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Thread: Which starter did you choose in each generation?

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    Question Which starter did you choose in each generation?

    Maybe you always go for the same type (Grass, Fire, Water), or you like to mix things up a little each time.

    You can include the starters you chose in third versions and remakes, e.g. Emerald and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

    Here's my starter history throughout the generations:

    Gen 1: (Yellow)

    Gen 2: (Silver)

    Gen 3: (Ruby)

    Gen 4: (Platinum), (SoulSilver)

    Gen 5: (Black and Black 2)

    Gen 6: Fennekin (X), (Omega Ruby)

    Gen 7: Litten (Sun)

    I'm mostly a Fire fanatic, which is why I've chosen the Fire starters in almost every generation.
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    I've played through the first 3 generations with all 3 starters.

    In DPP, I've never used Piplup. I didn't like Piplup in the show and I was never impressed by Empoleon. I really want to replay Platinum or Pearl some time, so I will give Piplup a chance then.

    In HG, I started with Cyndaquil. In SS, I have successfully shiny hunted Cyndaquil and Chikorita. I'm working on getting a shiny Totodile to play through with all 3.

    In BW I started with Snivy and Tepig. In B2W2, I started with Tepig and Oshawott.

    In XY, I started with Froakie and Chespin. I recently started a new file on a digital copy of Y I got free from Nintendo to SR for shiny Fennekin and will play through with it.

    In ORAS I used Treecko and Mudkip since Torchic was available at the beginning of XY.

    In SM, I've only used Rowlet. In USUM, I'll use Litten and Popplio.
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    Blue: Charmander
    Leaf Green: Squirtle
    Fire Red: Bulbasaur


    Crystal: Chikorita
    Silver: Cyndaquil
    Soul Silver: Chikorita again :3


    Sapphire: Torchic
    Alpha Sapphire: Treecko
    Ruby ROM: Torchic again


    Pearl: I've used all of them


    White: Oshawott (and i didn't end up using it the whole game)


    Y: Fennikin :3


    Sun: Popplio

    Thats what i've used, pretty much
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    Gen I
    (Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu)
    As I didn't played red and blue, I didn't have to choose. It would have been extremely difficult, but probably Bulbasaur would have been the chosen one.

    Gen II
    Pokemon Gold: Totodile
    Pokemon Crystal: Cyndaquill

    Gen III
    Pokemon Ruby: Torchic
    I made multiple run using them all.

    Gen V

    Pokemon White 2: Tepig
    I don't like these starters (especially the evolutions), but Tepig is pretty good. I love Oshawott, but I find the design of Samurott terrible...

    Gen VI
    Pokemon Y: Fennerkin
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Mudkip

    Gen VII

    Pokemon Sun: Popplio
    I like them all and I traded for the others as soon as I could.

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    FireRed: Squirtle
    LeafGreen: Charmander
    Crystal: Totodile
    Ruby: Torchic
    Sapphire: Treecko
    Emerald: Mudkip
    Diamond: Piplup
    Pearl: Chimchar
    Platinum: Turtwig
    I ended up picking Oshawott in all Generation V games, since Serperior has a shallow movepool and poor attacking stats and you can't get a Snivy with Contrary as your starter. Emboar just doesn't appeal to me. I have yet to play Generation VI and VII games, so I can't say much here.

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    Leaf Green: Charmander
    Heart Gold: Totodile
    (Alpha) Sapphire: Treecko
    Diamond: Piplup
    Platinum: Turtwig
    Black and Black 2: Snivy and Oshawott (I forget which to which version).
    X & Y: Froakie
    Moon: Litten
    Ultra Moon: Rowlet?

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    Gen 1 (Red) - Alrighty then. Now, Red wasn't my first Pokémon game (it was actually Pearl) but I did play it as soon as I could get my hands on a Game Boy. Understandably, I chose Charmander, my favourite of the three and the box Pokémon.

    Gen 2 (Silver) - I chose Cyndaquil in Silver. I had already played SoulSilver, and I decided to change it up a bit, and went with the Fire-Starter. I also thought that Typhlosion had the coolest design of the three final-evolutions.

    Gen 3 (Sapphire) - Treecko was who I picked! I was really fond of Grovyle (Thank you Mystery Dungeon!) and I loved the speed that the whole line held. While I was a fan of Mudkip and Torchic, neither Blaziken nor Swampert ever appealed to me much.

    Gen 4 (Pearl/Platinum) - Ah, memories. I remember choosing Turtwig after a long period of deliberation in both games. He looked the cutest, and I had no idea what was in store. Heck, I didn't even know that Pokémon evolved at this point. But I never really liked Chimchar, who's design just repelled me, and while I did like Empoleon (Water/Steel woo!) I never picked Piplup.
    (SoulSilver) - When I played this, I wasn't sure who to pick. Cyndaquil was cute, but I didn't like the eyes (to start with, now I absolutely adore Cyndaquil), and Totodile, while a cool concept, seemed a bit too obvious. So I chose Chikorita, keeping with my preference from Pearl. It was cute, and quite a challenging typing to use, being weak to Gyms 1 and 2. And I was lucky enough to get a her. On my first go. I didn't know it was a low chance; I thought it might have been made to only be female.

    Gen 5 (White/White2) - I got White as a birthday present, and I had no knowledge of any of the new Pokémon. I had no idea what to expect, and I was a bit worried when it came to choosing my starter. The game was fun, I enjoyed the intro, fell in love with Cheren, and opened the magical box. Oshawott seemed cute, kind of, but I always look at the others first. So I looked at Tepig, and knew I didn't want to choose it, no matter how much it smiled at me. So then I looked at Smugleaf himself. Snivy was the one I chose. I knew that that was my favourite, and still is my favourite starter to this day. In White 2 I followed the trend and chose Snivy again, but if I ever start White again, I think I'd go with Oshawott.

    Gen 6 - Okay, so I have never actually played a Gen 6 game... Although, I always knew which starter I'd pick. I never really liked Chespin, and it just didn't seem right for a Grass-Type. Froakie seemed kind of cool, but when I discovered that Greninja was basically a diety in the Anime and super-powerful, I grew to dislike it. So I chose the undeniably cutest Gen 6 starter, Fennekin!

    Gen 7 (Moon/Ultra Moon soon!) Well well well, my first 3DS game. I had seen the evolutionary lines and knew what to expect. Popplio seemed alright to start with, but I disliked Primarina and the Fairy Typing, which I am now (sort of) neutral about. Litten was cool, but I hate the wrestler theme that it adopted. That left Rowlet, who gained a Ghost Typing, and basically became Robin Hood. No brainer for me! And in Ultra Moon, I'll pick Rowlet again!

    So, I've never actually chose the Water Starter, but I have an obvious preference for the Grass Starters!

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    I started in Gen 3, so here's my list, at least when it comes to Pokemon I have a story about

    Gen 3: My noob phase, back when I used only my starter to overpower everything. While my sister choose Torchic, my first ever Pokemon was Mudkip. I don't remember why, but it was think to Mudkip Water types became my favorite to use. When I played my first remake, Leaf Green, I simply choose the first stage of the featured Pokemon

    Gen 4: When I started to have more than one team member. Again I don't remember why but I chose Turtwig.

    Gen 5: At this point I became used to the idea of using six team members. My first Pokemon in this game was Tepig. My reasoning is that I never used a Fire type starter, and wanted to try one out. When the sequels came around, I simply chose the Unova starter I hadn't used yet, Snivy

    Gen 6: I don't remember why I chose Chespin, but I know why I chose Charmander-I had to get Mega Charizard X. Playing Pokemon Y, I chose Bulbasaur because Mega Venasaur's Thick Fat ability was magificent and it had been ages since I last used this Pokemon

    Gen 7: My first was Rowlett. I was awed by the really cool looking Decidueye, and that it has a Ghost typing. Ghost is one of my favorite types, so I wanted to try it
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation: Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Ferrothorn, Klefki
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
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    My starting point was Gen 4, so it pretty much goes as this:

    Gen 4: Infernape. I was like 7 or 8 or something, so fire sounded cool to me.

    Gen 5: 'Fire type duuuh'.

    Gen 6: Had a brain now, and I saw the badass cool looking frog called Froakie. Still don't regret picking him and I likely never will, ESPECIALLY given that he now can evolve into Ash-Greninja.

    Gen 7: Rowlet. So I went full circle, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TikTok13 View Post
    (SoulSilver) - When I played this, I wasn't sure who to pick. Cyndaquil was cute, but I didn't like the eyes (to start with, now I absolutely adore Cyndaquil), and Totodile, while a cool concept, seemed a bit too obvious. So I chose Chikorita, keeping with my preference from Pearl. It was cute, and quite a challenging typing to use, being weak to Gyms 1 and 2. And I was lucky enough to get a her. On my first go. I didn't know it was a low chance; I thought it might have been made to only be female.
    I thought Chikorita would mostly be female too, due to the feminine-sounding name. Mine in SS is/was male, however. He's now a Meganium - a very powerful one at that, packing Earthquake to deal with Fire, Poison and Electric-types. And I love him.
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    Blue: Bulbasaur

    Silver: Chikorita

    Sapphire: Treecko
    Emerald: Mudkip
    Leaf Green: Bulbasaur
    Fire Red: Squirtle

    Diamond: Turtwig
    Pearl: Chimchar
    Platinum: Piplup

    White: Oshawott
    Black: Snivy
    White 2: Oshawott

    X: Chespin
    Y: Froakie
    Alpha Sapphire: Treecko
    Omega Ruby: Mudkip

    Moon: Popplio
    Sun: Rowlet
    Ultra Moon: (Most likely going to be Rowlet, since I don't like Litten's evo line much and I didn't really use Rowlet much in Sun)

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    Emerald: Mudkip

    Diamond: Turtwig
    HeartGold: Totodile
    Platinum: Turtwig

    White: Tepig
    Black 2: Snivy

    Y: Chespin
    Omega Ruby: Treecko

    Moon: Rowlet
    Ultra Moon: Litten (most likely)

    Yeah, I really like Grass starters. I originally intended to pick Froakie in Y and Litten in Moon, but Chespin and Rowlet's final evos changed my mind.
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    Kanto: Charmander
    Johto: Totodile
    Hoenn: Treecko
    Sinnoh: Piplup
    Unova: Oshawott
    Kalos: Froakie
    Alola: Rowlet

    Those are who I prefer per region. However, I picked Mudkip in Ruby, Snivy in Black, Fennekin in Y, Chespin in X (I restarted the game), and Litten in Sun. I also used a Popplio on my Moon team, alongside my starter Rowlet. I have to say that the Kalos and Alola starters are my favorites, as I generally love all three in both Kalos and Alola.

    The funny thing is that Chikorita was my first ever starter, yet I came to dislike it and restarted HeartGold with Totodile.

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    Red - Bulbasaur
    LeafGreen - Charmander
    Ruby - Torchic
    Sapphire - Treecko
    Emerald - Mudkip
    Platinum - Piplup
    SoulSilver - Totodile
    Black - Oshawott
    Black 2 - Oshawott
    X - Froakie
    Alpha Sapphire - Torchic
    Moon - Rowlet
    Ultra Sun - Rowlet
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    I havn't played every gen that has come out but of the ones I did play...

    Gen 1- Charmander

    Gen 4- Piplup

    Gen 6 - Fennekin!

    Gen 7
    - Popplio

    I've never chosen my starter based on type, I choose based on cuteness level xD

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    Red: Charmander
    Silver: Cyndaquil
    Sapphire: Mudkip
    Emerald: Mudkip
    Pearl: Turtwig
    Platinum: Chimchar
    Soulsilver: Totodile
    BW: All three of them lol.
    Black 2: Oshawott
    White 2: Snivy
    X: Chespin
    Y: Fennekin
    Alpha Sapphire: Mudkip
    Moon: Popplio
    Ultra Moon: Rowlet or Litten

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    Gen 1: Pikachu (Bulbasaur in Leaf Green)
    Gen 2: Cyndaquill (Chikorita in Crystal, Cyndaquil again in Soul Silver)
    Gen 3: Treeko (Mudkip in Emerald and Alpha Sapphire)
    Gen 4: Piplup (Turtwig in Platinum)
    Gen 5: Oshawott (In both White and White 2)
    Gen 6: Fennekin
    Gen 7: Popplio
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    - Squirtle
    - Totodile
    - Mudkip
    - Chimchar
    - Tepig
    - Froakie
    - Rowlett

    It's odd, because I very rarely actively dislike the Grass starters, there's usually just a more enthusing pick each time.

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    Pretty much water types only

    Yellow - Pikachu

    Blue - Squirtle

    Silver and Crystal - Totodile

    Sapphire and Emerald - Mudkip

    FireRed - Squirtle

    LeafGreen - Bulbasaur

    Diamond - Piplup

    Platinum - Turtwig

    HeartGold - Totodile

    White and White 2 - Oshawott

    X - Froakie

    Alpha Sapphire - Mudkip

    Sun - Popplio

    If I get USM - Popplio

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    GEN I
    Red - Bulbasaur
    Yellow - Pikachu (by force)

    GEN II
    Silver - Cyndaquil (first play); Totodile (all subsequent plays)

    Ruby - Mudkip
    Sapphire - Mudkip (most plays); Torchic (one occasional play)
    Emerald - Torchic
    LeafGreen - Bulbasaur

    GEN IV
    Diamond - Piplup
    Pearl - Piplup
    HeartGold - Totodile

    GEN V
    White - Oshawott
    Black 2 - Oshawott

    GEN VI
    X - Froakie
    Omega Ruby - Mudkip
    Alpha Sapphire - Mudkip

    Moon - Rowlett
    Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - not sure if I'll be getting it yet

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    Squirtle- Gen 1
    Totodile- Gen 2
    Treeko- Gen 3
    Piplup- Gen 4
    Tepig- Gen 5
    Chespin- Gen 6
    Litten- Gen 7

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    Gen 1: Charmander
    Gen 2: Chikorita
    Gen 3: Mudkip
    Gen 4: Chimchar
    Gen 5: Oshawott
    Gen 6: Chespin
    Gen 7: Litten
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    Gen 1 (Red): now I will be honest, I still haven't finished off my Red file because I got bored of all the plain graphics and tedious walking very fast. However, I do still have a clear favourite Gen 1 starter, and that is Bulbasaur. It's just so cute an adorable!

    Gen 2 (HGSS): Cyndaquil was who I chose for HGSS because oh my god it is adorable, but I'm also a huge fan of Chikorita too since I can't resist those eyes.

    Gen 3 (ORAS/Emerald): Torchic, Torchic all the way. When I first bought ORAS as my first Pokemon game I was initially stuck on who to choose, but then I remembered that in the video I watched that convinced me to buy it, it was mentioned that Torchic is a little OP. And, since I had just started playing, I thought "hey, that could be helpful since I have no idea what I'm doing!". Best choice ever. I do love Mudkip though because of its derpy face and, of course, the memes.

    Gen 4: I'm always torn on this one between Turtwig and Piplup. Piplup is a penguin which is like one of the best animals ever, but Turtwig has that adorable little derpy face similar to Mudkip's. In my copy of Platinum I chose Piplup, but I can never decide otherwise!

    Gen 5: jee it's another conflicting choice between the Water and Grass starter! When I first bought White and White 2 I chose Oshawott instantly because it is cute as heck, but in my second playthrough of White I chose Snovy instead, and ooohhh my god I love Snivy. I just can't choose!

    Gen 6: now since I played X for the first (and currently only) time as a Wonderlocke, I didn't explicitly choose one of the starters with the intention of using it or growing attached to it. I used to like Greninja but the anime gave it a sour taste. As for the other two, I'd say I'm conflicted. Chespin is adorable and its fully evolved form looks great, but Fennekin is exactly the same. Again, I can't pick!

    Gen 7: Litten. Litten all the way and nobody can convince me otherwise. This thing is my spirit animal. A cat, with the Fire type, that's introverted and kinda likes wrestling? Give me. Also helps that it was female first time in SM. I'm definitely choosing it for USUM too!

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    Gen 1 (LeafGreen): Charmander
    Gen 2 (Silver/SoulSilver): Chikorita
    Gen 3 (Sapphire): I've never had any particular favorite out of this bunch, but Torchic is probably the one I've used most often, albeit by a very slight margin.
    Gen 4 (Platinum): Chimchar
    Gen 5 (Black): Snivy

    Seeing as I don't have a 3DS I haven't been able play Gens 6 and 7, but if I had, my choices probably would have been:

    Gen 6 (Kalos): Froakie
    Gen 7 (Alola): Rowlet

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    R/B/Y: Pikachu. I had Yellow and wasn't allowed to get the other games as a child.
    G/S/C: Totodile, hands down. He was my first Pokemon ever, so he'll always hold a special place in my heart.
    R/S/E: Mudkip. Mudkip. MUDKIP. <3 Introduced me to my favorite Pokemon ever.
    D/P/Pt: Since I disliked Empoleon as Piplup's final evolution, I went with Turtwig. I don't regret it. He saved my hide more times than I'd like to admit in those games.
    B/W/B2/W2: Snivy. I adored Serperior's design.
    X/Y: Froakie. <3
    Sun/Moon: I actually went Team Popplio. And I'm looking to go Popplio again, because I adore Primarina.

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