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Thread: 7th Generation: Alto Mare/Italy

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    Lightbulb 7th Generation: Alto Mare/Italy

    Okay, I just now watched Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias. After watching this movie, I desperately need to visit this place in the Pokemon world.

    One drawback to going straight into Italy in the 7th generation off of 6th gen's France is that the two cultures share some similarities (for instance, the music in the movie is very similar to Kalos'), and in some cases, could possibly feel like a retread.

    However, one very big positive to this theory is the possibility of pulling off Johto 2.0, in the sense that when you visit Italy, you could go back and visit an updated Kalos within the same game, since not only do they share commonalities, but also they are geographically close by, exactly like Johto and Kanto.

    What do you guys think? Would you like Italy to be the 7th generation's destination? And if not, what other place would you like instead?
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    Gen VII is still pretty far off, so let's not start the speculation now.

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