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Ishizumai appears to know 5 moves(According to Bulbapedia):
Shell Smash
I think it's ability was shown, I think it was Shell Armor, or maybe Sturdy...maybe even Broken Armor, I think Broken Armor makes more sense because of the way it was shown. I actually thought it was Swarm but it doesn't know that apparently.

Great episode.
Shell Breaker, it's an a move that increases the user's attack, special attack and speed.


I have to say, overall, a nicely done episode. I actually like the idea of a conflict that doesn't necessarily involve Team Rocket, but random CotD or PotD. It offers a bit more variety.

Also, Team Rocket is getting more and more amazing. I mean, sure it's been... 5 episodes since they last interacted with Ash, but the fact that they're actually doing something important really leads me to believe that once they do make a confrontation, it's gonna be something else.

Dento is still quite the accomplished chef, and Iris seems to know a bit about healing and whatnot.

Also, I know it's a great theme and all, but could the sound department for maybe... I dunno, 2 episodes not use the "Tower of Heaven" theme? Don't get me wrong, it's a great theme, but it seems like they try and use it at every instance that it will fit. I'm only saying this because once they do actually get there, we will have already heard every possible variation of the theme and therefore it won't be as "awe-inspiring" as it would be.

All that aside, they did a good job. Was very surprised that Ash had a minor role for once. I mean, it's happened before, but he didn't really do much of anything. On the upside, it does mean that Iris and Dento get to show more of themselves for development. And that's always welcome.

Now I wait for subs to find out what the hell was going on with the Team Rocket escapade. That's literally all I want to know.