1. Who's your favorite PLAYABLE CHARACTER?
Ethan! ;D He looks just modern to me.

2. Who's your favorite RIVAL?
Silver, he's bad*ss!

3. Who’s your favorite GYM LEADER?
Crasher Wave, have clothes from a wrestler xD and he uses my favorite type! ;3

4. Who’s your favorite ELITE FOUR MEMBER/CHAMPION?
Alder, he looks more "da pro" of the Pokemons. :P

5. Who’s your favorite FRONTIER BRAIN?

6. Who’s your favorite PROFESSOR?
Juniper. :3

7. What’s your favorite CRIMINAL TEAM?
That Squad from Go-Rock Quads! That criminal team with that cool band. :3

8. Who's your favorite CRIMINAL TEAM MEMBER/LEADER?
N, he's so modern.

9. Who's your favorite IN-GAME CAST CHARACTER?
Looker! ;D