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    Default Pokemon Ranger: Unknown Legends

    [Rated PG-13 for peril, fantasy violence, and themes of death]

    This is a Pokemon Ranger fanfic that takes place in my fakemon region Cyria. It will feature all my fakemon (which you should look at to understand this) and all the already known ones.

    First time writting a Ranger Fanfic so hopefully it's good


    A teenage girl in a bright red uniform sat on the back of a large grey and black bird Pokemon with small sections of white and a red tip of feathers on its head, a Staraptor, as it flew high above the clouds.

    This girl was known as a Pokemon Ranger, someone that communicated friendship with Pokemon threw feelings that were shown through a gadget called a Capture Styler.

    A smaller bird that looked much like the Staraptor few beside the girl, a Starly, happily enjoying the wind as it rushed past her.

    The Starly turned to the girl and spoke “You seem on edge Holly.” It said in the human language it had been taught for years.

    “It’s nothing Starly,” the girl, now known as Holly, said “I just feel…I dunno…like something bad is going to happen, if it hasn’t happened already.”

    “You’re just paranoid,” Starly said, “you always are after you stop an evil organization.”

    Holly opened her mouth to speak but realized that Starly was…right. Holly had been to many regions and even though she didn’t expect to, always ended up stopping an evil team or gang. It had been this way ever since she became a trainer in Sinnoh four years ago.

    “Besides” Starly continued “you always have me and any other pokemon or humans to help you.”

    “STAR!” The Staraptor Holly rode on called as a large island came into view.

    “Well Starly” Holly said “We’re here. The Cyria Region.”

    “EMBER!” a loud cry came from up ahead, drawing Holly’s attention. “Did you hear that Starly?” she asked.

    Starly nodded, “We should check it out, it sounded like a Pokemon’s cry.”

    As if to prove Starly’s statement a blast of scorching red, orange, and yellow flames lit up the sky as it collided with a bright yellow-orange beam.
    “Staraptor!” Holly called “take us in closer to the battle!”

    “RAPTOR!” The Staraptor screeched as it picked up its pace and gained speed.

    As the Staraptor neared the battle Holly could see a bright orange eagle-like pokemon facing a green dragon-like one with several dark green stripes down its tail and what looked to be like transparent red ‘goggles’ over its eyes.

    Holly quickly identified the green pokemon as a Flygon, the orange one, however, she could not identify at all.

    “Holly!” Starly called “There’s someone riding the Flygon!”

    Holly looked closer and, like Starly had said, was a man in almost black clothing sitting on the Mystic Pokemon’s back, something that looked to be a glowing purple rope in his hand.

    “You’re coming with me Embergle!” the man said holding up the glowing rope in the air, ready to throw it at the orange Pokemon, now known as Embergle.

    “Holly isn’t that…” Starly began fearfully “…an electric chain?!”

    Holly nodded, remembering back to when she was imprisoned by a group that called themselves the Cipher, the pain the object mentioned caused her and Starly both.

    “Starly tackle that Flygon with Brave Bird!” Holly ordered her Pokemon companion, much like she did back when she was a Pokemon Trainer.

    Starly began to charge forward, body seeming covered with flames. Soon, the Starling Pokemon’s wings shot out, her body now surrounded by a pulsing blue aura.

    The man on the Flygon looked towards Starly a bit late, she rammed into the said Pokemon below him, making the man loose his balance and dropping the weapon in his hand as he tried to not to fall off the Flygon to his death.

    Holly flew in front of the Flygon on Staraptor, taking place of Embergle as it fled.

    As Starly landed on Holly’s shoulder she heard her speak.

    “Who are you?! She asked angrily “And what did you want with that pokemon?!”

    “The man nearly fell off the Flygon again in shock. “A Pokemon Ranger?!” he said in surprise “Why should I tell you the plans of The Darkness?”

    “Because I’ll beat the truth out of you if you don’t!” Holly spat, obviously annoyed.

    The man only smirked “I’ll let my Pokemon do the talking” he said pushing a button on the gadget strapped to his arm.

    “MAWA!” a screech came as a large Pokemon with a long blue neck, white head, light green body with a red chest, two pink tails, both with green markings that looked like eyes on them, three cyan spikes down it’s back and a light purple scythe-like feather on its head descended from above them.

    “Mawako take care of them!” The man ordered as he flew off on the back of his Flygon.

    “WAKO!” the Pokemon now known as Mawako called as it charged.

    Holly held the gadget on her right arm, known as a capture styler, towards the charging Pokemon.

    “CAPTURE… ON!” She called as a small blue disk shot out of the styler, a glowing blue trail behind it.

    Holly moved her arm to the right, making the disk circle around the Mawako, causing it to look at the disk in confusion.

    Holly soon moved her arm upwards, causing the glowing blue ring around the Mawako close, this made the Peacock Pokemon glow white for a few seconds.

    “Capture complete.” Holly said as the screen of her capture styler began to glow and change from blue, to purple, and then to light yellow.

    The Mawako flew up to Holly and bowed it’s head to her before turning and flying off.

    “Who was that guy?” Starly asked. “No idea” Holly replied “but whoever he was…I don’t like what he said.”

    “Hey!” Someone called from behind Holly, making her, Starly, and Staraptor turn around.

    A teenage boy, around the age of 14 like Holly, came into view, riding on the back of an orange phoenix-like pokemon with three ribbon-like tails that looked as if they had 'eyes' at the tips of them, and head crests.

    The teenager and his pokemon companion stopped before Holly who realized the teen was wearing a ranger uniform like hers but blue instead of red.

    “Name’s Riley” the teenage boy said “I’m an Area Ranger in Sincara Town.”

    Before the Ranger, Riley could say more the heads of two pokemon popped out from behind him.

    The fist one looked much like the large phoenix-like Pokemon below but much smaller and only had one head crest and tail.

    The second pokemon was dog-like and stood on two legs, the 'mask' on its face connected with two sensor-like ears that occasionally lifted into the air; a Riolu.

    Riley smiled as the two pokemon peaked their heads around him and spoke, "These are my Parter Pokemon," he replied. "This is Phoechic," Riley nodded at the small phonix-like pokemon who happily replied with a loud "CHIC!"

    "She's the child of Psynix here" Riley added as he stroke the larger phoenix pokemon, no known as Psynix.

    "Rio?" The small dog-like pokemon said sheepishly ducking behind his human partner.

    "Riolu is shy around new people but once he gets to know you that changes." Riley explained. He paused for a moment and then spoke again "Oh yeah! You still haven't told me your name Ranger" he said, realizing he hadn't asked Holly her name.

    “I’m Holly,” Holly greeted, “this is my partner, Starly.”

    “Hi there!” Starly said, almost forgetting the fact that it was unusual for her to speak human to anyone but Holly. “I mean… Star…”

    “Your Starly speaks human?!” Riley questioned in surprise.

    “Yeah,” Holly said “I’ll explain everything as we head to Sincara Town.”

    “Fine by me,” Riley said “Let’s go Psynix.”

    With that the two Pokemon Rangers and their partners descended, unaware of the mysterious person that overheard their whole conversation.

    Hope you enjoyed. Feedback is always welcomed^^
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