Amazing episode, worth the 2 week wait.

Team Rocket accomplished their mission in getting data on the Meteorite(I think). Flint was there too. They had a habit of just disappearing out of no where in this episode. Team Rocket just got more awesome in this episode.

Dento gets started to get obvious once Dento was playing a more important part in this episode.

It appears Iris knows a bit about healing Pokemon, interesting.

Ash didn't really do much in this episode, which is fine by me, allows other characters to get screen time.

Yanappu now knows Dig(It knew it before but we never saw it used it).

Ishizumai appears to know 5 moves(According to Bulbapedia):
Shell Smash
I think it's ability was shown, I think it was Shell Armor, or maybe Sturdy...maybe even Broken Armor, I think Broken Armor makes more sense because of the way it was shown. I actually thought it was Swarm but it doesn't know that apparently.

Great episode.