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Thread: Have you gone to a real, live Pokemon event?

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    Default Have you gone to a real, live Pokemon event?

    Hello Dear Members,

    I want to ask you if you have ever been to a Pokemon event. Every Year i going to the Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Day in Germany is a event for the Pokemonfans. Since the year 2005 i go to this Event. This Event is cool. You meet another Pokemon player, you can trade and battle and maby the Pokemon Day Stuff distributes Event Pokemon. 2014 and 2015 the Pokemon has been cancelled 'cause many parents was angy, because there were to many "Adults". 2014 and 2015 Nintendo make a new event that called "Pokemon Kidstour". Yes like the name only kids with his parents is allowed to go into this Event.

    So, now its your turn, write here about your Pokemon Reallive Events.
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    In 2014 I actually created a Pokemon event called Pokéthon in Quebec, Canada! Working with a local anime convention, we featured panels on a variety of subjects, a cosplay photoshoot, a video game tournament and more, including jumpstarting a local Pokemon League! You can check out photos here!

    The event was a huge success, and I had fun despite spending most of my time running around coordinating people and running events. We took a hiatus in 2015, and are currently slated to return next year.


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    I was part of the staff for the Pokemon Black & White Mall tour in the US. This year I've been running Premier Challenges and previous years I've played in them.
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