1. What’s your favorite TYPE?
Grass... It's like balance between plants and animals. Specially in mons like Bulbasaur or Tropius.
2. What's your favorite STAT?
Speed. It has been hard for me to learn how to use slow pokemon
3. What’s your favorite MOVE?
Earthquake and HyperVoice. Both make me feel powerfull
4. What’s your favorite SPECIAL
Inner Focus and Defiant
5. What’s your favorite
Dusk Ball for usefullnes... and premier ball for design
6. What’s your favorite BERRY?
Kelpsy... I remember when farmed tons to evolve a Feebas :]
7. What's your favorite ITEM?
If Running Shoes count, they're my favs... The parts of the game when you can't run are a torture D:
8. What's your favorite STATUS
Bad poison and freeze... Both give a sensation of impotence...
9. What's your favorite piece of
Nimbasa Gym in BW2... And Roxie's Gym... I like also the diving music in Gen 3 :]