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    This is a true story about two Mallard Ducks (my pets) and their eturnal love for each other. The story is told by both of them.

    [Rated for anyone who understands some romance (this is not exactly PG-13)]

        Spoiler:- Characters (not a spoiler):

    Chapter 1

    I sat there alone on the ground below me, my human had been forceed to get rid of me due to the fact she lived in an apartment.

    I will never forget the day I hatched in her small home... or my childhood. I miss her so much. the birds in the large shelters around me always tried to cheer me up. It worked for awhile but soon I felt as if I would be alone for the rest of my life.

    That is... until that one day...

    I was feeling depressed like I always was as I ate the food from my food dish.

    I soon heard footsteps and turned around to see a young human girl looking at me with her brown eyes.

    I turned to the shelter next to me and spoke to the nearest bird, a beautiful white dove.

    "Who's she?" I asked the dove motioning my head to the human girl.

    "Dunno" The dove said "She comes here often though, the birds talk about her alot. They say she cares deeply for our kind."

    The dove flew up to the perch above it and began cooing away with its fellow species.

    I heard the young girl tell me that she wouldn't hurt me, that she was friendly.

    I trusted this human's word and slowly walked towards her in curiosity.

    As I neared her the human began to speak again. She said her name was Holly.

    "Holly" I repeated, ignoring the language barrier between human and animal.

    The young girl, now known as Holly laughed playfully as she heard the quacking sound that humans hear from ducks.

    I started to feel happier in Holly's presence, she was nice, much like my old human.

    She told me about her home, a large ranch with a big lake in the center. As Holly talked to me I felt my sorrow go away slowly at first then quicker.

    What got rid of my sorrow altogether was the fact that Holly was taking me home with her.

    After about an hour of talking with Holly to male humans came, one of them I recognized as the owner of the shelter, the other I figured was Holly's father, I was right.

    The owner of the shelter let me out of the small area I was in and over to Holly who began petting me.

    After getting inside the little thing they called a carrier they brought me to their home.

    I could see through the little gate in front of me my surroundings. Beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, the songs of several wild birds, I would love it here.

    I felt the carrier get put down and the gate in front of me was opened.

    I looked around, I was in a house, obviously the one that rested on the beautiful ranch.

    Holly spoke to me, telling me that she and her familly had something to do outside.

    Holly left and I began my self-tour around the house.

    I saw two large clear doors and looked outside in awe at the world beyond them... my new home.

    "Hi there!" A cheerfull voice came from behind me. I turned around to see a little bird standing there, his light grey head identified him as a Dusky Conure.

    "Uh... hi?" I replied sheepishly "I'm puddleduck but I prefer to be called Pudu."

    "Nice to meet you Pudu" the Dusky replied, "I'm Rascal."

    "Hey don't steal the spotlight Rasc." a female voice called.

    Another bird landed by Rascal. I quickly identified the bird as a Sun Conure from it's tell-tale orange-yellow feathers.

    "I told you not to call me that Scooter!" Rascal said to to the Sun Conure.

    "Those are such hurtful words Rasc." Scooter countered, "I'm so..."

    "Alright you two break it up."

    A bird with a grey head and a green body with a yellow chest said as she landed between the two bickering conures.

    "I'm Emerald the Senegal but I like to be called Emmy." The bird said before a yellow bird with bright orange cheeks and a 'crown' of feathers on his head landed in front of me next.

    "I'm Rainbow, I'm a cockatiel if you don't know." It said

    "Um... why is your name 'Rainbow' if you're yellow?" I asked

    Rainbow shruged "Meh, Holly was young when she named me."

    "Yo don't take all the attention buddy" someone called.

    A tiny green bird with a red chest that had two yellow stripes on the sides landed in front of the others. A green-cheeked conure.

    "Name's Cuddles, I'm the one well known around these parts and someone ya don't wanna pick a fight with."

    "Oh p-lease" Scooter said in annoyance "stop acting like a big-shot Cuddles"

    "I'll stop when I wanna stop Scooter!" Cuddles replied.

    "I should go now right?" I asked Rainbow, Emmy, and Rascal, the only sane ones of the five I just met.

    Rascal nodded "Hope to see you soon Pudu" he said before flying off away from the bickering conures nearby.

    I turned back to the door and pulled on it, making it move sideways.

    I walked outside and it was here where I met 'him'.

    Hope you enjoyed. Feedback is allways welcomed
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