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Thread: Which core series games do you own?

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    Default Which core series games do you own?

    Hiya all! So this just a thread to say which core series games you own, and what you thought of them (if a thread like/for this already exists, please delete/move)

    I'll go first!

    Diamond: My first game, never got that far in to it, but it was a glorius introduction.
    Platinum: Only just started, no comment yet.
    Heart Gold: Really fun game, I loved the walking mechanic!
    White: Fun as well! Probably my least favourite though
    White 2:Massive improvement over White! I love the Kyurem fusions and more!
    X and Y: Both super fun! When I got Diamond THIS is what I was expecting it to look like!
    ORAS: Best pokemon games by far, I love these games and the soundtrack is amazing! The primal concept is sweet too!

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    Yellow (loved it), Crystal (loved it), Platinum (loved it), White (hated it), Black 2 (loved it), X (loved it), Y (loved it), Alpha Sapphire (hated it).

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    Which ones have I owned or which ones do I still own? At one point I owned everything up to HG/SS, but I've lost most of those games since then. Now I own X and OR, and I have a copy of Black and Diamond somewhere.

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    I'm proud to say that I'm one of the people who started playing Pokémon since first gen. As such, I had the chance to own a lot of the games in the core series. The sad thing is my first gen games (Red, Blue and Yellow), second gen games (Gold, Silver and Crystal), and third gen games (Ruby, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green) have been lost for quite some time now so I have no idea where those cartridges are. The games that I have managed to keep are my fourth gen games (Diamond and Soul Silver), fifth gen games (White and White 2) and my recently acquired 6th gen game (Omega Ruby) which was given to me by a friend.

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    For me, the list is: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, White, White 2, Leaf Green, Y and Omega Ruby.
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    yes please


    Every single one since I started when Blue came out (and was my first game)
    Though I don't play them much any more I still buy them
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    Red/Blue-got bored of it and never really play them anymore.
    Yellow-I lost mine, but it was pretty much like Red and Blue so it got boring fast anyways.
    Gold and Crystal-both are broke, so I can't play it much anymore, and didn't really care much for the story.
    Sapphire-I lost this one as well, it was pretty interesting with alot more stuff to do, besides the gym quest and elite 4 challenge.
    Emerald-I have 2 copies for some reason, but I found it enjoyable when I played them, I don't play them much anymore though since it's outdated.
    Pearl-It was a pretty interesting and fun game, I don't play it anymore though since I finished the storyline. I also don't want to restart it since I've got Dawn's final DP team in my file and now since the gts probably doesn't work anymore, I can't really restart a new game.
    Platinum-I love this game. It's one of my favorites and there's alot to do in it.
    Black/White-Probably the best and most plot driven game of the entire series, I loved everything about it.
    White 2-It was a decent game, didn't like the Team Plasma story as much as the first games though.
    XY-The story is pretty good, the post league really lacks though imo.
    Omega Ruby-This game was pretty disappointing to me, again the post league really lacks, and they got rid of the Battle Frontier.

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    Um lets see...

    Sapphire - it was really good and the first one i ever played.
    Emerald - i liked the new features and the battle resort. Was sad it wasn't in the new ones
    Diamond - a bit slow and felt like it was just dragging on. I liked the game though.
    Heart gold - i really liked this game. I never played the original so i need to do that. I liked how you had two regions
    Omega ruby - was really good. Lack of post game sucked but overall really good

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    That would be:

    Black 2
    White 2
    Alpha Sapphire
    Omega Ruby

    I've only started getting both versions of the core series games starting with gen V.

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    In order of obtaining:

    Black 2
    Alpha Sapphire

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    I think I'm in the minority here, I don't own THAT many Pokemon games. But I played and beat (Pokemon League) at least one game of every generation. :P

    Silver. My first Pokemon game when I was a kid. I loved it. I played it probably for more than 500 hours as a kid. But the internal battery is dead now...
    X. I was always a Pokemon fan, but really got into the games again with X. Really liked it, the 3D models are great.
    Alpha Sapphire. Loved the characters, story and environment. But after that there isn't anything much different from Pokemon X/Y with the Pokemon-Amie/Super Training/PSS and Battle Maison copy-paste job. But in the end I still like the game. :P

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    In the order I bought them:

    Silver: I loved it, but I had trouble getting through the game because I wasn't really as knowledgeable about the series
    Crystal: Same, I loved it but I never really finished.
    Red: I was a little put off by the lack of color, but the game was still fun without it
    Yellow: All right, but I was a little annoyed with Pikachu being shoved down my throat
    Sapphire: When I first played it, I was pretty pissed about all of the things that were removed and the lack of compatibility, but over time I grew to appreciate what it added more
    FireRed: I was a little annoyed that they had kept so much of it the same, but I was just happy that they had made Kanto presentable. The Sevii Islands helped keep things fun though.
    Emerald: Didn't really think much of this game at the time, it added some interesting things to the game, but I still thought Hoenn was kind of meh back then.
    Pearl: Loved this game. They did a better job of balancing the old and new features in this game and I was impressed with the amount of content this game had compared to other games, especially the post game.
    Platinum: Even better than DP, improved on a lot of their flaws and added tons of fun things giving the game an unparalleled amount of depth and content.
    SoulSilver: Excellent remake of a beloved game. They added a lot of great things to this game, not the least of all was Pokemon following. I feel like they could've done a little more in terms of Pokedex and story, but aside from that I couldn't have wished for a better remake.
    Black: The poster child of fixing what wasn't broken. All of the depth and that wealth of content that previous gen had. Poof, it's gone. They simplified everything to the point where even a braindead monkey would find it too easy. They removed all of the Pokemon from the main game only to populate them with redundant knock offs. The only good thing about this game was the storyline, everything else was a step backwards for the series.
    Black 2: A little better than BW1, it was a novel game that reversed some of the mistakes BW1 had made, and added some neat things in, but it still felt too simple and it also seemed a little rushed.
    X: Exciting at first because of all of the new features they added, but the lack of content really took a toll on this game as I got bored of it quickly after beating it.
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    Gold (Dead battery): Better than Gen. 1
    Silver (Dead battery): Better than Gen. 1
    Sapphire: Good
    Emerald: Great
    Leaf Green: Decent
    Diamond: Good
    Pearl: Great
    Platinum: Great
    Soul Silver: Fantastic
    Black: Good
    White: Fantastic
    Black 2: Good
    White 2: Fantastic
    Y: Good, too easy though
    Omega Ruby: Good, still too easy though

    I used to own Ruby and Fire Red, but they were stolen from me.
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    Current ones in order:
    Diamond/Pearl - Pretty good, loved the new evolutions like Magmortar, Electivire and Rhyperior.
    Platinum - Even better than first two, more variety of pokemon and gym leaders and Elite 4 have better teams. Loved the distortion world.
    Heart Gold/Soul Silver - Great remakes, better than originals and contains new features like Battle Frontier from Platinum.
    Black/White - It was cool to start with only 5th gen pokemon, makes a nice change, love some of the new type combinations and legendary pokemon.
    Black 2/White 2 - Did not expect these but they were incredible, disappointed you can't rematch gym leaders in gym or obtain both Reshiram and Zekrom in both games.
    X/ Y - Love the intro of mega evolutions, disappointed that there was a low amount of new pokemon introduced.
    Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire - Had nice features like soaring but just copied and paste from originals with nothing from Emerald such as the Battle Frontier. These games weren't as great as I hoped.
    Currently playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Annoyed about the lack of Emerald elements in the game. Annoyed about Ash releasing Goodra in anime.

    Currently own: X and Y, Black 2 and White 2, Black and White, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Platinum, Diamond and Pearl, Super Pokemon Rumble, Ranger 3, Ranger 2, Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors. Guidebooks for Johto games, Hoenn games, Unova games and Kalos games.

    Own quite a number shinies, especially in Y thanks to Consecutive Fishing.

    Own all 5 gen event legends in White 2, many came from my brother which I like to thank.

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    I own these titles listed below:

    Gen I: Red and Yellow
    Gen II: Gold, Silver and Crystal
    Gen III: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and LeafGreen
    Gen IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and SoulSilver
    Gen V: Black, Black 2
    Gen VI: (currently) X & Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

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    I own all core games in the series except for OR/AS. I also have extra copies of Sapphire, Platinum and HeartGold. As for what I think about the games, see below.

    R/B/Y: Good when they were new, but unplayable and unenjoyable today.
    G/S/C: See above. Though I do find these games more flawed from a gameplay perspective and more overrated than their precursors.
    R/S: Good when they were new, and still fun to play today even if they are starting to get slightly outdated.
    FR/LG: Same as R/S. Also good remakes.
    Emerald: Great. More fun than anything before it and still fun to play even today.
    D/P: Good games which felt like a step into the future if anything.
    Platinum: Fantastic, fixed everything D/P should have done better and improved on them in many ways.
    HG/SS: Garbage. The only games in the series I have never enjoyed. Didn't improve on the originals, created more problems than they should have had and the few good points about them were not anywhere near enough to make up for the far too large amount of negative points.
    B/W: The best. Love them in every way. Offered a new start for the series which I loved, and brought me back into the franchise after a burnout/semi-hiatus.
    B/W2: Also the best. Kept practically everything B/W did well and added a ton of more content which made two extremely fun games.
    X/Y: Good, but unfortunately not better than 5th gen. Improved on them in some areas, but took a step back in others. But the good outweighs the bad and even if they aren't perfect, they are still good.
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    All except red/blue green. Used to own blue and red, but I can't really see them. Those games are a legally blind simulator, believe me.
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    Wow those of you guys who got to start with the Red and Blue series are awesome.

    Own: Soul Silver, Y and ΩRuby. Previously owned, but no longer: Leaf Green. Having borrowed at some point in the past: Emerald.
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    I own Red, Yellow, Gold, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Pearl, Black, X, and Alpha Sapphire. So at least one from each generation. Starting with R/S and ending before ORAS, my little brother always got the alternating version, so together we'd have both. ^^; Yellow, Gold, and Black are the only ones that I've destroyed my original save file to replay. Gen V still holds the title of my least played generation, and I'm not sure whether Gen VI or Gen III is my most played generation but they are both way up there.
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    I have perhaps the shortest list (Nintendo is not official in my country, so i used emulators, and the imported 3DS cost a CHUNK but i got it as there were no 3ds emulators):

    Y- My first legal pokemon game, absolutely loved it! Though, i was 30 level above the E4.

    AS- Again, absolutely adored it! I wouldn't have been so overlevelled if i did not spend 2 days chaining for a shiny absol (which i encountered, but NO POKEBALLS!!!!!)
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    In the order I played them:
    -FireRed(didn't like Kanto as a region,but Sevii Islands made up for it).Decent,but outdated 6/10
    -Ruby:the region was awesome,and the storyline has finally changed for the better,but I can't play it too much now because the mechanics are outdated(no Physical/Special split,lack of strong attacks like Close Combat,flawed breeding mechanics) 7/10
    -Emerald(Battle Frontier was a great addition,but the game lacked good grinding spots because of the storyline changes.It also introduced Gym Leaders rematches,too bad they hadn't kept them in OR/AS)8/10
    -Crystal:underwhelming at best.Level grinding was a torture,the Pokemon distribution disappointing,Gym Leaders' teams were too small.4/10
    -Platinum:simply amazing,although the game's speed was a bit slow.Otherwise,I had lots of fun with it,and Distortion World was a cool concept.9/10
    -Pearl:underwhelming again.Speed was even slower,regional Dex is too small,which made Volkner's and Flint's teams look dumb. 5/10
    -HeartGold/SoulSilver:liked the redesigned Johto region(especially Routes 47-48),the walking Pokemon feature(although it sadly didn't have much effect on the gameplay)and the new breeding mechanic,but the storyline hadn't improved at all.8.5/10
    -White:disappointing.Unova's design was horrible(hopefully they'll never make such a boring region again),too many features were removed,Musicals were awful,and why were the Trainers' rosters so small anyway? 6.5/10
    -White 2:good.I didn't mind the underwhelming storyline in the slightest,the region looked a bit better(did we really need Marine Tube,though?)and the amount of post-game content was sufficent. 8.5/10

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    Thanks for all your replies guys! I find them really interesting!

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    Generation 1
        Spoiler:- Red and Yellow:

    Generation 2
        Spoiler:- GSC:

    Generation 3
        Spoiler:- Ruby, Emerald, and FRLG:

    Generation 4
        Spoiler:- Diamond, Platinum, and Soul Silver:

    Generation 5
        Spoiler:- Black and Black 2:

    Generation 6
        Spoiler:- X and Omega Ruby:
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    Here are mine.

    Crystal: Oh man, I love Crystal! It has to be my favorite Pokemon game. I always played that thing. I always beat the game with just ONE Pokemon, and that was my beloved Typloshion. But it the battery recently died, so no more playing that. I give it a 10/10

    Emerald: I have only beat the game one time. And the only way I beat it is because I had Rayquaza. I really love that game. Although it's really tough to beat, I still love it. I give it a 10/10

    LeafGreen: I've never beaten it before. I do still work on it, but it's really tough if you don't have the right Pokemon for the Elite 4. I give it a 9/10

    Diamond: I have had many memories with this game, and still do. It's a very good game, but it doesn't have that good of graphics. But the graphics don't matter, it how the fun the game is. I give this a 9/10

    Heartgold: Ah, Heartgold. I really love this game (since it's a lot like Crystal). I don't play it that often, but I will soon. I really do like this game. I give it a 9/10

    White: This is one of my favorites. When I first got it, I really liked it because of the good graphics, moving sprites, and good plot. I love this game! I give it a 10/10

    White 2: This is also one of my favorites. I like how it has Pokemon from every region, and good towns. I love this game. I give it a 10/10

    Well, that's all of em!
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    Let me see...

    Leafgreen: I was really young when playing this, so I can't really remember much of ny thoughts. Only remembering that I didn't beat it and had a level 50-something Charizard along with a Dragonair and...whoops, rambling. But anyways, couldn't get back to beating it (the cartridge I bought) as it was pirated and so isn't able to save anymore...

    Diamond: When I got it, I remember how excited I was to play it as I watched youtubes of it for a few years now and poof! My wish came true. I believe it's the first core series game I've defeated. I personally didn't mind the story too much, at the time, but really loved all the moving actions when you sent your 'mons out. So yeah, I really liked it. :3 Also loved Dialga so I wasn't complaining. XD

    Black 2: You have no idea how shocked I was to get it. I really wanted it as it had the most Pokémon I could get. Plus, it was the latest of its time. Absolutely had my jaw dropped as I also only watched vids of BW so I loved the moving sprites. I didn't mind the story either, as I was too distracted by the world and such. XD So yeah, really liked it too. :3

    And now I realize how little 'mon games I have...
    I want this game bad...

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