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    Pretty self-explanatory based on the title. This is for people like me who love to take the time to rank things. I got the idea from all the Pokémon YouTubers like Dookieshed who have done similar countdowns. It took me a while to finalize my Top 10, but it was fun! Here's my list:

    10. Steelix: This is a Pokémon that I’ve always been fascinated with. Just like with Onix, I always thought it be awesome to have a Pokémon so large that could plow through anything. I also loved that Jasmine was so quiet but used this beast for her gym in Gen 2. It’s terrifying but intriguing. Surprisingly, I’ve never actually used a Steelix on my team, but that’s definitely going to change when the next game comes out.

    9. Phanpy: Just so freaking cute I can’t handle it. Who wouldn’t want a baby elephant?? And I’m a huge Donphan fan (that sounds funny), too. I loved when either of them would use Rollout in the anime. I almost always used Phanpy/Donphan in Gen 2 and the remakes.

    8. Togekiss: I love Fairy types. I love the idea of them, and when it was announced I knew it would be one of my favorite types (next to Water and Dark). I used Sylveon in X, but when I decided to play through Y I decided to try Togekiss, and Beatrix became my top team member. I loved playing with her in Amie and watching her cute movements. And she was a powerhouse to boot. I think giving Togekiss Fairy typing really made her more interesting to me and now she’s one of my faves.

    7. Drapion: When I saw all the new Pokémon for Diamond/Pearl, Drapion was an instant standout. I’m a Scorpio, and I was drawn to its Tim Burton-esque scorpion design. I didn’t get a Gen 4 game until Platinum a couple years later, but I knew I absolutely had to use one. My Dori was awesome, and I’ll have to use one again one day.

    6. Jolteon: This wasn't my favorite Eeveelution until I used one in Black 2. His name was Gremlin and he was a maniac (in a good way). I imagine this Pokémon being such a spaz in real life. Not much else to say, just a really cool Pokémon that I fell in love with.

    5. Starmie: I’ve always had a soft spot for Starmie, but didn't use one until Black 2. My Mimi was such a powerhouse and I can't wait to use one again in my all-Water Omega Ruby run. I love its odd beauty and the way it would spin through the air in the anime.

    4. Pangoro: Obviously a recent fave. Pongo was the last team member I chose in X, but ended up becoming my fave alongside my Venusaur on that team. He's like a bodyguard and a teddy bear all in one!

    3. Bulbasaur: My fave starter. I used mainly Charmander/Squirtle in the Gen 1 days, but by the time I got LeafGreen Bulba was my first choice. I think it was really the anime that made me eventually prefer Bulba over the other starters. He's the perfect balance of cute and tough, and I love that he’s #001. I was thrilled to be able to pick him again in X and use Mega Venusaur (Brutus) on my team.

    2. Houndoom: Just awesome. A fire breathing dog with demon horns, what more can you ask for? I love dogs, and this is by far my favorite canine Pokémon. I used Donny the Houndoom in SoulSilver, and a female named Domino in Y with its new Mega evolution (which is terrifying but amazing). It’s always one of my favorites to raise.

    1. Poliwrath: My numero uno! Poiwrath's been my all-time fave since Gen 3. I’m not sure why I’m so affectionate toward this guy, but I think it’s because I love Water types and I love strong-looking Pokémon. I think it was really the Manga that made me love him because Red's Poli was the best. I’ve used one in LeafGreen, SoulSilver, and I'm planning to use Poli again in Z or whatever the next game is! Poliwrath for life!!!

    Which are in your Top 10?
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