Hello, I am new to this forum here and I would like to post a shop of the few things I have and can do, as well as what I would like. My Friend code is 3095 3621 4263. Post yours and look into my thread!

    Spoiler:- Things I can do for you!:

    Spoiler:- Things I want from you!:

The stuff!:
(Lvl. 41) Rhydon [Brave] w/ Protector
(Lvl. 68) Blaziken [Lax]
(Lvl. 46) Groudon [Naughty]
(Lvl. 37) Swampert {F} [Impish]
(Lvl. 28) Chimecho [Timid]
(Lvl. 54) Magmortar [Modest] {F}
(Lvl. 85) Electivire [Adamant]
(Lvl. 77) Infernape [Lax]
(Lvl. 51) Salamence [Hardy]
(Lvl. 50) Giratina [Quiet]
I have a lot more in my Leaf Green. I will update after every trade and migration.