Rather than cluttering up the forum with three dozen "What's your favorite ____?" threads, we've set up these Favorites Stickies to contain all possible topics in a compact, easy-to-use format!

This is the FAVORITE POKEMON Thread!

Topics Included:

1. Who’s your favorite STARTER POKEMON?
(Includes: What is your favorite Starter Pokemon Type? What is your favorite regional Starter Pokemon trio? What is your favorite Starter Pokemon evolution [second or third stage]? Etc. )

2. Who’s your favorite LEGENDARY POKEMON?
(Includes: What is your favorite Legendary trio? What is your favorite 100 base stat Legendary Pokemon [Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.]? What is your favorite "Uber" Legendary Pokemon? What is your favorite "Roaming" Legendary Pokemon? Etc. )

3. Who’s your favorite EEVEELUTION?
(This includes Eevee itself. I personally love Umbreon the best!)

4. Who’s your favorite SHINY VERSION of a Pokemon?
(All Pokemon have a shiny form. Whose do you like the most?)

5. Who’s your favorite ALTERNATE FORME?
(Many Pokemon have alternate Formes - Rotom, Giratina, Deoxys, Wormadam, etc. Includes: Which of each Pokemon's individual alternate Formes is your favorite?)

... And more!
(If you can think of a choice or special group of Pokemon not included in this list [like "Favorite Regional Normal/Flying Bird Pokemon" or "Favorite Regional Normal Rodent Pokemon" or "Favorite Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon" or "Favorite Baby Pokemon" or anything else at all], post it here anyway! Don't make your own thread for it.)

Your answers can be from any section of the Pokemon franchise, not just the video games. And don't worry - you don't have to answer every single question at once when you post. Just feel free to give a little explanation of your choices when you can. These threads are subject to updates.

Thanks to SapphireL for original thread format.