-You know, I just realized this episode that the TRio's music is supposed to sound kinda like Mission Impossible. They actually did the Batman appear/disappear thing, my god.

-The way Dento makes potato salad makes it sound like it's better than sex.

-Okay so this is about that Ishizumai. Surprisingly, even for a small not-filler episode, we saw a lot of stuff from the cast...well, not Satoshi too much. We had Pikachu trying to stop Kibago from checking something out again, (no doubt some Pendraa trauma there) we had Iris having healing prowess and we had oh so fabulous and awesome Dento having his own episode. Nice strategy using the Pokemon food to lure all the bad Ishizumai away. And he caught it! Good job Dento. Screw you fan dumb thinking this would be filler!

-Though, I gotta say, I got pretty annoyed at Ishizumai when it hit Yanappu with a rock. It was like "Dude, what the hell?"

-"Ishizumai getto de...GOOD TASTE!" Only Mamoru Miyano's voice acting could make that work. (Now that he has a real stock footage catchphrase, I'm almost certain he'll catch another Poke at some point)

Good episode today. Very adorable.