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Thread: Darkhalo-s future white team

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    Default Darkhalo-s future white team

    #500 Emboar
    Nature: Naughty +Atk/-Sde
    Moves: Hammer Arm Fighting 100/90/10
    Flare Blitz Fire 120/100/15
    EarthQuake Ground 100/100/10
    Boiling Water Water 80/100/15

    #528 Kokoromori
    Nature: Modest +Satk/-Atk
    Moves: Psychic Psychic 90/100/10
    Shadow Ball Ghost 80/100/15
    Energy ball Grass 80/100/10
    Fly Flaying 90/100/15 Hm

    #565 Abagoora
    Water Rock
    Solid Rock
    Nature: Brave +Atk/-Spd
    Moves: Rock Slide Rock 75/90/10
    Surf Water 95/100/15 Hm
    Waterfall Water 80/100/15 Hm
    Crunch Dark 80/100/15

    #596 Denchura
    Compound Eyes
    Nature: Modest +Satk/-Atk
    Moves: Thunder Electric 120/70/10
    Energy Ball Grass 80/100/10
    Signal Beam Bug 75/100/15
    Thunder Wave Electric ----------

    #614 Tsunbeaa
    Snow Cloak
    Nature: Jolly +Spd/-Sdef
    Moves: Super Power Fighting 120/100/5
    Icicle Drop Ice 85/90/10
    ShadowClaw/slash Ghost/normal 70/100/15:20
    Stone Edge Rock 100/80/5

    #623 Goruugu
    Iron Fist
    Nature: Adament +Atk/-Satk
    Moves: Hammer Arm Fighting 100/90/10
    Earthquake Ground 100/100/10
    Shadow Punch Ghost 60/100/20
    Stone Edge Rock 100/80/5

    Overview: Emboar is a standard fire/fighting starter. powerful, not always very fast. But this one learns a water move, so that'll be helpful against ground types. Kokoromori is a fast flyer who specializes in special attacks. Just wish it had a wider movepool. Abagoora is a great bulky water type that can hit hard. it should be very helpful, especially when i get rid of the hms and add some better moves that go with the stats. Believe it or not, I actually discovered the compound eyes/thunder thing before i read it here. i might not have been the first to think of it, but i didn't copy. its just an alaround good bug, i can get it midgame. Tsunbeaa is what it looks like, large and big. big means strong, right? yes it does in this case. its like ursaring with a good type and movepool. And Goruugu. i just can't wait. this guy looks large and incharge. if only he could learnmore punch moves that were better. does anyone know if the move has to have "punch" in its name?

    Opinions Wanted
    Just getting back into Serebii
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    Your team is pretty balanced type wise. Switch Emboar's nature to Brave ( Hammer Arm lowers Speed anyway) , lose Surf on Abagoora, and replace Signal Beam with Bug Buzz for Denchura. Tsunbear and Goruggo are good. Kokoromori is a terrible pokemon in my opinion but if you like him then use him as he is.

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    Air Slash over Fly on Kokoromori.
    Solid Rock/Brave
    -Waterfall/Aqua Jet
    -Rock Slide

    If you want Abagoura bulky, then his is the way to go. Waterfall has the power but Aqua Jet allows you to troll stuff with priority.

    Brick Break on Tsunbear. I prefer it over Superpower but it is fine as it is.

    Actually, Hammer Arm and Meteor Mash are both boosted by Goruugo's ability. Meteor Mash is called Comet Punch in Japanese. Likewise, Sucker Punch isn't boosted because in Japanese it means, Ambush or Suprise Attack.
    Rock Slide is an option over Stone Edge. Despite the power drop it tends to be better Ingame because of Stone Edge's accuracy and PP problems.

    Definitely Bug Buzz on Denchura. Signal Beam only has a slight confusion rate as a pro over B-Buzz. Volt Change is probably a good option too over Thunder Wave.
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    thanks for the advise. i think i will change emboar to brave, and change signal beam to bug buzz. but this is for ingame and since i don't have an HM slave, i need to keep the hms on them. and double, the only reason i have kokoromori is becuase his name is fun to say, and everyone and their mom isn't using it.
    Just getting back into Serebii
    FC: 5172-0935-1210

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