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Thread: should there be more varieties of pokemon?

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    Post should there be more varieties of pokemon?

    when I was younger i remember watching an episode of the Pokemon anime where there was a crystal Onix and because I was young time I decided to try to look for one but i was upset that it didn't exist. who thinks it'd be awesome if you got other varieties of Pokemon like this instead of just the shiny ones which are really cool but kinda old. i know i sound spoiled but in 4 generations i like that new pokemon are created but more varieties like with vivillion having 18 (to my knowledge) different forms which makes it a little bit cooler than say butterfree.

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    Yeah I wish they'd give us like an Orange island ticket event to catch certain pink pokemon,obtain pink berries,and to let us catch Crystal Onyx.

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    Please stop making threads for every little thing that comes to mind.

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