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Thread: A Rival Battle for Club Champ! (669)

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    If there was ever a time for Ash to bust out his reserves this would be it.

    Tepig Quilava
    Oshawott Buizel
    Pidove Swellow
    Snivy Bulbasaur

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    Weird battle. Ash winning would make more sense for Trip's development, and it would have taught him some humility as well as not to underestimate his opponents. Trip's win basically reinforces his attitude and his rookie mistakes.

    Also I don't like how Attract either fails, or becomes an automatic win. Pokemon should be able to fight Attract in the anime, otherwise the move is too broken. I know they were able to before BW but that seems to have changed.

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    Does every one of Ash's rivals have to be snotty, stuck-up, and have an over-inflated ego? Trip was so arrogant for no reason.

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