with disdain mixed in with amusement. Brendan was sprawled all over his sleeping bag, a trail of drool drying at the bottom of his chin, his legs sprawled out in an awkward position. “I think Brendan is ... He's uh ... Let's just say I see humans in a whole new light.”

    Flare chirped brightly in return, giggling at Mudkip's remark to her question. “Humans ... Go figure.”

    Mudkip noticed both May and Brendan twitching, the eyes of the girl trainer's slowly cracking open. He jumped up and down in place to alert the torchic next to him. “Shh, they're waking up!”

    With golden rays of sunlight peeking through the trees, the new girl trainer awoke from her slumber in pure bliss. This bliss though was soon interrupted, though, as the girl turned her head, her eyes widening in shock.

    “Ah! Too close for comfort, you pervert!” May screamed as she sat up and thwacked Brendan with her pillow repeatedly. It turned out that Brendan was in May's “personal zone”.

    “Latios, what?!” Brendan sat up grumpily, only to eat a face full of cloth and feathers. Annoyed, he grabbed the pillow and dropped it in his lap, scowling. “It's only six thirty in the morning! What the heck did I do this time?” He threw the pillow back at May, who easily dodged it, keeping her girly composition despite the fact she was acting like a wild mankey with rabies.

    The girl stomped over toward her pillow, picking it up and dusting the dirt off it. “You were in my personal space!” May cried as if the answer was obvious, hitting Brendan with her pillow once again. “Too close for my liking! Stop moving in your sleep you ... you ... sleep mover!”

    “Well, sorry,” Brendan replied sarcastically, standing up to retrieve his pillow, rolling his ruby eyes in frustration. “It's not like I was the one that put your sleeping back so close to mind last night. It's not like I forced you to sleep there or anything.” Latios did this girl bug him for the stupidest things.

    “Ugh!” May huffed, blowing up her bangs and putting her hands on her hips. She then looked at her bewildered torchic who hopped besides her, looking up at her questionably. “Let's go, Flare!” She bent over and rolled up her sleeping bag, hastily tying it to her fanny pack. She then swooped up her pokémon in her arms, slid on her shoes, and headed out of the campsite, clearly angered by the morning.

    “Hey! Where are you going?” Brendan yelled from behind May's back, his clenched fists resting in his lap. “We're suppose to travel together, remember?”

    “I know that, Santa Clause, but I'm going on a walk! I'll see you later!” May shouted back, going back toward Petalburg City, Flare riding in her arms joyfully.

    The boy scratched his head. “Santa Clause?” Brendan asked his pokémon as he bounced his way over, confused. “What is that suppose to mean?”

    Mudkip jumped up into Brendan's arms and only grinned cheekily. “Well, last year, when I was still in your dad's lab, one of the professor's assistants told his kids about Christmas. He told him that Santa has white hair, and you have white hair, so I'm guessing that's where May's comeback, 'Santa Clause' comes into play. But the only problem is that you have no stuffing in the stomach.” Mudkip poked Brendan's stomach with his nose and laughed.

    Brendan blinked twice. “Right, Mudkip, but she didn't have to walk off like that. Why did she walk off?”

    “Didn't you hear her? You were in the lady's 'personal space,'” Mudkip answered cheekily, pawing at Brendan's chest. He then pushed himself up onto his hind legs and climbed up Brendan's body, finally reaching the top of his head and lying flat on his belly there, his front paws dangling in front of his trainer's eyes.

    Brendan, after all that hard work his pokémon did to get there, took Mudkip off his head and placed him back down in his arms, feeling his pokémon squirm uncomfortably in his grasp. “For being too smart for your own good,” he remarked with a smile, “you have to face my tickle attack!”

    Mudkip rolled on his back laughing, while Brendan tickled his tummy, still holding on to him. Such a happy picture was soon interrupted moments after though, for a loud bark from behind ruined it with its shrillness. Both trainer and pokémon alike stopped giggling at once and slowly turned around to the bushes on the ledge behind them.

    “Hey, what was that?” Brendan asked worriedly, eyes peering into the distance to find where the noise was coming from.

    Mudkip jumped out of Brendan's arm and onto the sandy ground with ease as he took a battle stance to protect his trainer from harm. He hopped onto the ledge, poking his head into the bushes. He then stepped back a bit, alarmed as a poochyena popped out, snarling at him viciously. Mudkip growled right back, and tackled poochyena on his own angrily. “Don't snarl at me, dog boy!”

    Brendan, a bit surprised at the pokémon that jumped out, snapped back into reality, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. “Go, Mudkip! Use your Mudslap attack!” he ordered.

    Mudkip turned around used his hind legs, scraping the sand and hitting the hyena pokémon with dirt clods and sand. Poochyena's howled in protest, his eyes watering from the attack as he blinked several times, trying to rid his eyes of the dirt.

    “Hurry before the sand clears from his eyes! Tackle him again!” Brendan commanded, getting an empty pokéball from his backpack ready. He enlarged it with the press of the button, smirking.

    Mudkip tackled poochyena off the ledge and onto the beach below. Although the soft sand cushioned his fall, the poochyena was still knocked out, his legs flailing in the air. Running a hand through his hair and reeling his arm back, Brendan threw the ball toward the weary dog, the smooth surface of the ball running past his gloved fingers. “Go Pokéball!” The ball spiraled in a blur of red and white and caught the poochyena in a red beam of light. Brendan waited impatiently for the pokémon to give up as it shook around in its ball, and finally it did. Ecstatic, Brendan ran toward the pokemon, sand getting inside his shoes, and bent over picking it up.

    “Yes! I caught a poochyena!” he shouted excitedly, holding it arm's length away, the ball's shiny surface reflecting in the morning sun. He then paused. “Now, if I can only think of a nickname for poochyena too.”

    Mudkip rolled his eyes but got up and jumped into Brendan's arms, poking the pokéball in his trainer's arm with his nose. “Yay! We did it! Now you can show it off to May and think you're all that!”

    Brendan sighed and clipped poochyena's pokéball to his belt. “Out of all the pokémon in the world and all the mudkips in Hoenn, I got the one that's a smart aleck.”

    Mudkip smiled innocently, as he sniffed the air, his nose catching May's scent. “B Boy! May's here! And by the smells of it, she got a new pokémon with her just like you! So much for showing off now, huh?”

    Brendan rubbed the back of his head, feeling drops of sweat run down from the hot morning. “Right, Mudkip,” he muttered, looking down the path and spotting the familiar, lean figure of the girl trainer. She came closer toward the campsite, the design of her red bandanna becoming more clearer. “Hey, May!” he shouted, waving at her. “Did you have fun walking?”

    May ran over to Brendan, Flare riding on her shoulder and a small swallow-looking pokémon flying above her head. He noticed the red and blue feathers of the flying type, quickly noting it off as a taillow, a commonly found bird pokémon around these parts of Hoenn. “Yeah, it was fun without you,” she giggled, smiling. She then pointed up toward the swallow circling around her head. “But look! I caught a taillow! I nicknamed him Tai! He told me that he saw you catch a poochyena when he was flying overhead! Good job!”

    Brendan nodded in confirmation. “Yeah, but I don't have a name for him either,” he groaned. “But I guess I have enough time to think of a name with you and your 'walks.'”

    May smiled. “Sure, whatever you say.” Clutching Flare to her chest, the girl turned to her right and looked at another path up the sandy hill. The grainy path eventually lead into the gaping mouth of a dark forest, the thick branches of the trees letting in very little sunlight. “All right, B Boy,” she said, gulping. “Let's get it over with. Let's get through Petalburg Forest –”

    “Not so fast!” two trainers cried, walking down the path toward them. “If you want to get in the forest, you have to beat us first!”

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    Into the Forest

    Brendan and May blinked a couple of times as the form of the two trainers that challenged them came closer. One reminded him of his friend Joey he left back around Oldale Town with his backwards blue baseball cap and wrinkly, grass stained shorts. The other one seemed unsuited to travel, dressed richly in a red blazer and perfectly ironed gray slacks, his blond hair slicked back finely.

    “Battle, huh?” Brendan smirked once the two challenging trainers reached them. Raising poochyena's pokéball to his chest, he remarked, “Okay. How about a double battle? You two against us, one pokémon each. Sound good to you?”

    May nudged Brendan in the chest, sighing, noticing the bewildered expressions on the other trainers' faces. “I apologize for my ... companion's rude behavior. I don't think he's used to speaking to other humans. His parents only let him out of his natural habitat for only a couple of days now.” She smiled cheekily at the glare Brendan gave her. “My name is May, and this jerk here is Brendan.” She outstretched her hand as greeting. “What are your names?”

    The boy in the richly colored suit extended his arm back, shaking May's hand firmly, smiling smugly and showing off his perfect, white teeth. “My name is Winston,” he answered, his voice holding a distinct, snobbish accent.

    The younger, messy boy next to Winston pointed to himself with his thumb. “And I'm Calvin!”

    Brendan stepped into between May and the two other boys. “Yeah, yeah; enough of the introductions,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. He then wiped at his nose cockily. “Let's start this battle already. I'm itchin' to use my new pokémon in battle. Like I said earlier before I was rudely interrupted –” He looked at May through the corner of his eye, “– are the rules I set okay?”

    Both Calvin and Winston looked at each other before nodding. “Fine,” they answered in unison. They then both walked a couple of feet away so there would be enough space for a battle.

    “Great!” May smiled at the thought of a battle before fierceness embedded itself in her sapphire eyes. She pointed her head up to look at the swallow pokémon that still circled around her head. “I choose you, Tai!” She pointed at Tai who chirped in reply, circling around May's head before flying out toward the battlefield, flapping his red and blue wings.

    Calvin examined May's choice in pokémon and chose his own pokémon, unclipping it from his belt. Reeling his arm back, he yelled, “I choose you, Wingull!” before throwing the red and white ball toward the ground. A small, white seagull flew out from the ball, chirping from her sharp, yellow beak. She spread her wide wings as she circled around the battlefield, revealing light blue feathers that tipped the ends.

    “Let's go, Poochyena!” Brendan threw the pokéball in his hand toward the battlefield. In a blast of white light, Brendan's newly caught pokémon jumped out, shaking his black and gray fur and stretching his tiny legs adorned with sharp claws. He yawned, revealing his fangs as he blinked his bright, red eyes that matched his owner's. It was obvious that the poochyena just woke up from a nap after recently being captured.

    Finally, Winston chose his pokémon. “Go, Zigzagoon!” Winston let out a tiny raccoon pokémon that Brendan and May have encountered several times already and quickly commanded the first attack without the other trainer's consent. “Attack that taillow with a Tackle attack!”

    Zigzagoon pawed at the growl, snarling cutely, before jumping up toward Tai in an attempt to tackle him but failed when Tai flew up higher to dodge. The zigzagoon landed on the ground roughly, turning his head to see Tai chirp at him mockingly. The zigzagoon, in return, growled menacingly, hopping around to face forward.

    “Stupid move,” Brendan whispered to May, who giggled in response.

    Regaining composure, May commanded, “Let's go, Tai! Peck Attack right back!” while pointing at at the zigzagoon.

    Tai obeyed, swooping down, the wind running through his feathers. He flapped his wings a few times to stop himself from crashing into the ground, rapidly beating them to stay in the air while repeatedly pecking his hard, yellow beak into the whining zigzagoon's back. The raccoon bared his teeth and snapped at the taillow, making him fly away quickly.

    “Enough of this! Go, Wingull! Use your Water Gun attack on the poochyena!” Calvin ordered.

    Wingull inhaled deeply, his chest puffing out, before sending out a jet of water at Poochyena. Poochyena gritted his teeth as the attack hit dead on, the force of the water blowing him back a few feet, kicking back sand in his wake, but he held his ground. He barked stubbornly and jumped back onto the field, his fur dripping wet, glaring at the seagull.

    “Use your Bite attack on the zigzagoon, Poochyena!” Brendan shouted to his pokémon.

    Poochyena barked in response and dashed over the wide-eyed zigzagoon, snapping down hard on his tail. The zigzagoon squealed and frantically started to run in circles, dragging the poochyena behind in the dirt. Poochyena only bit down harder in return, causing the zigzagoon to squeal again and trip over his feet, knocking his head hard on the dirt. Dazed, the zigzagoon got back up as the hyena released it from his jaws, only to stumble about dizzily and fall back to the ground, exhausted.

    The younger boy trainer slapped his forehead. “We're doomed,” Calvin said sadly as Winston returned his zigzagoon in a beam of red light. He then shook his head, focusing on the battle. Pointing at his pokémon, he yelled, “Let's try and win this anyway! Use your Supersonic on the taillow!”

    Wingull opened her sharp beak, and out poured a high pitched screech, deafening to the human ear, let along the sensitive ears of a pokémon. All four trainers covered their ears, their faces cringing, as the wingull turned her head toward May's taillow, the high pitched screeched blocking out her hearing. Tai flew about in confusion, circling around the field and chirping to himself, his eyes glazed over.

    “Oh, no, Tai! Try concentrating and use another Peck!” May commanded, worried about her pokémon's health.

    Tai's eyes were still glossed over, yet he zoomed over to what he assumed to be the wingull, a very still moving, gigantic wingull. As he got closer, his blurred vision became crisper, noticing that the very still moving, gigantic wingull wasn't really a wingull but an oak tree instead. He tried to stop, causing some of his feathers to scatter off his body and drift toward the ground, but he ended up eating a beak full of bark, his head colliding sickeningly with the tree. He fell down onto his belly before pushing himself back up, tweeting, even more confused due to the collision.

    Brendan rubbed the back of his neck as May nervously fidgeted with her fingers. “Tackle up, Poochyena!” he commanded, realizing that he was only one that could attack right now. “Hit that wingull!”

    Poochyena nodded, running fast and jumping as high as he could, but the wingull simply evaded it by flying higher like Tai did with the zigzagoon. Poochyena landed on the ground and quickly turned around, trying to ram the seagull with his head again, but wingull flew up even higher, chirping cheekily.

    “Since Poochyena won't be able to hit that wingull, try to stall as long as you can until Tai snaps out of his confusion,” May whispered, watching her bird fly circles in a daze carefully.

    “All right,” Brendan replied, agreeing with May's plan. “Hang in there, Poochyena!” he cheered.

    Poochyena barked, encouraged, as he dodged another stream of water the wingull sent at him. He skid across the ground, kicking up dirt that swirled around his head. He then looked up, his tongue hanging out of his mouth to look at his partner in the battle. Tai was still flying around aimlessly, chirping to himself.

    “C'mon, Tai! Try and focus! Use your Tackle attack!” The girl trainer looked at Tai. Tai had stopped flying around and circles and hovered in the air, looking at his trainer, his head cocked to the side. “For me?” May finally pleaded.

    Tai seemed to get over his dizzy state and expanded his wings, zooming straight toward the wingull and hit him directly, his beak pinning him in the head. The taillow then thrust his head, sending the wingull flying, squawking all the way until it hit the trunk of a tree hard. The seagull slid down the tree until his disgruntled trainer returned him.

    “All right! We won!” May cried happily, holding out her arm so her pokémon could rest on it. Tai's tiny talons wrapped themselves around May's arm, and the happy girl scratched his head, making him chirp in delight. Thanking him for a job well done before returning him to his pokéball, May looked at the grumpy Winston and the disheartened Calvin. “Now can we go through Petalburg Forest?” she asked the two defeated trainers.

    “No way!” Winston remarked haughtily, crossing his arms. “After what you two did to my precious zigzagoon?”

    Calvin rolled his eyes. “Ignore him; he can't take losing easily. You two go ahead, and good luck with the rest of your journey!”

    The white-haired trainer returned his poochyena inside his pokéball after a friendly petting session. “Thanks, and you too! See ya when we see ya ... I guess!” Brendan replied as both he and May walked past the two defeated trainers, noticing Winston putting his foot out as if to trip him. Snorting, he stepped over it and continued walking, closing it on the entrance of the forest. “Well, that was fun.”

    May nodded in agreement, the breeze teasing her hair. “I've never been in a double battle before, but then again I've only battled against trainers three times now,” she replied, running her hands up and down her arms to fight back the goosebumps.

    “Same here except I've battled more than three trainers in my lifetime so far,” Brendan replied, kicking a nearby stone across the path, his hands shoved inside the pockets of his pants. He kicked the stone particularly hard, and the stone hopped and skid across the dirt path, entering the forest. At that moment, both trainers stopped, trying to peer inside without entering. There were trees – a lot of them – that towered way above their heads. Scattered sunlight decorated the untamed long grass on the floor of the forest. It smelled like wet earth, much like after a storm.

    “Wow ...” she murmured, her eyes wide. She shivered. “It's so dark in there. And cold.”

    “Well,” Brendan muttered, looking at May. “Go in.”

    May merely scoffed. “Excuse me? Why do you want me to go in first?”

    “Um ... Ladies first?” he replied as if it were obvious.

    May snorted, still not walking forward. “You're just scared, and you want me to get eaten by the monsters inside here first, I bet!”

    “First night lights, now monsters? Seriously, girl, are you really fourteen years old or a five year old in disguise?”

    “I swear to GOD, if you call me 'girl' one more time –” May's threat was interrupted as Brendan brushed past her, entering the forest nonchalantly, whistling a quiet tune to himself. She stomped her foot, his arms stiff at her sides. “HEY! Are you listening to me?! Don't you walk away from me, you stupid boy, you!” She hurried after the boy, disregarding her fear of her forest (though she wouldn't dare admit this to that stupid boy), crashing into his back.

    The boy turned around, looked at her in a disgusted manner, before pushing the girl away from his a bit to get his space. May merely huffed and walked a few quick steps to walk next to Brendan's side, observing the forest. While it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, she still wanted to get the heck out of there. Mud and loose blades of grass caked itself to her new shoes, and the occasional rustling in the bushes made her cringe a bit, worried that a bug pokémon – or something worse – would pop out. She looked up, the thick branches of the trees covering the sky, though a couple of rays of sunlight fought their way through and graced her face with its warmth. Looking down again, she turned her head to look at Brendan, that same, stupid, cocky smile on his face. How she wanted to just rub his face with a handful of mud, or something.

    They walked in silence for a few moments, admiring the peaceful ambiance of chirping birds in the trees and a group of zigzagoons following after each other toward a berry bush. The pretty picture, at least in May's mind, was quickly interrupted by yet another stupid comment by Brendan.

    “Hey, look! A, uh, tree!” he remarked, pointing at a particularly tall tree with heavy branches. “Yeah! A tree! Trees are cool! They help us breathe and they ... uh ... make good ... Christmas trees? Yes. I like trees.”

    May sighed before responding, looking shiftily to the side. “I know that since the second time I met you, you were staring at one.”

    “Har, har.”

    They continued to wander about in silence, looking for the exit. Brendan had only been in this forest a few times with his dad, and luckily there was a makeshift path that other trainers carved out that lead from the entrance to the exit, but that still didn't help them from not getting lost, especially when that stupid girl companion of his annoyingly tugged at his shirt sleeve to go in another direction. As they turned the corner, bright light and the scenery of a clear lake welcomed them – the exit. They emerged from the thickets of trees, squinting from the sudden brightness of light that greeted them.

    As Brendan looked around, he noticed a building up ahead, colorful flowers planted below the clear windows. The smell of flowers drifted in the air, and he whiffed it in, breathing out deeply. His eyes then cast themselves toward a sign on a post that swung back on forth on its hinges. “Hmm ... a flower shop?” he read out loud quizzically, blinking twice.

    “Yeah. They sell flowers,” May sneered, rubbing her eyes, still adjusting to the light.

    “But here?”

    “Maybe because there's a lake nearby, and it's near a forest. Hmm ... Would this be an ideal place for a flower shop? I think so,” May replied, smiling smugly. “Let's go in. I love flowers.”

    Brendan sighed as he followed May. May pushed the door open, the door chiming as it opened, and she entered, Brendan quickly following her inside. He watched as three girls of different ages were moving around, rearranging flowers in ceramic vases. The building was decorated warmly, rows of flowers decorating the sides while long, multicolored ribbons were tied at the ceiling. He turned around, noticing a clear doored freezer behind filled with flowers. Not being a plant expert, he assumed this helped the flowers last longer.

    “Hello! How may I help you?” the eldest girl asked politely, looking up from her arrangement.

    “Oh, don't worry about that. We're just um ... browsing.” May smiled as the delicate scent of roses hit her nose. “I love flowers!”

    “Oh, you do?” the lady asked, smiling in return. “Well, can you do us a favor then?”

    “Um, sure. We'd love too! What is it?”

    “We?” Brendan stated under his breath. His words went, luckily, unheard.

    The lady walked away from her arrangement toward the counter that held the cashier. She bent over, looking at the shelves, standing up straight soon after, a watering can shaped like a wailmer in her hand. “Can you take this pail –” the lady walked around the counter toward May and handed her the can, “–and water the berry trees along your travels? I dream of a world filled with beautiful flowers.” Her eyes sparkled at this statement, making the two younger sisters laugh at her antics. “Well, will you?” the lady asked, ignoring the giggles that her siblings were giving her.

    “Yeah, of course!” May replied, putting the watering can in her bag.

    “Good.” The lady smiled brightly as she fished inside her apron and gave May two blue, pointed berries. “For coming all this way and for doing me that favor, here are some chesto berries on the house. Give one to your little boyfriend over there.”

    May blushed a little but accepted the berries in her open hands. “He's not my boyfriend,” she muttered.

    “Oh!” The lady blushed a little. “I'm sorry. It's just that you two make such a cute couple and –”

    “Okay, well time to go!” Brendan quickly grabbed hold of May's shoulder, his cheeks flushing a light pink out of embarrassment. He spun her around toward the door despite her protests. “We'll water those trees for you! Thanks for the berries! Bye!” Brendan pushed May out the door. As soon as it closed, he yelled, “Can you believe that lady thinking we're going out?”

    “Of course,” she agreed. She then grinned, licking her lips. “Hell, you'd be lucky to date me!”

    Brendan thought otherwise. “Maybe unlucky.”

    The nerve of that guy. Stupid boys. Rolling her eyes, she responded with the ever popular, “Whatever,” before heading back inside the forest, swinging her hips.

    Brendan didn't even bother to follow her. He sighed, walking toward a tree who branches bent over the lake's water, sitting down, and leaning against the base. Pulling a pokéball out, he released his faithful starter, a starter who arched his back immediately to stretch. “What I do this time, Mudkip?” he asked his pokémon.

    Mudkip jumped and settled down in his lap to try and take a nap. “Talk. That's what you did,” he replied simply, resting his head on Brendan's thigh.

    “Yeah, sure. She'll be back,” Brendan replied, closing his eyes and falling asleep.

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    I love this, it is very well-written. It has nice spelling, grammar, etc. I can't wait for the next chapter. 10/10

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    Man, the humour shines out of every corner of this. Wonderful parody of the games, I cracked up in a few places...

    Great job.

    The Final Stretch - Chapter 75: Mewtwo˛
    Chapter 76: Chalenor

    The story of an ordinary boy on an impossible quest in a world that isn't as black and white as he always thought it was.
    (rough draft of the remaining chapters finished for NaNoWriMo; to be edited and posted)

    (completed, plus silly extras)
    A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing. Ten years later, they're taking care of eight half-Pokémon kids, each freakier than the next, while a religious fanatic plots to murder them all.

    Lengthy fanfiction reviewing guide / A more condensed version
    Read and I will be very happy for a large number of reasons.

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    I think i read this before on and all i could say was Wow. This fic has got to be one of the best pokemon fics around and has some very good twists in it. Keep up the good work.

    This week, I are bin mostly claiming Paine from X-2

    Silver Haired Girl: A GirlxGirl fic made by me ^_^ WARNING! IT IS A 15+ Enter at your own risk! *sticks Warning tape over url*

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    REALLY FUNNY!I can't breath but I want more yet I can't find the fic on FF.NET some body mind giving me the category and/or genre?thanks.

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    The Abandoned Pokémon

    Brendan always found it peaceful sleeping outside, especially during the day. There was nothing like finding a nice, shady spot on a warm summer's day, settling down in a patch of soft grass underneath the branches of an oak tree, the odd rustling of leaves as the wind rushed passed lulling you slowly to sleep. And he did, his head feeling heavy and his eyelids drooping over his eyes, the warm wind his blanket. He felt his mudkip go limp in his lap as well, copying his idea. But then, all of a sudden, a loud screech jolted him out of his dreams. He jumped a bit, also waking up the disgruntled pokémon on his lap, his head turning back and forth.

    “Whadwuzat?” the boy asked in a slurred, tired voice, looking down at the blinking mudkip on his lap who cocked his head to the side in confusion as well. “I hope I'm not hearing things again,” Brendan grumbled, gingerly touching his forehead. “Last time I heard something, everyone thought I was crazy. Hmm ... Maybe that's why our last neighbors moved to Kanto ...”

    Mudkip sighed, getting up and looking toward the peaceful lake, the wind lightly rippling through it. He flinched again as he heard another shout, his orange eyes traveling down the wooden bridge, its boards creaking in the wind. Near the end of the bridge on the opposite side of the lake was a boy, a year or two older than Brendan, bending over the lake, his voice booming occasionally as he yelled at something in the water.

    “Maybe you should check that guy out,” Mudkip suggested, nudging his head in the other trainer's direction. He then settled himself in Brendan's lap again and sighed happily once more, closing his eyes to rest.

    Brendan merely stared at the resting pokémon in his lap. “Well, I would gladly get up, but there is a pokémon on my lap who's too lazy to get up, let alone walk.”

    “I'm small enough; carry me,” replied the mudkip simply.

    Rolling his eyes and holding his sleeping pokémon with a free arm, Brendan got up, shaking his legs a bit and rolling his shoulders back and forth to get rid of his backache. He then approached the bridge that connected Petalburg Forest to the bustling city of Rustboro, wearily stepping on the bridge and slowly crossing it. As he came closer to the odd trainer bellowing at the water, Brendan began to examine the trainer's appearance. Much like him, the trainer was clad in the traditional Hoenn trainer suit, those his were colored red and white unlike Brendan's black and red. His dark eyes pierced the lake, his thick build blocking whatever he was yelling at.

    “What the hell?” Brendan heard the guy mutter as he got closer. “No wonder your old trainer got rid of you so fast. I knew trading my wingull for you was too good to be true. I mean, what good is an electric type that can't use electric attacks?”

    Brendan stepped toward the side of the bridge where he stood, trying to get a good luck of what the other trainer was talking about. In the water, peering up at the trainer through bright, red eyes was a small, chubby water type, water running down her rubbery blue skin. On top of her head was a thin dorsal fin that arched, supporting the weight of two yellow bulb-like balls.

    Meanwhile, the other trainer snorted and turned around, walking toward the Rustboro. “Stay here. You are of no use to me.”

    “Hey, wait a minute!” the white-haired trainer blurted out, stopping the other trainer in his tracks. “You can't just leave ...” Brendan looked at the teary eyed pokémon in the water, confused. He wasn't really sure what it was. “You can't just leave her here,” he corrected himself.

    The other trainer merely gave a motion of his hand and continued walking forward. “Do something about it,” he muttered to the glaring Brendan behind him.

    Brendan didn't bother to chase after the older trainer as the pokémon in his arms squirmed out of his grasp and hopped onto the wooden planks of the bridge, getting eye to eye with the misty-eyed pokémon in the water. He followed her as she quickly swam after her trainer, only stopping when she reached the grassy border that surrounded the lake. She then cried out continually in a high-pitched, tearful moan.

    Mudkip's ears perked up a bit, listening to the water pokémon's song as Brendan ran down the rest of the bridge, squatting next to his pokémon. “Well,” asked Brendan, cringing a bit as the screams got louder. “What is she moaning on about?”

    “Um ...” Mudkip's face twisted a bit, moving in closer toward the unaware pokémon next to them. “Something about not being able to use electric attacks? And if she could, she'd still be with her trainer? Don't know.”

    “Well, I did overhear that other trainer saying that she couldn't use electric attacks, making her 'pointless.'” He made sure to put invisible quotation marks around the last word with his fingers. Digging into his backpack, he remarked, “So what is she anyway?”

    “I'm not your pokédex,” replied the mudkip with an eye roll.

    “Right.” Brendan, still digging inside the depths of his backpack before pulling out a square red device; it was none other than his pokédex. He ran his hands across the cover, his gloves picking up dust. “Man, I haven't used this thing in awhile, though I probably should now that we're leaving the Littleroot area.” He flipped the cover of his pokédex open, blowing on the screen. The pokédex beeped, scanning the crying pokémon in the water. “Hmm, it says she's a lanturn, mostly found in the Lilycove area. Wow, she's traveled far. Hmm ...” He scratched his head before putting his pokédex back in his backpack. He tentatively reached out, lightly touching the orb that dangled in front of the lanturn's eyes. No spark. “Funny.”

    “What?” Mudkip asked, laying flat on his belly and watching as the lanturn's mournful song was replaced with frantic swimming back and forth in front of pokémon and the boy.

    “She really doesn't have electricity in her orb, otherwise she would have shocked me.”

    “I don't know, B Boy. You are pretty hardheaded.”

    “... That doesn't make any sense.”

    “Because you're hardheaded! See!”

    Brendan huffed, ignoring his chuckling mudkip and again swung his backpack around to reach the front pocket, unzipping it. He pulled out a plastic bag filled with round brown balls of food. Taking one out, he held his hand out over the water where the frantic lanturn was swimming, ignoring the greedy, hungry look in his mudkip's eyes.”

    “Here, um ...” Brendan lightly pushed away the mudkip that was trying to hop into his lap, pawing at his arm. “Take this to eat. It's chocolate especially made for pokémon.”

    “I want one!” shouted the mudkip, pawing at Brendan's leg and trying to climb into his lap again.

    Again, Brendan simply picked up his mudkip underneath his belly with his free hand and dropped him a bit away, making the pokémon scowl and turn his head away in mock anger. “Lanturn, here,” he remarked in a quiet, calm tone, reaching his hand out further toward the lanturn who stopped swimming about, staring at Brendan with wide eyes. “It'll make you feel better. I promise.”

    “It'd make me feel better too,” grumbled the mudkip, falling flat on his belly, his head still turned away.

    Lanturn hesitantly swam her way toward Brendan's open palm, her back fin going back and forth slowly in the water. When she was close enough, she sniffed at the ball of chocolate in Brendan's hand before tentatively licking it with a pink tongue. Joy sprung up into the lanturn's eyes as she took the entire ball of chocolate in her mouth, chewing on it happily, her eyes sparkling.

    Brendan smiled in return, picking up his annoyed, lethargic mudkip in his arms before standing up, looking down at the curious lanturn still in the water. “I hope you feel better now, and it was ... um, nice to meet you. We do got to go though.”

    “We do?” asked Mudkip curiously.

    “Well, we do got to find May. She probably headed into Rustboro while we were sleeping, or something.”

    “Bah, that girl.”

    “I know, I know. But we told Dad that we would travel with her, and well –” He sighed, looking toward the city, its tall buildings casting shadows on the asphalt streets. “Anyway, we'll see you, Lanturn.” He gave her a final smile and waved before turning around toward the city, but his trek soon stopped when he heard the same, familiar cries that the lanturn did early. He turned his head, noticing the same, whimpering look on the lanturn's face.

    “Come on, Lanturn. I thought I cheered you up.” Brendan walked back toward the lake and sat in front of the lanturn, his bottom getting wet from the damp grass. He placed his mudkip on his lap. “Don't be sad. There are plenty of wingull, magikarp, and goldeen for you to play with in this lake. Go and make friends with them.”

    Lanturn simply shook her head.

    “You'll be okay, Lanturn. You might even find a better trainer to take care of you if that jerk doesn't come back.” His eyes narrowed a bit as he looked toward the distance. He then looked down again, noticing the lanturn frantically shaking her head. “Oh, you have to stay here. I would love to have you as my pokémon, to be honest, but I don't know if your old trainer is coming back to get you –”

    “Oh, c'mon, B Boy. That trainer isn't coming back, and even if he does, you know he's going to end up abandoning her again anyway,” Mudkip piped in. “Could you really live with yourself knowing that you could have done something about that but ended up not doing anything?”

    “I guess not.” Brendan rubbed the back of his neck. “But still ... She's registered in his name. I can't just ... take her ... Can I?”

    “Again, I'm not your pokédex. Or your dad. Besides,” at this, the mudkip slapped his tail fin against Brendan's belt, hitting the pokéballs clipped to it, “I'm pretty sure pokémon can only have one pokéball tied to them. I mean, you could try catching her, and if it doesn't catch her, that means she's still registered in his name ... I guess. I don't know. Worth a shot, anyway.”

    “That's a good idea, actually,” Brendan admitted, unzipping the side pocket of his backpack and pulling out an empty pokéball. Pressing the button in the middle to enlarge it, he held the ball out and pressed it against the beacon of the lanturn's head. He waited, looking into the red eyes of the lanturn. She merely smiled and closed her eyes, her beacon flashing a dim light and zapping Brendan a bit.

    “Ow!” Brendan quickly pulled back his hand and shook it in the air, shivering at the shock. “She zapped me! Wait a minute ... What the hell ... She zapped me!”

    “Totally not repetitive at all,” remarked Mudkip sarcastically.

    “I'm serious! Remember the last time I touched her beacon? It didn't even spark, let alone light up. Yet this time she zapped me a bit. Granted, it wasn't much but,” he sucked on his knuckles as if it would ease the pain, “it still hurt.” He looked at the lanturn. “What was that about?”

    Lanturn smiled coyly in answer.

    “You must make her happy,” remarked the mudkip. “Happy pokémon usually, well, are more prone to, uh, do things. Then again, you gave her chocolate, and chocolate makes pretty much anyone happy. Well, except things that are allergic to chocolate. Then they'd be sad if they ate chocolate.” He shrugged at the odd look his trainer flashed him. Looking at the lanturn, he asked, “Well, do you want to come with us or not?”

    “So blunt,” muttered Brendan, glancing shiftily to the side.

    “Well, it's better than getting shocked, isn't it?”

    Brendan looked at the lanturn who immediately perked up at the attention. She then carefully swung her beacon forward toward the clutched pokéball in Brendan's right hand. “Well, I guess that's a yes then.” Stretching his arm out again, Brendan pressed the ball against the rubbery blue of lanturn's skin, and the ball opened, sucking the pokémon in a beam of red light. The ball immediately locked without any shaking.

    “Well, that's that,” Brendan said, looking at the ball with wonder. “I guess the only way to make you officially mine is by nicknaming you.” He thought for a moment, making the ball's shiny surface reflect in the sunlight. “How about Sapphire? That's a cool name, huh?”

    “Of course she has a name,” Mudkip grumbled, scowling and slapping Brendan with his tail in a playful matter. “Yet I don't? What's up with that, Brendan Birch? Don't you love me anymore? Don't you care?”

    “Of course I do, Muddy.”

    “Why is everyone calling me that?” The mudkip scowled, going limp in Brendan's arms. “That is not my name.”

    “Sure it's not ... Muddy.” Brendan grinned as the mudkip playfully slapped his cheek with his tail as he stood up. He then began to walk toward Rustboro, the shadows cast by the buildings swallowing him whole. Brendan visited Rustboro a few times with his dad, mostly for business, so he was pretty familiar with the settings. It was a pretty urban city, people bustling about, heading from one tall building with gleaming windows to the next. There were several apartment complexes and stores that took up an entire block of street. It wasn't a very colorful city with most of its buildings made out of gray stone, but most people were more enthralled with the insides of the buildings anyway.

    Brendan shifted the mudkip in his arms to his left, passing by a pay phone. He look at it curiously before walking over toward it, touching the dirt-encrusted handle of it. Shoving a hand in his pocket for loose change, he shoved the money into the slot and dialed a number, listening to the dial tone.

    “What are you doing?” asked the mudkip.

    “Calling my dad about that lanturn,” he answered in between the buzzing. “He might know something about her lack of electric – Hey, Mom. I was wondering if Dad was – yes, I'm still traveling with May. What – no, I'm not going to ditch her ... Rustboro, why? Mooom, you're not that far from Rustboro; you can pick that up yourself! ... Yes, I'm putting on deodorant like you said. Ugh, is Dad home, Mom? It's important. It's about a pokémon I just caught.” He tapped his foot impatiently, sighing. “Mom, I do want to talk to you, honest, but I've only been gone for a day. I just need advice from Dad – yes, I'll be sure to call you if I need to learn how to cook something.”

    Mudkip looked up at him, prodding his trainer's chin with his top fin as Brendan sighed again, drumming his fingers on the metal casing of the pay phone. “Dad? Hey, Dad, it's me – no I'm not in trouble.” He rolled his eyes. “I just caught this lanturn, but she doesn't seem to have any electricity in her beacon when I first met her. ... Yes, I already tried touching her beacon earlier, but no dice. Actually, she did shock me a little after I fed her chocolate, so I was wondering if maybe I could train her somehow to use her electric powers if I made her trust me a bit more and practiced with her – what? I don't know what level she is; how exactly do you check that anyway? Well, she did look a little young, I suppose. ... Can they even do that, Dad? Don't they need to evolve from Chinchins or whatever they're called?”

    Mudkip rolled his eyes as Brendan shifted the phone to his other ear. “Chinchou, right. Whatever. That's besides the point. ... No, I'm not pretending I know more than you. ... Dad, now you're just – okay, I was nine when that happened. Can't we just let that die already? Ugh, anyway, yeah, I guess she is young, so maybe that's why her electric powers aren't really working. What? Well, it did light a bit, though it wasn't that strong. ... Really? Well, okay; I guess I'll let her roam around underwater for a bit to gather ... bacteria. Bacteria makes her beacon glow? ... Ah, I see. Good to know. ... Mudkip?” Brendan looked down at the mudkip in his arms. “No ... No ... Well, he likes to sleep a lot, but – okay, Dad. Fine. I'll talk to you later. Bye.” He hung up the phone with a slight slam.

    “Well, what did he say?” whined the mudkip as Brendan stared at the phone.

    “He said that the lanturn probably evolved at a young age, and staying in their chinchou form is crucial for them to learn how to control their electric powers before they evolve,” he replied, playing with the phone's metal cord by wrapping it around his finger. “Training with her exclusively should help her learn to use her electricity though. Anyway –” Brendan turned around only to bump his shoulder into a man clad in black and red, a red hoodie covering his hair.

    “Watch it, punk,” growled the stranger before darting down the street, turning around the corner.

    Brendan stared down the road, shrugging. “What was that about?” Scratching his head, Brendan walked past the local pokémon center, its red roof sticking out amongst the gray building and was about to turn the corner where the man went when out emerged the girl companion in between the glass doors. He watched as she turned toward him, beaming a bit and running toward him.

    “B Boy,” she said breathlessly, catching up to him and pressing her gloved hand against his shoulder. Brendan shrugged her off, rolling her eyes. Huffing a bit, she asked, “What have you been doing all this time?”

    “I could say the same to you,” he muttered, looking down at May's waist and noticing a green ball with purple dots on her belt. “Where did you get the great ball? Those things aren't exactly cheap, you know.”

    “Long story,” she replied, running a finger across the shiny surface of the ball and smiling proudly. “Well, not really. While I was in the forest, there was some guy looking for some pokémon. A shroom something.”

    “Shroomish,” corrected Brendan matter-of-factly.

    May waved him off. “Yeah, yeah. Anyway, while we were looking, this guy in black and red came up behind us and stole this guy's briefcase. I immediately battled that guy and won quite easily, I might add –” it was Brendan's turn to wave May off with a motion of his hand, “– and I got the briefcase back. The guy looking for the shroomish was so happy that he gave me a great ball. And you'll never guess what I got-ot!”

    “Pokedolls?” murmured Brendan under his breath.

    “No, stupid. Look!” May pointed at the strap of her fanny pack where a gleaming, gem-shaped yellow badge shone in the sun. She beamed again. “I just got it!”

    “Holy crap! When?” Brendan exclaimed, bending over a bit to look at the badge. Sure enough, as he learned from school, May acquired the stone badge, the badge given by the Rustboro gym leader.

    May rubbed her chin. “Hmm, a hour ago or so. Why?”

    Brendan looked at the mudkip in his arms. “How long ago were we asleep, Muddy?”

    “I refused to answer to that name,” the mudkip snorted.

    “I was only in the forest for thirty minutes or so, and I passed by you. You were sleeping so peacefully, so I didn't bother waking you up,” May answered helpfully.

    “But ... how did you win?” Brendan asked ludicrously. “All you have are a flying and fire type, both of which are weak to rock. I'm positive the Rustboro gym leader uses rock types, right?”

    May nodded.

    “So ... how?”

    May cracked her knuckles and smirked. “I have my ways, Brendan, I have my ways ...”

    Brendan stared dully at her.

    “All right, all right. It was a one versus one battle, and those darn rocks are so slow that my sweet little Tai had no problem dodging them and getting a few to land on the gym leader's pokémon's head. And as you know, rocks are weak against rocks for some reason and ...” She trailed off as Brendan smiled back smugly at her, crossing her arms. She blew up the bangs on her forehead in annoyance. “Oh, give me a break, B Boy. I work with what I got, and you got to admit that's a pretty creative way of working a disadvantage into an advantage. Either way ...” She tried pushing Brendan toward the gym, but he stood firm. She backed up a bit and ran into his back, but again he stood his ground. Groaning, she muttered, “C'mon, you jerk. Go and challenge the gym leader. You already know she's a rock-type gym leader after all, and you do have a mudkip.”

    “A mudkip that can't use water attacks yet,” he added in, smiling sheepishly at the glaring mudkip in his arms.

    “Oh, you'll figure something out, I'm sure.”

    “But I don't think I'm ready,” Brendan said worriedly.

    “Don't worry! You'll do fine!” she assured him. “Now let's go!”

    “But – ack!” Brendan rebutted but was dragged by the ear by May. “Fine, I'll go – let go of my ear first!” He pulled himself out of May's grasp and rubbed the bottom of his ear where May grabbed.

    May smiled innocently. “Well in some of my favorite animes, the girls dragged the boys around by the ear if they do something stupid, and I always wanted to try it. I will cross it off my bucket list.”

    Brendan rolled his eyes as the skipping girl followed behind him toward the gym. Much like the other buildings in Rustboro, the gym was plainly decorated from the outside, made up of gray stone. The two clear glass doors swished open in front of them, revealing the dark, rocky terrain of the gym inside. Cold air brushed past them, making both trainers shiver.

    “Well, welcome,” May remarked, trying to break the awkward silence, “to Rustboro gym.”

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    some good chapters. I think this fanfic is really funny! and just very good!! KIU !!!

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    The Gym Battle

    “May?” Brendan asked, not crossing the threshold from the warm, outside world to the cold, rocky, kind of creepy world that was the rock-type gym. “... Do I really have to do this?”

    May sighed, crossing her arms and staring at the whimpering boy standing next to her. “Stop being a baby,” she muttered with an eye roll. “I mean, you don't have to or anything, but I thought you wanted to complete in the League, so eventually you're going to have to. Might as well get it over with now instead of building up your nerves later. Besides,” she poked Brendan in the arm, giggling, “I thought boy trainers were better than girl trainers.”

    “And they are,” Brendan replied arrogantly, scowling.

    “Oh, really?” May wasn't convinced. She put her hands behind her back and started to pace around Brendan, slowly circling around him and evaluating his stiff, quivering form. “Hmm, I don't see a gym badge anywhere on you. And yet ...” She stood in front of Brendan and gestured toward the strap of her fanny pack. “Yet I have one. And,” she put a hand to her lips, her mouth forming an “o” shape, “look! I am of the female specimen.”

    “You're just going to rub that in my face until I get a badge, aren't you?” Brendan murmured with a sigh.

    May nodded. “Well, not literally. I think you'd enjoy that.” She winked as Brendan rolled his eyes again. Shaking her head, she walked into the gym, swinging her hips. “Come one, B Boy!”

    Grumbling, Brendan shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants and kicked at the dirt, trudging into the gym, his mudkip following after him. The glass doors swished behind him, making him shiver as the cold brushed against the bare nape of his neck. As he stepped further inside, he was glad to see that the rest of the gym was lit, barely, but still enough to not make him quiver. Golden light basked the rocky terrain of the battlefield, making the tall, pointy rocks on the field cast shadows.

    Brendan hadn't really been inside an actual gym before. Well, he had, but not as a trainer, but a curious schoolboy on a field trip. He remembered that day well and how he eagerly pushed his way past his bigger schoolmates toward the front where the Rustboro gym leader was battling his opposing trainer. He remembered gripping the cold metal of the bar that separated the battlefield from the audience, his eyes wide. Well, now it was his turn. It was his turn to shine. It was his turn to get his first badge.

    “You know,” he said out loud more to himself than the wide eyed mudkip next to him, “the old Rustboro gym leader retired along with the Petalburg one. So I'm kind of curious about who took over ...”

    Hesitantly, he stepped onto the rocky battlefield and entered the trainer box in front of him, a drawn on white square made out of chalk.

    Brendan then looked down as his mudkip pawed at his leg. “So, now what?” the mudkip asked curiously, bright orange eyes blinking twice.

    Brendan shrugged in reply, his eyes sweeping the field in front of him, eventually reaching the other trainer box. Empty. “I don't know. Are we suppose to ring a bell, or something? And where did May go?” His eyes traveled toward the left where a single metal bench was – a place where curious audience members could sit – yet no one was there.

    Then, suddenly, a bright, white light from above shone on the confused trainer, making him shield his eyes with an open palm. Squinting, he looked forward again and could barely make out the black silhouette that made its way to the other trainer box. The new gym leader was curvy, yet pretty short, so Brendan assumed it was a girl, and a young one at that. As the lights dimmed down, or his eyes got adjusted to the brightness, the details of the gym leader became much more clearer. Long, brown hair trailed down toward the small of her back and tied back with a red ribbon. She wore a school uniform, gray yet short, though she hid her legs with red tights.

    The white-haired trainer scratched his head as he looked at the girl gym leader who smirked, pulling out a pokéball from behind her back. This girl looked familiar ... but from where?

    “Brendan Birch, huh?” said the girl gym leader, looking up from the pokéball grasped in her hand. Her brown eyes flashed dangerously in the light of the gym. “I remember you.” She then laughed a bit, putting her hands on her hips. “Do you remember me?”

    That laugh. That voice. It was all coming back to Brendan in a flood of suppressed memories that he desperately wanted to forget. There she was, in all her smug glory, taunting her with that cackly laugh of hers. It irritated him.

    Now, this wouldn't be the first time Brendan encountered Roxanne. In fact, much to his dismay, he known her for quite some time. Roxanne never liked leaving Brendan alone back when the two went to pokémon trainer school together. Being four years older than him, she believed that gave her the right to pick on the poor boy constantly, shoving him in lockers, pulling down his pants, stealing the cupcakes from his lunch, and so on, constantly humiliating him and making him run home, teary eyed. And every time, after she was done bullying him, she would pat him on the head and coo in his face, calling him a “cute little boy.”

    Shaking his head as if it would rid him of the memories, Brendan grumbled, “Oh, yeah,” in response, crossing his arms. “No one can forget you, Roxanne. You called me cute. No one calls me cute.” He glared at the gym leader in front of him, his eyes narrowing. “No one.”

    A laugh to the side caught his attention, and he snapped his head to the left where May was sitting. She must have sat down when he was lost in his thoughts, thinking of all the horrible things Roxanne did to him back in school. “Oh, come on, Brendan.” She snorted, wiping at her nose, a grin on her face. “You should take these compliments while you can. Like anyone else is ever going to call you cute again.”

    Brendan flushed in embarrassment a bit, but he shook his head, ignoring the girl trainer's comment. “Ignore her,” he muttered, addressing Roxanne. “She's crazy. Let's get this battle started already!”

    Roxanne merely nodded, throwing up the pokéball in her hand a few times while a judge, clad in a simple red sweater and black slacks, strolled over toward the side of the field to evaluate the battle. He began to explain the rules. “Both trainer will use two pokémon each. No time limit. The challenger can switch pokémon at anytime while the gym leader cannot.” He looked at Roxanne first, and then Brendan, before nodding, moving his arms down in a sweeping motion to commence the battle. “Begin!”

    “Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's play!” Roxanne cried out. “Geodude, let's do it!” She threw the pokéball in her hand, and the ball spiraled, hitting the ground hard. White light burst from the ball, revealing a geodude beating his buff, gray stone fists into each other before lifting his rugged, round body off the ground, his black eyes glowering coldly at Brendan.

    Brendan was startled. The jump from horrific school memories to horrific gym battle was so fast, he didn't really have enough time to calm down and think. This was his first gym battle after all, and like hell was he going to lose, especially against that she-devil named Roxanne.

    Yet he couldn't find back his nerves, beautiflies beating against his stomach. He touched a pokéball on his belt, his lips trembling. What to do, what to do ...

    A tug at the bottom of his pants caught his attention, and the boy looked down, noticing his mudkip biting his pants and pulling at them. Spitting the cloth out of his mouth, he remarked, “Well, do something. Send a pokémon out.” He slapped his tail against his small body, smiling smugly. “Like me, for example.”

    Brendan looked from his cocky mudkip to the pokéball his fingers were pressed against. He plucked said ball from his belt and enlarged it, holding it to his chin. “Let's try Sapphire first okay, Muddy?”

    “Stop calling me that.” Mudkip snorted and scowled, turning his head away. “Fine. But you do remember you just caught her, and uh, she can't use electric moves, right?”

    “Exactly. Electric moves won't do me any good against rock types,” Brendan replied back, reeling his arm back. “All right, Sapphire, let's do it!”

    The boy trainer threw the ball in his hand toward the field. Like Roxanne's, the ball spiraled in a blur of red and white before hitting the ground, releasing Brendan's newly caught pokémon, a confused lanturn, her beacon dimly lit and crackling as her red eyes swept over the battlefield. She then wiggled a bit, trying to move, but only succeeded in rocking back and forth.

    “Oh, and did I forget to mention that lanturns can't really move outside of water?” remarked the mudkip in a sarcastic tone, shaking his head.

    Brendan rubbed the back of his neck nervously, picking up sweat. “We'll just have to do this fast. I mean, she has water moves, and from what I remember, water is good against rock. So ...” Pointing at the field, he ordered, “Sapphire, Water Gun!”

    Sapphire coughed a bit, her body shaking as she opened her mouth, revealing a row of white teeth. Her eyes narrowed a bit in concentration, yet nothing came out. Again, Sapphire closed her mouth, shook a bit, and then opened her mouth, a thin stream of water beelining for the geodude. The rock type merely blinked as the small jet of water hit him in between the eyes. While the water irritated him, it wasn't strong enough to really damage him, let alone knock him out.

    Roxanne clicked her tongue in disappointment. “Latias, this is going to be easy,” she muttered to herself. “Let's make this even more annoying to them. Use Block!”

    Geodude nodded and rolled over toward a few large boulders. Using his strong arms, he picked up a few of the boulders and hurled them toward Sapphire. Sapphire cringed, awaiting the rocks to hit her, but they never did, landing behind her instead. Brendan could barely see Sapphire over the towering boulders as much as he tried – he probably couldn't even return her mid-battle if he needed to.

    “You should have sent out meee ...” remarked Mudkip in a sing song voice.

    “Shut up,” muttered Brendan. He then scratched his forehead, looking at Sapphire and then the smirking girl gym leader in front of him. “Why do you think her Water Gun was weak, Muddy?”

    “Stop calling me that. And I don't know. Again, I'm not your pokédex. But ...” The mudkip's eyes went back and forth in his sockets. “Remember how Sapphire kind of shocked you when you fed her chocolate and I went on a ramble about maybe she can attack better if she knows she has someone behind her that cares for her?”

    “... Wasn't that ramble about things allergic to chocolate not being happy because ... of something?”

    “Well, yeah. But the underlying message was whatever I said earlier. Maybe you should feed her chocolate; show her you care still.”

    Brendan shrugged. “Worth a shot.” He waved at the judge, catching his attention. “Am I allowed to use items?”

    The judge looked at Roxanne, and she shrugged back in return. “Well, technically you can, but most trainers don't tend to use items when their pokémon hasn't gotten hurt yet.”

    “Oh, it's not a potion or anything like that.” Brendan stepped over the white chalky line of his trainer box, swinging his bag around and unzipping the front pocket. He pulled out the same plastic bag from earlier, causing the judge, Roxanne and May to look at him, confused. Was that ... chocolate?

    The white-haired trainer got on his knees and put a comforting hand on the quivering lanturn's body, bending over while rubbing her back soothingly. He put her head next to his while whispering something, his hands pulling out one of the brown chocolate balls from the plastic bag. He fed her one, and the lanturn chewed it happily, her beacon crackling in delight

    Roxanne watched as the boy jumped back a bit, shocked by one of the lanturn's zaps of electricity, but he merely grinned, rubbing her back one more time before standing up, walking back to his trainer box. “Hmm ... Maybe there's something more than just an annoying brat after all,” she said quietly to herself, an odd, new found respect for the young trainer.

    “All right, Sapphire! Let's try this again!” Brendan cheered, pumping a fist in the air. “Water Gun!”

    Sapphire nodded firmly, the beacon in front of her face covering her eyes as she inhale deeply, her cheeks puffing out. She exhaled a powerful jet of water so mighty that it sent her skidding back. The attack hit the geodude head on, making him skid back, water dripping down his body. He tried to protect himself by thrusting his arms in front of his face, but he ended up toppling over. He groaned, pushing himself up, gasping for breath.

    “Geodude, Rock Throw!” commanded Roxanne, gritting her teeth.

    Brendan thought quickly, invigorated by the battle. “Supersonic, Sapphire!”

    Geodude rolled over toward another pile of large rocks and heaved one above his head as Sapphire opened her mouth, a high-pitched squeal coming out of it. The sound waves engulfed the rock, and he cringed at the squeals, dropping the rock on his head and dazing him out. With swirls in his eyes, the geodude began to rock back and forth on his rugged body.

    “Water Gun again, Sapphire!”

    Sapphire blew up her cheeks again, exhaling a cold stream of water, sending the geodude flying backward into the wall behind Roxanne. He landed on the floor with a thump, his eyes clenched shut, sitting in a puddle of water.

    “Geodude is unable to battle!” declared the judge, raising his right hand.

    “Geodude, return!” Roxanne turned around and recalled her fallen pokémon inside his ball, whispering words of praise into it. “This battle needs more excitement.” She switched balls behind her back. “Let's beat 'em, Nosepass!” She threw the ball toward the battlefield, and the ball split open, revealing a stout, oval-shaped boulder, his eyes closed and a huge, red nose smack in the middle of his face. He had stubby legs and arms and looked hardly able to move, let alone battle.

    Brendan smirked, examining the opposing pokémon in front of him. “You would think that after how I mowed down your geodude, you wouldn't send someone that wasn't just plainly a rock.”

    Roxanne simply waved off Brendan's comment with a motion of her hand. “Don't be so sure,” she remarked, a small smirk tugging at her lips. “Nosepass, Mud Slap attack!”

    “What?” Brendan cried in shock, but it was too late. Nosepass cried out his name and dug his foot into the ground, flicking chunks of earth toward the wide eyes lanturn. She closed her eyes, skidding back a bit, the hard chunks of earth hitting all over body. She cried out in pain, mud caking itself on her rubbery body until the attack stopped, the lanturn on her side and wiggling about, trying to swing herself upright. The wiggling soon became slight twitching and then nothing.

    “Lanturn is unable to battle!” announced the judge, raising his left hand this time.

    “Sapphire, you did awesome!” said Brendan with a smile, returning his fallen lanturn into her ball. He then minimized her ball and looked at the other two pokémon he could use. “Well, Poochyena is pretty fast, but I don't think his attacks would do any good against something as hard and tough as that nosepass ... And, well, Mudkip doesn't have water moves.”

    A tug at his pants caught his attention again, and Brendan looked down, noticing an impatient glare on his starter's face. “What?” he muttered, shifting his foot to pull his pants out of the mudkip's mouth.

    “Use meee,” the mudkip whined. “I can do ittt.”

    “You don't have water movesss ...” replied the trainer in the same whiny, singsong tone. “You wouldn't be able to do anythinggg.”

    “Ahem,” coughed the mudkip. “There's a reason why the word 'mud' is in my name.”

    Brendan slapped his forehead, an idea enlightening him. “That's right. Ground attacks are good against rock types. Well, okay then. Let's do it!” He pointed to the battlefield as the mudkip scurried onto the rocky terrain, standing a few feet away from the dull-eyed nosepass. He snarled, beating his tail against the ground, but the nosepass wasn't fazed mostly because the mudkip looked more cute than threatening.

    “All right. Let's try Mud Slap!” ordered Brendan.

    Mudkip cried his name as he turned around, waving his behind at closed eyes of the nosepass, kicking his hind legs into the air. He then put both his hind legs into the ground and kicked backward, sending upturned dirt and pebbles toward the nosepass. Dust and mud coated the nosepass, making him cringe, but he stood his ground.

    “You can do it, Nosepass! Use Rock Throw!” Roxanne commanded.

    Nosepass totted over toward a pile of rocks that were luckily stacked up near him, taking one up in his stubby arms. He squinted, his eyes watering because of the pebbles and dirt that embedded itself in them, and he could barely make out the blue form of the mudkip. He heaved the rock above his head and threw it at the mudkip, but the mudkip quickly stepped out of the way, dodging it. Again, the nosepass took another rock and threw it at the mudkip, but he missed again.

    “I guess that last attack lowered his accuracy,” Brendan muttered out loud, rubbing his chin. “Let's do it, Mudkip! Mud Slap again!”

    Mudkip turned around and sprayed dirt across the pained nosepass. The nosepass toppled a bit but regained his balance, trying to rub at his watery eyes with his stubby arms.

    Roxanne snarled a bit, clenching her fists. “Nosepass, Rock Throw again!”

    “Hop on top of the rocks and tackle him down!” countered Brendan quickly.

    As the nosepass slowly made his way toward a farther pile of rocks, Mudkip ran ahead, his body low to the ground. He jumped on the pile of stones way before the nosepass made it to the pile, and jumped down, flying at him, both of their hard heads conking together. Mudkip landed on all four feet as both pokémon stumbled around in a daze, the nosepass toppling over, his legs flailing about. The flailing soon stopped though, and the judge bent over a bit, noticing the x's in the nosepass' eyes.

    “Roxanne's nosepass is unable to battle!” announced the judge. “The challenger wins!”

    “Hmm ...” Roxanne returned her pokémon in a beam of red light and sighed a bit, putting her hands on her hips, watching as Brendan ran onto the battlefield and scooped up his mudkip in his arms, spinning him around. “He certainly has grown up from that puny eight year old boy I used to know.”

    Shaking her head, Roxanne fished inside her pocket while walking onto the battlefield where the boy trainer and his pokémon were celebrating. “I'm sorry to interrupt your cheer fest, but I believe this is yours,” she said, making the boy stop spinning to look at her. She extended her arm, Brendan doing the same, and she dropped the stone badge in his open hand, the gold tint of the rectangular badge reflecting in the light of the gym.

    Brendan held up the gym badge in awe, seeing his wide eyes in the badge's reflections. “Wow ...” he said in awe. “My first badge ...” He then began to dance in place as the mudkip in his arms shouted in delight as well. “This just kicks ... butt!”

    Roxanne laughed a bit, putting her hands on her hips. “It was nice to see you again, Brendan Birch. You're going to make a fine pokémon trainer. And don't forget,” at this, Roxanne reached out and ruffled Brendan's hair much to his dismay, “you'll always be a cute little boy to me.”

    Brendan swatted at her arm but missed as Roxanne turned around and walked away, laughing to herself. Sighing to himself, he spun around and walked toward the exit, the golden sunlight that flooded through the glass doors comforting. The doors swished open, the warm wind engulfing him in welcome, and the boy looked back and forth, wondering what to do next. He then turned around, peering into the dark gym. Empty.

    “Ugh, did May ditch me –” Something jumped on his back at that moment, wrapping its arms around him, making the poor boy freak out. He let out a loud yelp and dropped the mudkip in his arms, turning his head left and right to try to look at the perpetrator on his back. “Ah – May! What the?”

    May still clung on his back like a monkey, her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she swung her legs back and forth. “Surprise?” she said sheepishly, smiling innocently as Brendan stared at her, bewildered. She pressed the tip of her nose against the nape of his neck, making him shudder a bit. “Hmm ... You smell kind of nice.”

    He flushed a bit at the compliment but quickly responded with a sharp, “Whatever.” Brendan pulled the girl off him, making her stand on her own two feet. “Well, now what?”

    May looked up and around, gazing at the buildings that towered over them. “Well, why not explore Rustboro for a bit since we're here? We're in no rush.” She then watched as a man dressed in red and black that bumped into Brendan earlier ran down the street, a businessman dressed in a gray suit, his thin, brown hair wild, chasing after him.

    “Hey! Stop! Help! Thief!” the man in the business suit cried, waving his arms in the air. “Someone stop him!”

    “That was the guy that I helped ... and the guy that I battled,” May observed, gazing into the distance where the two ran. “Hmm ... I think he stole something again.”

    “No, really?” Brendan replied sarcastically. “The clue 'thief' sure didn't help me figure that out. Come on. Let's go after them!” He began to chase after the two, his clothes flapping behind him in the wind, his mudkip on his heels.

    May simply sighed, not bothering to follow, and walked toward a steel railing, leaning against it, her gloved hands wrapping around the cold metal. “I hope that boy knows what he's doing.”

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    Pokémon Navigators

    “... What happened to you?”

    May managed to stifle her laughter by pressing her two of her fingers against her pursed lips as the boy trainer trudged his way toward her, his clothes covered in mud. A triumphant mudkip skipped next to him, looking up happily at his disgruntled trainer.

    “I fell ... in the mud,” he muttered, his eyes shifting to the side. He ran his hand down his clothes, his gloved palms smudging the wet earth onto his hands. “Either way, I lost track of both of them, so I came back. Do you know about Rusturf Tunnel?” He watched as May shook her head. “Right. Well, there was a rock slide just recently in there, so the tunnel is closed to the public as they mine through it by hand. The machines, apparently, are too loud for the pokémon inside there. Anyway,” he motioned his head toward the pokémon center, “let me go heal Mudkip and Sapphire real quick.”

    “Sapphire, huh? Where did you find her? I think I've seen a few in the Johto region,” remarked May as the duo made their way toward the bustling Rustboro pokémon center. She stepped on the mat, and the glass doors of the center swung forward, allowing them to enter.

    Brendan returned his mudkip inside his ball, making his way toward the counter. “Some dude abandoned his pokémon in the lake, so I ... let's say, 'adopted' her.”

    “But why? Lanturns aren't that weak, are they? Well, not unless she's young, or something.” She smiled as the local Nurse Joy approached the counter, taking Brendan's pokéballs off his hands. Tugging lightly on Brendan's sleeve, she pointed toward a booth near a window, walking over toward it.

    “Do you remember how she really couldn't attack? I think that might have to do with why the guy left her in the lake. He couldn't be bothered to train her, even though she seems to be responsive whenever I show her some sort of affection.” Brendan slid in the seat opposite of May, his bottom sinking into the cushion. Taking off his backpack and placing it next to him, he looked at the window, his eyes brimming with an odd mixture of anger and sadness. “It makes me wonder how much crap this lanturn took if even a small gesture makes her flip for joy. From the looks of it, she seems pretty trusting too if anyone does something small for her. She must have believed anything that other trainer said if he did even one nice thing for her. It ... I don't even know what to say. I know I have a lot of work to do with her.”

    May didn't reply, shifting awkwardly in her seat as Brendan drummed his fingers on the table, staring wistfully outside the window, watching the hustling passerby. “So,” she began, trying to break the tension and to ease Brendan up. She smiled slightly as Brendan turned his head toward hers. “I didn't know you went to trainer school. Then again, I don't know much about you. Maybe we should, you know, get to know some things about each other.”

    “I suppose.” Brendan leaned back in his seat, resting his hands on the smooth table in front of him. “Yeah, I went to trainer school – the one here in fact. I went here from age seven to ten before my dad decided that I would be better off out in the field then sitting behind a desk. If you hadn't already learned, my dad wasn't much one for paperwork, so he dragged me along on his trips. You said you found my dad being chased by a poochyena, right?”

    May nodded.

    “Yeah, that wouldn't be the first time.” A small smile tugged at the boy's lips. “What about you? Did you go to trainer school from ... Johto, was it?”

    May shook her head, pulling out a small water bottle from her fanny pack. She took a sip of it before answering. “No, home schooled. We were always traveling because of my dad's job, but he taught me the basics, and I learned from the books. It also pays to meet all those gym leaders. I learned a lot.”

    “Yeah, I bet. All I got to meet were boring old professors,” Brendan grumbled crossing his arms. “Don't get me wrong; I learned a lot from them, though it would have been nice to meet some trainers that were still, you know, battling instead of hearing stories about it. Either way ...” He trailed off as a nurse chansey bounded for them, skipping back and forth, the pokéballs on the metal tray she was clutching rattling about. She stopped in front of Brendan's and May's table, offering the balls to Brendan while cheerily stating her name.

    “Thanks,” said Brendan with a smile as he took his pokéballs and clipped them back onto his belt. Swiping at May's water bottle on the table before she could react, Brendan popped open the top and drank from it, much to her dismay. He pulled his backpack back on, sliding out of the booth. “Ready to go?”

    May stared at the water bottle on the table, disgust across her face. Picking it up and wiping the spout with the bottom of her shirt, May stood up as well, putting her water bottle back in its proper place. “Yeah, I guess.” She followed Brendan toward the exit, the glass doors swishing open for them. Bright sunlight engulfed them snugly. Using a flat palm to shield her eyes from the sun, she asked, “Well ... Now what?”

    “Um ...” Brendan dug around his backpack, his eyes narrowing a bit. “I guess we need to ... um ... Find a –” he tugged at something in his backpack, his nose wrinkling, “ – way to ... ugh!” He successfully pulled out a hardcover book from his bag, holding it up high in his hand. “Stupid book,” he muttered, putting his backpack strap over his shoulder. “It would be so much easier to have a pokémon navigator ...”

    “A poké what?” asked May curiously, peering over Brendan's shoulder as he flipped through the pages of his book. The pages were decorated with maps, so May assumed it was an atlas of the Hoenn region.

    “A pokémon navigator,” Brendan repeated. “It's really cool. It's like a digital atlas since it can bring up maps and whatnot but it can do other things, too, like calling. It's really handy.” He flipped through the book, his thumb brushing against the pages in a pleasant fanning noise, stopping on a page that that held a bird eyes view of the entire Hoenn region.

    “Oh, you mean like one of these?” May turned her fanny pack around a bit, opening it up. She pulled out a black device, long but thin, its green screen reflecting the wrong time.

    Brendan tore his eyes away from his book to look at the blocky device in May's hand. “Er ... what is it?”

    “A pokégear!” she exclaimed as it if were obvious. “Hoenn doesn't have these here?”

    Brendan shook his head, tapping a finger against the screen in wonder.

    “Well, they're like those pokémon navigators you were talking about, though I got it in Johto. My dad tried to bribe me with it so I would start traveling.” She rolled her eyes. “I only used it for the time and to call people, though.” She hit a button on the side, the screen lighting up. She then flipped through the options, picking the one titled “maps”. No service. “Hmm ... Guess it only works in Johto.” She shoved it back inside her bag. “So why don't we get one of these pokémon navigators?”

    “Well, they're not exactly cheap.” Brendan turned his attention back to his book, his pointer finger pointing as Rustboro. He traced an invisible route from Rustboro to another city. “They're useful, but not necessary. I don't know. Maybe we can both pitch in and get one once we get more money, but until then, this book and the pay phone will have to do.”

    May pulled the book closer to her as she stood next to Brendan. “So where to, B Boy?”

    “I'm ... not sure,” he admitted. “With Rusturf tunnel closed off, the only way to get to the other side of Hoenn is by boat.” He pointed at the sea route that stopped at a smaller island called Dewford, following the path until his finger stopped back at the main island where a city of Slateport resided. “We can either wait for Rusturf tunnel to clear – which could be awhile I might add – or we can find some captain that can ship us to Dewford or Slateport. Dewford has a gym there, so stopping there wouldn't be entirely useless.”

    “Right. Well, let's try to find a captain first, and if there is none, we'll wait, I guess.” May looked across the city landscape and noticed the strange man she helped in the forest, bent over a bit as he read a bulletin board colorfully decorated with fliers. She watched as he ran a nervous hand through his thick, brown, short hair before adjusting the collar of his gray business suit. “Hey, it's the guy again. Maybe we should go talk to him again.”

    Shrugging, Brendan put his book back in his bag before following May toward the strange man.

    The two trainers quietly crept up on the man who hadn't noticed them yet. Tentatively, May raised her hand and tapped him on the shoulder, making him jump up a bit. “Um, I don't mean to interrupt your ... um, sign gazing, but are you okay?” May asked politely, a little bewildered.

    The man turned his head around sharply, startling the two trainers again. “Oh, May.” He smiled a bit, though the worry was still apparent in his blue eyes. “I've been ... better.” He looked at Brendan. “And who's this?”

    “This is my ... companion,” May answered.

    “Brendan,” Brendan added, holding out his hand to shake the man's hand. “So ... I heard that something was stolen from you or something? We saw you running after some guy earlier.”

    The man nodded. “He stole this package from where I work – the Devon Corporation, by the way – that was suppose to be delivered to Slateport's shipyard.” He began to pace back and forth nervously, biting at his fingernails. “Without those parts, Captain Stern won't be able to go on his underwater exploration. Or worst!” His eyes widened. “I could get fired! I know you've helped me earlier, May, and I don't want to bother you again but ... could you ... can you –” He dropped to his knees and begged, clasping his hand over May's, his head bowed down. “Please! Help me!”

    “I hate seeing guys beg,” May muttered to Brendan, pulling her hands away in digust as the man started kissing them.

    “Okay, okay. We were going to help you in the first place even if you didn't beg,” Brendan muttered, rubbing the back of his head as the man stood back up. “Who is this guy anyway?”

    “Oh, some grunt from Team Magma,” answered the man.

    “Team Magma?” asked May curiously, noticing Brendan's bewildered stare. “Who are they?”

    “They're um ... an organization, I suppose,” replied Brendan. “They've been working on expanding the land mass for more habitat and homes using pokémon. I've never heard of them stealing things, though. Anyway, which way did he go?”

    Brushing the dirt off his pants, the man motioned his head to the left. “Down that way,” he answered. “Since Rusturf Tunnel is closed, he really has direction to go, so I've been hanging out around here just in case. That Team Magma grunt somehow managed to slip inside the cave past the guard, and when I tried to go in as well, the guard stopped me.” He sighed. “Maybe you'll have better luck.”

    The girl trainer nodded in response, understanding completely. “Okay. Wish us luck!” May smiled as she and Brendan exited the city, the hard pavement turning into rough, itchy grass. They soon spotted the tunnel next to an old, one-story house, probably for travelers or the people digging at the tunnel to rest at.

    “That's Rusturf Tunnel,” Brendan pointed out as the mouth of the cave became more detailed as the two got closer.

    “Thanks for stating the obvious. I sure didn't know that.” May rolled her eyes. She looked around, noticing no guard. “Hmm ... that guard that guy was talking about isn't here. Must be on break.

    “Yeah. Let's go inside before he comes back out.”

    They entered the dark and dusky tunnel. Water dripped from the sides, making the tunnel smell like wet earth. The twitter of the wild zubat echoed through the long passage. Brendan turned on a flashlight and followed along the straight path. “I remember seeing on the news that tunnelers had to dig this by hand because the machines were disturbing the whismur that live here, but then they reached a rocky pass, so they can't dig through it by hand,” Brendan remarked, flicking his flashlight left to right.

    “Well, that was a mouthful,” May replied, following Brendan while searching for her own flashlight in her fanny pack.

    Brendan ignored May's comment and continued to speak. “So that guy has to be in here.”

    “Thanks for stating the obvious again,” May replied sarcastically, giving up her own search for a flashlight. “It's nice to know someone's paying attention.”

    “No problem,” Brendan said, oblivious to the fact that May was joking.

    May raised an eyebrow and sighed as the two continued their tread down the narrow path. The girl ran her hand down the cave walls, her white gloves picking up the brown dirt. With a look of disdain, she wiped her hands on the sleeve of the boy, smiling innocently as Brendan turned his head and glared at her. So silent, so peaceful, until a loud chirp echoed through the cave, causing the girl to jump up a bit.

    “What was that?” she asked worriedly, moving closer to Brendan, shivering. She clung onto Brendan's arm.

    “Uh, a pokémon I think. Don't be stupid.” Brendan blushed a little and thanked the legendary pokémon again that it was dark. He shifted his arm, shaking the girl off. “Let go.”

    May huffed. “Well sorry.” Looking straight forward, May noticed the silhouette of a man next to another, smaller silhouette hovering midair. As they got closer, she noticed the white and blue plumage of the smaller creature with sharp beak and three-toed claws. “A ... wingull?” she murmured, remembering the battle she just had with the trainers earlier.

    “Odd,” Brendan said, tentatively approaching the man as May stepped behind him, clinging onto his arm again. He rolled his eyes but let the girl stay there. “Those aren't found in caves.

    “Stay here, you dumb pokémon!” someone screeched harshly.

    “Eek!” May screeched, clutching onto Brendan's arm like a vise.

    “Ow my arm! Ow my arm!” Brendan complained trying to pull off May's hand from his arm but failed.

    May's shriek and Brendan's shout caught the attention of the man up ahead. “Who's there?” the mysterious man bellowed back, stepping forth into Brendan and May's line of sight. Dark red and black clothing and a hood. It was no other than the Team Magma grunt. “Oh, it's you again.” He rolled his eyes, noticing the girl clenching onto Brendan's arm. “I thought I lost you back in the woods.”

    “You were wrong,” May replied meekly, hiding a bit behind Brendan's taller form.

    Shifting his eyes to the side for moment, Brendan turned his attention toward the smirking Team Magma grunt. “Okay, pal, you stole something that doesn't belong to you, and we want it back!”

    The Magma grunt pulled out a small package from his pocket and threw it up in the air, catching it soon after. “Well, you want this package –” he waved the package before their eyes, the brown paper crinkling between his fingers, “– then come and get it!” He stepped back to the line of rock that blocked the path, his free hand grabbing the single pokeball clipped around his waist.

    Brendan merely snorted, pointing his nose up haughtily. “Fine. Let's play the hard way then.” With a small smirk, the boy enlarged one of his pokéballs. “Go, Poochyena! Start things off with a Tackle attack!” He threw the ball toward the dirt ground, and the ball burst open in a blast of white light, revealing the small frame of Brendan's newly caught pokémon, his red eyes shining even with the dim lighting. He lowered his head and pawed at the ground, blowing air out of his nostrils.

    “Poochyena, you come out and use your tackle as well!” the Magma grunt shouted in retaliation, releasing his pokémon in a beam of red light. From his ball, a pokémon nearly identical to Brendan's own poochyena came out, lowering his body to the ground, his legs ready to pounce if necessary. The Magma grunt's poochyena sprinted toward Brendan's, his head lowered, but he missed as Brendan's poochyena quickly dodged it. The two then circled, snarling and snapping their jaws.

    The girl trainer looked back and forth between the two pokémon, scratching her head. “They look exactly alike. How can you tell which one is which?”

    “Don't worry. I got this,” Brendan assured her.

    “Poochyena – whoever you are – use your Bite attack!” the grunt commanded.

    The poochyena closer to Brendan bit the other poochyena's mid-back, his sharp teeth digging into his fur. The poochyena that was bitten yelped a bit before shaking about wildly, making the other poochyena let go. Whining a bit in pain, Brendan's poochyena snarled at the grunt's poochyena.

    “Use Howl and then Tackle!” Brendan ordered.

    Brendan's poochyena howled as if there were a full moon in the small, cramped cavern, the mighty roar lifting up the pride in the young hyena. He sprinted toward the other poochyena, his head lowered, his feet trampling across the dirt, and the two collided at the head in a loud thud. The Team Magma's grunt went flying, crashing into his trainer.

    “Humph! You were lucky this time, punk, but you'll never beat the entire Team Magma!” the Magma member huffed as he threw the package at Brendan who caught it with ease. He pointed at the chirping wingull behind him, flapping its wings slowly to stay in the air. “And you can take that wingull. It's worthless to me!” He ran out of the tunnel, pushing May down in the process.

    “Ow! Didn't your mom teach you any manners?” May cried, standing up and rubbing her back. “One thing's for sure – he pushes hard.”

    Brendan laughed a little, returning his poochyena. “Well, we got the package ... and a wingull apparently.”

    “I wonder who's it is?” May asked curiously, walking over to the wingull slowly her fingers outstretched as if to touch it. The wingull let out another loud chirp and flew at May, resting on her bare arm. She scratched the bird pokémon's head with a finger, and the wingull chirped cheerfully, ruffling his white and blue feathers and clicking his sharp, yellow beak.

    Then a voice echoed throughout the cave from behind the duo. “Peeko!” someone shouted. “I'm glad you're okay!”

    From the entrance of the tunnel came an old man, running fast for his age. He was completely bald, though he had a thick, white mustache and beard. His red shirt and jeans flapped behind him as he sprinted toward this “Peeko.” The wingull hopped off of May's arm and flew toward the open arms of the old man, cuddling into his chest while cooing softly.

    “I'm guessing that the wingull belongs to him,” May muttered, looking curiously at the man. Walking over to the old man, she asked, “Hi! Who are you?”

    The old man placed the bird on his shoulder, scratching him on his head. “I'm sorry, mates,” the old man apologized. “My name is Mr. Briney, and this wingull is Peeko! Say hello, Peeko!” He lightly raised his shoulder to get the wingull's attention.

    “Wingull!” Peeko chirped merrily, flying around the entire group before talking his place on his master's shoulder.

    The old man bowed in thanks. “Thank you for saving my little Peeko. I am entirely in your debt. If you need anything, my house is at the entrance of Petalburg Forest! Good bye!” Mr. Briney walked out of the tunnel, Peeko chirping all the way.

    “That was ... odd,” Brendan murmured to himself, looking at the wrapped package in his arms. He played with the string the was wrapped around it. “But let's go return this package to the Devon Dude before he has another panic attack.”

    May giggled. “Tell me about it!”

    - - -

    “Hey, Mr. ... uh, Devon Dude!” Brendan shouted from far away as the two emerged into the city toward the bulletin board where the strange man was still standing at. Brendan waved the package in the air, gripping it tight. “We got your package back from that grunt again!”

    The Devon Guy ran toward them, his arms flailing about in the air, bewildering the two rookies. “Oh, thank you,” he breathed out, reaching for May's hand and kissing it. “Thank you very much!” He released May's hand and went to kiss Brendan's hand, but Brendan pulled his quickly away.

    “Uh, you're welcome?” Brendan replied hesitantly, glancing over at May to see her wipe her hand on her shorts. “It was easy –”

    “Yeah, you should of seen him, Devon Guy!” May remarked, interrupting her companion. “Brendan fainted that Team Magma grunt's pokémon in one hit practically! K-O, baby!” She threw her fist into the air in excitement.

    Brendan blushed a little bit as he gave the package back to its rightful owner. “Uh, right. But like I said, no problem.”

    “You never said that.”


    The Devon Man gently placed the package back in his leather suitcase before gripping the handle of it tightly. “If you two don't mind, can you come with me?” the Devon Man asked, gesturing toward a towering building up ahead, its windows shining in the dazzling sunlight. “I want you to meet my boss for all the hard work you two did for me today! He's in charge of the Devon Corporation!”

    Brendan and May looked at each other, confused. “Er, why?” Brendan asked.

    “You'll see ...” the Devon Dude remarked with a smug look on his face. “You'll see.” He began to walk toward the huge building, swinging his suitcase back and forth.

    Brendan and May shot each other nervous looks before scurrying to follow the Devon Guy.

    - - -

    The Devon Guy led the two trainers up towards the top floor of the towering building. Rare rocks and sculptures were enclosed in glass cases, and large black leather couches were lined up against the walls complete with embroidered pillows, stiff but artful.

    “Go ahead and sit down. I need a word with the president for a moment.” Devon Guy pointed toward one of the couches near the door.

    Obeying, Brendan and May sat down on the leather couch, the couch groaning in protest. May did her best to peer around the open door where the Devon Guy went but only found herself to be pushed up straight by the annoyed boy trainer next to her. A tad annoyed, May turned her attention toward the windows that went from the floor to the ceiling, revealing the twilight sky ahead. Tinges of sunlight were grasping at the dark, but the darkness prevailed, slowly pushing down the cheery daylightaway and replacing it with a calmer, more peaceful night.

    “What do you think he wants with us?” May asked, whispering to Brendan. “Does he want to reward us or something?”

    “Maybe,” Brendan replied. “We did save something important ... I think.”

    Devon Guy popped his head around the corner of the door. “Okay, you two. The president will see you now,” he announced before heading back inside.

    The two got up and slowly walked over to the president of the pokémon merchandise industry, their feet sinking into the elaborate, plushy rug that carpeted the floor in front of the mahogany desk. With sheepish smiles on both their faces, Brendan stared into the eyes of the old president wearily while May turned her head to the side, playing with a strand of loose brown hair nervously.

    The president looked back and forth between the two, running a hand down his finely trimmed peppered beard. “No need to be nervous now,” he remarked with a hearty laugh. “I only asked you here to reward you for your fine efforts. Thank you for saving my package not only once but twice! Impressive for young, rookie trainers.”

    The trainers sighed in relief, grinning a real, genuine smile.

    “I want to give you two these.” The president opened a drawer and took out two small strange devices, similar looking to the pokégear May showed Brendan earlier. They were oval-shaped and had a few buttons on the bottom, a clear cover protecting the screen. “Now, I'm sure you know what these are –” the president explained.

    “Pokénavs,” replied Brendan and May at the same time.

    “Right.” The old president smiled. “Like the old pokégear, it shows you the map, has a built in video phone, and something I like to call the Trainer's Eye, an option that lets you see other trainers that you have battled before, along with their profiles. It's quite neat really.” He put the red and black one in his left hand while leaving the red and white one in his right. “Now here, take them. I have a dozen of these things lying around, and I'd be more than happy to give them to such deserving trainers.”

    May was more than eager to grab hold of the device, but Brendan lightly pushed her hand away, much to her dismay. “Thank you for the offer, sir, but I know that these things aren't exactly cheap to make – at least according to my dad. I'm not sure if we can just ... take them like that.”

    “Nonsense, young man!” remarked the president in a startled voice. “Don't be so modest.”

    “Yeah, young man. Stop being so modest,” repeated May, grabbing hold of the red and white pokénav and eagerly flipping over the cover, playing with the device. “Thank you so much, sir!”

    Rolling his eyes, Brendan hesitantly grabbed hold of the black and red pokénav in the president's hand. He shifted it back and forth, its shiny screen reflecting in the light of the building. With a small smile tugging at his face, he hooked the device to a belt loop in his pants, admiring its small, neat design. “Thanks ...” he replied quietly.

    “Now,” began the president, leaning back in his armchair, making it creak, “where are you two headed? The next gym, I suppose?”

    May nodded, giving her pokénav one final look before hooking it onto the strap of her fanny pack. “Yeah, but we're not exactly sure how to get there – or where the next gym is. Rusturf Tunnel is blocked, and we hear there's a gym on Dewford, but we aren't exactly sure how to get there ...”

    “There should be plenty of seamen willing to ship you to Dewford if that's the case. Hoenn was always a friendly, little island,” suggested the president. He beckoned Devon Dude over with a motion of his hand. Immediately, the man flipped open his suitcase on the desk, unlatching it. He handed the small, brown package that Brendan and May saved earlier to the president who then outstretched toward the duo. “If you find a way there, can you take the other water route to Slateport City to deliver this package to Captain Stern – he's an odd fellow, so he won't be that hard to find if you ask around. I don't want it to land in the wrong hands again ... again.” He gave a stern look toward his employee, who immediately jumped up a bit at the glance.

    May laughed. “Sure, we'll be glad to help.” She took the package back and placed it carefully in her bag.

    “And I'd hate to be bombarding you with all these favors, but since you're heading toward Dewford for your next gym badge anyway, can you send this letter to my grandson, Steven Stone?” the President asked, handing Brendan a letter.

    “Uh ...” Brendan shrugged and took the letter in his hands, careful not to bend it as he placed it inside his backpack. “I guess. What does he look like?”

    “Oh, silver hair, striking blue eyes ... Looks exactly like me.” The old president chuckled a bit, readjusting his collar. Brendan and May only smiled innocently, not commenting on the old president's hair, or lack thereof really, or the bags underneath his gray eyes. “Dewford is a pretty small island, and my grandson always took some time to get to know some of the locals. So I'm sure if you ask around, you'll find him.”

    “We'll find him.” Brendan smiled a bit, turning his head toward the window. The sun had already set during their conversation, revealing the dark night. “Well, I think we better go before it gets too dark and all the rooms at the center are taken.” He tugged at May's sleeve. “Thank you, again, for the pokénavs.”

    “Yeah. I'll be sure to use mine a lot!” May said with a giggle. “Thanks again!”

    “Anytime, you two,” replied the president with another chuckle. “Good bye, and good luck!”

    - - -

    “I knew we should have gotten out of there earlier,” muttered Brendan as he stomped out of the Devon Corporation building. He kicked a nearby pebble and watched as it scattered across the pavement, hitting the side of a trashcan with a loud bang. “Now we can't get anywhere.”

    “Like it matters? We don't have a way to get to Dewford,” May replied, sighing. “Let's go to the pokémon center to book a room, okay? We'll figure out a plan tonight or tomorrow, or something.”

    “All right,” Brendan agreed, downfallen as the two ran toward the center, pushing past a pair of squabbling trainers.

    Brendan was never sure why trainers retired early from training. He supposed it was so they could regain strength and wake up earlier, but either way it annoyed him. It always ended up with him having to sleep on the couch in the lounge or in some cramped room. Luckily for the duo, though, they managed to get one of the last rooms.

    Unfortunately it was cramped.

    “Isn't it kind of ... small?” May asked, turning around to face Nurse Joy. The room had two beds two or three feet away from each other and there was no room for a table or a dresser. There was a small window opposite of the door with dirty red curtains draped in front of it.

    “I'm sorry, but it's the only room left,” Nurse Joy apologized. “But the good thing is your near the kitchens!”

    “I guess,” Brendan replied. “How hungry I get in the middle of the night –” Nurse Joy smiled and left the room at this comment, “–too bad I can't get out of the dumb door!” he finished angrily.

    “Pissy fit, Brendan?” May asked innocently. “I never knew boys got them. Then again, are you a boy? Hmm ...”

    “Shut up.”

    “Well, at least we get a bed and not the hard, cold floor for today,” May said optimistically. “It's better than nothing!”

    “Sure, May. Whatever you say,” Brendan replied. “Since the beds are kind of close, you won't hit me the next morning for being in your personal space, right?”

    “I won't. Don't worry,” May answered as she got into bed and faced the opposite way that Brendan's bed was. But before she fell asleep she stated, “But I'll probably forget what I said by morning.”

    Brendan sighed and tried to get as far away from May as possible before getting into bed and closing his eyes.


    Okay, let me explain this entire, "Do you like Brendan" part in this chapter. Its prolly not going to happen. My Hoennshipping love kind of died. A long time ago when I wrote this chapter, I was totally into it, but it died like I said and ain't gonna happen in this story lol.

    Ignore the above.

    LaTeR dAyZ!
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    The Phone Call Problem

    “What the hell! Too close again, Brendan!” May screamed, thrusting her blankets aside toward the floor and taking two large steps toward the bewildered Brendan who woke up in a daze. If he was sleepy before, he sure wasn't now, for the girl immediately slapped him across the face. Before he could react, the crazy girl then took her pillows and shoved them into Brendan's face to try and suffocate him.

    “Ay!” Brendan cried as he sat up, still stifled by the pillows. He grabbed the pillow and pulled it out of May's hand, throwing it aside, glaring back at the girl. “Are you crazy?”

    “In the personal zone again, Birch!” May screeched, sitting on her bed stubbornly and crossing her arms. “Never get into my personal zone.”

    From the loud screeches from the girl and the annoyed yelps from the boy, the two pokemon that rested on the foot of either bed groggily looked at each other before looking at their trainers. From behind the dark, dusty curtains, the morning sun peeped its way through the cracks, sprinkling the dirty floor in stray rays of sunlight, making the swirling dust most apparent.

    “You said that yesterday. I think.” Brendan yawned, using his own pillow to fling at May who caught it. He rolled onto his back, wrinkling the sheets underneath him. He placed his hands behind his head, resting comfortably while staring at the peeling ceiling. “And you said that you wouldn't hit me this morning.”

    “I said I might forget,” May said, throwing Brendan his pillow again as she went to fix her bed. She lifted the weary body of her torchic and placed her on Brendan's bed as she straighted out the clean, white linen sheets. “Of course it's weird that I don't forget about me saying that I'll probably forget what I said last night. Wait ... what?” Shaking her head, she walked a bit to grab hold of her pillow that Brendan flew to the side and fluffed it before placing it at the head of her bed.

    Brendan slapped his head. “Girls ... Can't live with them.”

    “And you can't live without them, right?”

    “No, just cant live with them.”


    “I suppose.” Brendan rolled over toward the side and looked at the floor where he neatly piled his black and red sweater, shoes and backpack. He grabbed his pokenav off the top of the pile and looked at the time. “Nine already? We better get out of here so we can find a way to Dewford,” he muttered, standing up and stretching his arms before fixing his own bed, shaking the two pokemon out of their slumber. He then bent down a bit and grabbed hold of his sweater, putting it back on.

    “Can't we do that later?” May whined. “I want to catch some more pokémon before we leave. Who's knows if the next gym is super effective against fire or flying types.”

    The boy trainer popped his head through the hole of his sweater and sighed. “Fine. Meet me back here at ten or so. An hour should be enough time for you to fail,” Brendan agreed, ignoring the cold glower from the girl trainer. “If you need me, I'll be at the tunnel to see if there is any way to get around it or something.” He slipped on his shoes and clipped his pokenav back onto his belt, tugging lightly at the waist of his black pants to adjust them.

    “Okay, but I think it's a waste of time,” May replied, fixing her bandanna and putting her bag around her waist. She picked up the tired Flare from Brendan's bed and cradled her in her arms. “Whatever floats your boat, though.”

    “Hmm ... boat,” Brendan thought out loud. “That's it! If you're going back to the Petalburg Woods entrance near the coast, look for someone who has a boat, okay? Then come and get me or call me if you find anything.”

    “Well, okay then,” May replied, opening the door. “See you later!” She paused before adding a motherly tone to her next sentence. “And don't forget to change your you-know-whats!”

    Brendan stared dully at her. “Thanks for the advice, May.”

    “Anytime, Brendan!” May grinned before heading out of the center.

    - - -

    Annoying was the first thing that came to mind as the loud beeps from May's pokenav rung shrilly throughout the pathway. Electronics were so complicated ... Cool, of course, but annoyingly complicated. Dammit. All she wanted to do was adjust the time, but nooo ... All these buttons and screens and knobs ... Everything was so confusing.

    “Turn it off, May!” chirped the torchip hopping next to her. She glared up at her trainer.

    “I'm trying!” May replied hastily through clenched teeth, pressing all the little buttons on the strange device. Giving up in defeat, she whacked it on a nearby tree. The pokenav let out a high pitched beep, as if screaming, before crackling a bit, the screen its light a bit before turning off.

    “Finally! It's quiet.” May sighed in relief, looking at the device that lay in the palm of her gloved hand. “But I was so used to it, so now it's too quiet–”

    A loud beeping resounded once more, echoing throughout the quaint forest.

    “Ack! I thought you turned that off!” Flare growled, shaking her head, the high squeaks annoying to her sensitive hearing.

    May looked at my pokénav that was still clutched in her hand. Apparently it wasn't the thing beeping since it somehow turned off when she banged it on the tree. Unlike before, though, the beeps were muffled, like it was pressed again cloth.

    “Oh! That's my pokégear!” May exclaimed, searching through her bag, her hand brushing past pokeballs and potions – never in her dreams would she have imagined ever having those sort of items in her bag. “Dad tried to bribe me with one of these back when he tried to make me travel the Johto region.” Rolling her eyes as her mind reveled in all her dad's failed attempts of getting her to travel, she rummaged through her bag frantically, the beeping getting on her nerves. “Oh, here it is!” She pulled out a blue and yellow pokégear. May pressed the button that stopped the beeping, and the screen lit up, a digital envelope taking over the screen.

    “One new video-phone message,” the pokégear muttered in a monotonous voice. “One new video-phone message. One new video-phone message. One new video-phone–”

    “All right! I heard you!” May snapped, pushing the button that opened the video message. The screen blanked for a moment, and soon a pokémon trainer's face appeared behind a loading screen. Green hair, green eyes, kind of nervous looking ... Oh, so familiar ...

    The torchic pecked at May's open calve, and May looked down, answering the inquiring question in her pokemon's eyes. “It's a message from Wally,” she answered for her. “Though I'm not sure how he got my pokegear number. I thought pokegears were native only in Johto.” As she waited for the message to load, she began to wonder how the twitchy, nervous boy she met a few days ago got her phone number. May sure didn't give it to him. She did give her pokégear number to Brendan yesterday when they were bored in the pokémon center just in case they got lost from each other and her pokénav was dead, but she doubted that he gave it to Wally.

    The girl blinked as the screen flashed before her eyes. “Hey, May!” Wally on the screen said happily, waving his hands like a hitmonchan who lost control of his arms. “I finally made it to Verdanturf Town! It's really cool, and what's the word? Springy? Fresh? I don't know, but you have to check it out! Hope you get here soon! Bye! Oh, wait. You're probably wondering how I got your phone number, huh?”

    May nodded, though the boy on the screen obviously couldn't see it.

    “Well you see,” Wally began, “I got the number from – wow, too dramatic,” then the video gram cut off.

    The girl raised an eyebrow, noticing the odd change in voice, like someone else had taken over Wally's message. Nevertheless, the fact that her message seem to cut off bothered her more. “Hey!” May smacked the side of the pokégear. “What's wrong with all my electronic devices today? Why do they hate me?”

    “I wonder where Wally got your number from,” Flare wondered, her head cocking to the side. “Can you search for other human numbers somewhere?”

    “In Johto I know you can, but since pokégears aren't really native to Hoenn, I'm not so sure,” May replied truthfully. “But I don't care how he got my number. I wonder why he called me ...”

    “Who knows – hey! A wild pokémon!” Flare chirped, using one of her talons to point to a wild zigzagoon.

    “Awesome! Let's catch 'em!”

    - - -

    “Brendan! Slow down! I have little feet!” Brendan heard his mudkip cry as his trainer stomped in front of him, smashing long grass underneath his new running shoes. He caught his breath as soon as his trained obeyed his request. “What's wrong? Are you still mad because May hit you even though she said she wouldn't?”

    Brendan and Mudkip were back near the Rustboro Tunnel, getting clues to find another way to get to the other side of the mountain. So far they were unsuccessful.

    “No,” he grumbled as he trekked forward, but at a much slower pace. He stepped over a boulder. “But it has to do something with May.”

    “Oh? And what would that be?” Mudkip asked suspiciously, running a little faster to keep up with Brendan and his long strides.

    “It all started this morning ...” Brendan began, trailing into thought.

    ... It was five in the morning. The only sound heard was the chirping baby taillows and the water pokémon stirring in the pokémon center's pool. That was until–


    “What the heck is that?” Brendan shouted, covering his head with his pillow. “Someone make it shut up!”


    Brendan groaned and sat up, his white hair pointed in all directions, trying to trace where the infernal beeping was coming from. He finally tracked it down – it was coming from May's bag. He turned around to face May's sleeping form.

    “May, if you're asleep, say nothing,” Brendan whispered to her.

    May fidgeted a little but no sound came out of her mouth (besides breathing anyway).

    “Well, she's awake since she didn't say 'nothing,'” Mudkip concluded in his sleep, before turning onto his back and snorting, giving Brendan the impression that Mudkip was awake before.

    “Okay ...” Brendan stated slowly, creeping over to May's bag and unzipping it quietly. He felt sound vibrations coming from something in May's bag, so he pulled it out. His lightly tanned hand wrapped around a circular device. “Ah, right. May's pokégear. I guess they work like a PokéNav except they aren't as high-tech.” He pressed the button that was blinking on and off.

    “One new video-phone message,” the pokégear said in a dull tone. “One new video-phone message. One new video-phone message. One new video-phone–”

    “All right! I heard you the first time!” Brendan whispered harshly, pressing the same button again. The screen blacked out for a second, and instantly someone that Brendan despised ever since the day he met him – which was two days ago – came onto the screen.

    “Ugh, Wally,” he spat out. “What a way to wake up in the morning. It's ten times more worse than having Mudkip's drool all over your clothes.”

    Mudkip, now fully asleep, kicked Brendan's backpack off the bed.

    Brendan ignored that and began to play the video-message, turning the volume down so it wouldn't awake the others.

    “Hey, May!” Wally on the screen said happily, waving maniacally, much to Brendan's displeasure. “I finally made it to Verdanturf Town! It's really cool, and what's the word? Springy? Fresh? I don't know, but you have to check it out! Hope you get here soon! Bye! Oh, wait. You're probably wondering how I got your phone number, huh?”

    “Yeah, Wally. How did you get May's number?” Brendan growled. “Went back all the to Littleroot to ask her mom?”

    “Well, you see,” Wally explained. “I got the number from you mom back in Littleroot when we were going to Verdanturf Town.”

    “What the–? Verdanturf Town isn't even in that direction, moron!” Brendan yelled. His eyes went wide as looked at May's sleeping form, praying to the pokemon gods that she didn't wake up. Luckily she didn't.

    “And now you're probably saying that Verdanturf Town isn't even in the direction of Littleroot,” Wally added.

    “Got that right, buddy,” Brendan replied, rolling his eyes.

    “See, this is kinda hard for me to explain.” Brendan noticed that Wally's cheeks flushed a little bit. “But ever since I met you – which was two days ago – and helped me catch a pokémon–”

    “I was the one who pointed out the ralts,” Brendan argued with the screen.

    “... I had this, uh ... err ... I began to, um–”

    “Don't say like, don't say like.” Brendan held his breath.

    “–Um, this is hard for me to say.”

    “Just say it already!” Brendan's eyebrows furrowed together.

    “I like you ... in the more than friends sort of way, if you know what I mean.”

    Of course. That stupid prat just HAD to go after his traveling companion to irritate him more. “No!” Brendan fell to his knees, dropping the pokégear and making it clatter against the polished wood floor. “Wow, too dramatic,” he whispered to himself, getting up off the ground.

    “Recorded,” the PokéGear stated in its dull tone.

    Brendan, alarmed, picked up the device and rewound it to where Wally's face appeared again. Again he pressed the button that played it.

    “Well, you see,” Wally began, “I got the number from – wow, too dramatic!” The message was cut off.

    Johto devices were weird. It could just record over messages like that? At least Wally's smelly message about liking May would cut off. Wait, why did he care anyway? It's not like he cared who May dated. Latios, what an annoying girl. Those two deserve each other. But then again, if those smelly two did date each other, and he was still forced by his dad to travel with smelly girl, then he would be with two things he kind of, sort of disliked. The lesser of two evils ...

    God, he rambled too much in his head. With a sigh, Brendan put the pokégear back in May's bag, got into his bed, and tried to get back to sleep ...

    Brendan shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts. “Ugh ... What a horrible morning.” He rubbed his temples, taking in a deep breath.

    “I remember that earlier this morning!” Mudkip shouted happily, giggling soon afterward.

    “Ah, so you were awake,” Brendan stated smugly, smiling at his mudkip.

    Mudkip nodded excitedly. “Yeah! I remember kicking your bag off the bed when you made fun of me!” He smiled innocently. “Fun times!”

    “Whatever.” Brendan shook his head.

    “So you're mad that Wally likes May?” Mudkip asked, confused. “I wondered why you seemed to hate Wally.”

    “Oh, and why did you think I hated Wally then?” Brendan asked, glancing down at his starter pokémon. He looked up thoughtfully, closing his eyes as morning's rays graced his face.

    “At first I thought it was because he caught a rare pokemon on his first try,” Mudkip answered. “Then, I thought it was because he called you 'Brandon.' Now I think you hate Wally because you're jealous.”

    “I'm not jealous of his ralts if that's what you mean,” Brendan added, fidgeting with the leftover strap from his backpack. “Though when I was helping my dad with research, I had to search everywhere just to even get a glimpse of one.”

    “No, not that!” Mudkip remarked. “I think you're jealous because you think Wally has a better chance with May.”

    Brendan thought about this for a moment. “That's crazy talk, Mudkip. Why would I like May? She's just ... she's just some annoying girl.”

    “Ah, right. Annoying.” Mudkip pounced a daffodil in the grass, and the white, fluffy seeds floated in the air above his head. “We'll see how long that lasts.” And with that, the water type ran ahead of Brendan into the forest, the thick tree branches casting his tiny body in shadows.

    Brendan scratched his head, watching the long tail of his mudkip swing back and forth as he ran. “Whatever you say, Muddy.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezy
    Okay, let me explain this entire, "Do you like Brendan" part in this chapter. Its prolly not going to happen. My Hoennshipping/Pokeballshipping (Brendan x May if ya don't know) kinda well. . . died. A long time ago when I wrote this chapter, I was totally into it. . . but it died like I said and ain't gonna happen in this story lol. But if you are a fan of that (which I don't know even if there are that many Hoennshippers out there) then. . . well. . . yeah lol.

    LaTeR dAyZ!
    So then it's not going to link up with WSBB in the end? Oh well...are you going to update WSBB soon? I don't feel like reading the one at the other site. This story (HLBMA) is really good so far. It links up real well to the game storyline, so we can tell where exactly they are in the quest. Keep writing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slopking17
    So then it's not going to link up with WSBB in the end? Oh well...are you going to update WSBB soon? I don't feel like reading the one at the other site. This story (HLBMA) is really good so far. It links up real well to the game storyline, so we can tell where exactly they are in the quest. Keep writing!
    Prolly not, their both from different universes I guess. I'm posting another chap of WSBB soon so keep an eye on it lol.

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