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    Default [Re-opened] Leti's Trade Shop~

    Hello everyone, I'm Leti~

    You might or might not notice some big changes in this trade shop. The main thing might be that I'm going to limit the number of trades I do to 5/day, since I'm pretty busy with IRL stuff and therefor have limited time for breeding people's requests. There will be a list at the bottom of this post where I will write down the requests and then do them on a first come first serve basis.

    Some pointers:

    1. Follow all the rules that applies to this forum and the Trade Rules.
    2. Do NOT offer me hacked Pokemon! Clones are okay though.
    3. I do not IV breed, since I'm not knowledgeable enough about this, so I will not be able to tell you the IV's of my offerings.
    4. I AM however willing to breed for specific natures and genders, but be aware that this will take a little longer.
    5. Most of these will not have any Egg-moves except for the ones that got them "accidentally". I'm still experimenting with that, but if you want a specific move I can try to get it for you. If that is the case you might need to tell me how to get those moves.
    6. I am aware that one of my offerings do not equal the events/legendaries/shinies I'm looking for, therefor I'm willing to trade 2-1 or 3-1 for them. I might even go as far as 4-1 for some.
    7. All Pokemon I'm offering will be bred by me and will preferably be traded in their eggs (unless nature and gender is specified). I will however hatch them if you prefer it that way.
    8. I'm well on my way to filling up my National Dex on SS and will gladly breed you Pokemon to help fill up yours, so don't hesitate to ask even if you don't have anything I'm looking for. I'm not that picky so we can probably work something out anyway.

    My info:
    Game: SoulSilver
    OT: Luna
    FC: 1033 7539 9481

    My Offer:
    I can breed all generation 1-4 starters and a lot of the regular Pokemon. If you don't see it on my want list, you can assume that I have it.

    My Wants:

    Regular Pokemon I need for my Dex (can be any evolution of the written):

    Legendaries/Events I'm looking for (am willing to just do a trade-back to get them in my Dex):

    Shinies I would love to get my hands on:
    Ponyta (or Rapidash)
    Teddiursa (not Ursaring)
    Shinx (or any evolution)

    I will try to be available for trades a few hours every day, but please be patient if I can't manage some days. I get an email to my phone every time someone writes in this thread, so I can easily let you know if I'm available or not.
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