Dwebble sounds too adorable. Which is good though~

Overall though, the episode was alright. It's nice to see Cilan got most of the spotlight in this episode, but Ash and Iris got a fair amount as well.

Jessie/James/Meowth were pretty cool to see, while they infiltrated that facility for data. Man they're getting good; I even enjoyed their mellow and cold attitude in this episode. For some reason it sounds excellent. And then we see Pierce again (Mr Green), so awesome.

In the end though, the next meet up with the trio Dwebble felt rushed, but not by a lot in a way. It's nice that Dwebble took a better approach at challenging the trio, and it worked out well. But in the end, the battle seemed as though he won to easily. Whatever works though I guess.

I woke up when it was already halfway over, but I'll catch the rest of it later.