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Thread: What kind of Pokemon team do you have in each version of the game?

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    Default What kind of Pokemon team do you have in each version of the game?

    Like Who was your team in each Pokemon game (Main or Remake series)?

    Since Sun and Moon is coming out in about a week, I was thinking to look back and what are team was like.

    So in short, Who were your 6 main pokemon in your team in which gen? It can be mult of them and it can be before and after the end game.

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    diamond: infernape, gengar, crobat, machamp, tentacruel, hippowdon
    platinum: infernape, floatzel, roserade, garchomp, staraptor, luxray
    heartgold: typhlosion, quagsire, sunflora, heracross, lugia, ampharos
    black: serperior, darmanitan, unfezant, seismitoad, haxorus, zebstrika
    white 2: samurott, arcanine, leavanny, unfezant, ampharos, lucario
    x: greninja, charizard (mega), lucario, ampharos, roserade, sylveon
    omega ruby: sceptile (mega), camerupt, sharpedo, swellow, gardevoir, manectric

    also played the gen 3 games, but it's been a while so i don't remember too well except for swampert.

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    Ehhh, it's not really a case of what kind of Pokemon I use. For me it's about what kind of Pokemon I haven't used yet. Gen 4 was a prime example. Up until now I'd never used Togekiss - and as it turns out Togekiss can literally mow down almost anything in its path.

    There is one exception to this rule, though. In case you can't tell, my favourite Pokemon is Dusclops. If I can, I always try to incorporate it into my teams. If not, then I simply go with any ghost-type I can get my hands on. That's about it.
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    Red- Charizard/Pidgeot/Arbok/Vileplume/Jolteon/Golduck
    Ruby- Sceptile/Sharpedo/Swellow/Dusclops/Exploud/Mightyena
    Pearl- Infernape/Crobat/Mismagius/Gastrodon/Purugly/Roserade
    HeartGold- Meganium/Ariados/Togekiss/Ampharos/Flareon/Dewgong
    X- Chesnaught/Raichu/Charizard/Luvdisc/Aurorus/Klefki
    OmegaRuby- Sceptile/Delcatty/Flygon/Milotic/Ninetails/Froslass

    I've played Blue, Gold, Silver, Diamond and SoulSilver, but it was so long ago I can't remember my team :P
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    Here are all teams from my games.

    For several of the early games, I generally used one strong "main" Pokemon which did all the work, and then some others which did essentially nothing. I don't remember every Pokemon from all of my games (especially the early ones), but I'll list the ones I do remember. I'm not going to post every single team I have used, just the ones I used when playing through the game for the first time.

    Blue: Blastoise (main) / Nidoqueen / Gyarados / Pidgeot / can't remember the rest
    Yellow: Pikachu / all starters / can't remember the rest
    Red: Can't remember at all

    Silver: Feraligatr (main) / Ampharos / Pidgeot / Togetic / Lugia / Umbreon
    Gold: Typhlosion / Feraligatr / Ampharos / Bellossom / Scizor / can't remember
    Crystal: Meganium (main) / can't remember the rest

    Ruby: Swampert (main) / Manectric / Pelipper / Breloom / Camerupt / Groudon
    Sapphire: Swampert (main) / Mawile / Kyogre / Absol / Chimecho / Tropius
    FireRed: Haunter / can't remember the rest
    LeafGreen: Charizard / Tentacruel / can't remember the rest
    Emerald: Linoone / Breloom / Glalie / can't remember

    Pearl: Infernape / Roserade / Gyarados / Staraptor / Garchomp / Haunter (since I didn't have the ability to trade)
    Diamond: Torterra / Rapidash / Octillery / Noctowl / Drifblim / can't remember the last one
    Platinum: Empoleon / Rotom / Luxray / Altaria / Espeon / Tangrowth
    SoulSilver: Feraligatr / Heracross / Ampharos / Espeon / Farfetch'd / Nidoking
    HeartGold: Typhlosion / Lanturn / Vileplume / Mamoswine / Primeape / Dodrio

    Black: Serperior / Chandelure / Seismitoad / Sigilyph / Haxorus / Galvantula
    White: Samurott / Darmanitan / Sawsbuck / Archeops / Beartic / Excadrill
    Black 2: Emboar / Magnezone / Maractus / Jellicent / Crobat / Gothitelle
    White 2: Lucario / Zoroark / Roserade / Swoobat / Camerupt / Vaporeon

    X: Greninja / Sylveon / Aurorus / Hawlucha / Aegislash / Pyroar
    Y: Delphox / Gogoat / Heliolisk / Barbaracle / Florges / Noivern
    Omega Ruby: Swampert / Swellow / Manectric / Mawile / Cacturne / Medicham
    Alpha Sapphire: Blaziken / Gallade / Glalie / Milotic / Bellossom / Altaria

    Those were all of my in-game teams for when I played through a game for the first time (though I haven't restarted any game from Gen 4 and on, so for the newest ones, they are also the only in-game teams I have used). After I have beaten the game and done everything I want to do in the games, I create another team which is a post-game team. Currently, I have done that on all games except Gen 1/2, Emerald and HG/SS. Below are the Pokemon in these teams.

    Ruby: Manectric / Sharpedo / Blaziken / Zangoose / Armaldo / Tropius
    Sapphire: Walrein / Camerupt / Crobat / Absol / Aggron / Exeggutor
    FireRed: Hitmonlee / Alakazam / Gengar / Weezing / Blissey / Tyranitar
    LeafGreen: Venusaur / Vaporeon / Machamp / Steelix / Houndoom / Porygon2

    Pearl: Infernape / Staraptor / Leafeon / Mamoswine / Ampharos / Kingdra
    Diamond: Torterra / Glaceon / Magnezone / Pelipper / Ledian / Gengar
    Platinum: Breloom / Magmortar / Empoleon / Alakazam / Dragonite / Mismagius

    Black: Serperior / Chandelure / Starmie / Garchomp / Honchkrow / Porygon-Z
    White: Samurott / Hydreigon / Lilligant / Mienshao / Braviary / Claydol
    Black 2: Cradily / Emboar / Lanturn / Gothitelle / Golurk / Haxorus
    White 2: Lucario / Sigilyph / Jellicent / Archeops / Ambipom / Zoroark

    X: Greninja / Sylveon / Medicham / Talonflame / Trevenant / Galvantula
    Y: Delphox / Mawile / Clawitzer / Unfezant / Primeape / Roserade
    Omega Ruby: Swampert / Salamence / Manectric / Exploud / Gallade / Whimsicott
    Alpha Sapphire: Blaziken / Metagross / Mandibuzz / Kangaskhan / Slurpuff / Ampharos

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    In general team structure I do my very best to not have any overlapping type. In terms of teams? Here's a list
    * Pokemon Ruby: Blaziken, Solrock, Pelipper, Cacturne, Manetric
    * Pokemon Colosseum: Espeon, Umbreon, Heracross, Mantine, Skarmory, Flygon
    * Pokemon Fire Red: Charizard, Raichu, Primeape, Shiny Vaporeon, Exeggcutor, Marowak
    * Pokemon Emerald: Sceptile, Hariyama, Salamence, Camerupt, Wailord, Grumpig
    * Pokemon Platinum: Empoleon, Tropius, Weavile, Dusknoir, Magmortar, Claydol
    * Pokemon Black: Samurott, Cryogonal, Golurk, Emolga, Sawk, Durant
    * Pokemon White: Emboar, Leavanny, Sigilyph, Eelektross, Krookodile, Jellicent
    * Pokemon Black 2: Emboar, Galvantula, Dream World Omastar, Ferrothorn, Drapion, Drifblim
    * Pokemon White 2: Serperior, Reuinclus, Chandelure, Walrein, Magnezone, Hydreigon
    * Pokemon X: Chesnaught, Tentacruel, Mega Charizard X, Malamar, Klefki, Aurorus
    * Pokemon Y: Greninja, Mega Venusaur, Mega Gardevoir, Aegislash, Avalugg, Hawlucha
    * Pokemon Omega Ruby: Mega Sceptile, Event Shiny Metagross, Golem, Weezing, Mega Glalie, Lanturn
    * Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Swampert, Latias, Hidden Ability Ditto, Breloom, Electrode, Mega Aggron, Mega Pinsir
    Favorite Generation: V
    Favorite Pokemon per generation:
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite team: Plasma
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