Sorry I dont have the smilie icons, its hurting my eyes to find each pokemon so I have put lil small spirits instead . I'm guessing this team will be in OU because of Blissey, metagross, skarmory and tyranitar.

Well I decided to make this team because normally I just fight with pokemon that are my favourites such as swarmpert and jirachi but I dont really want to have a team with any legendaries now - as its abit unfair in most cases.
I love swarmpert and generally all water pokemon but I wanted to experiment about with the newer gen pokemon. Most the time im like wtf is that thing so yeah..I do call some of the newer gen odd names as I cant remember their actual name (please excuse me for that).

I think the only problem I have with my team is any water pokemon (which my starmie use to take care of). I have no grass moves nor any electric moves so I end up wasting my metagross on any water pokemon that appear (which doesnt always work as most water pokemon are bulky).

  • Blissey I have seen in quite alot of teams and seems to be abit of a ***** to kill so I decided to have her in my team to add bulk.

  • Skarmory seems to be one of the best set ups, maybe he could be abit faster?

  • Tyranitar I always thought was just a beast ever since I watched the fourth pokemon movie, then I actually bothered to train one up.

  • Burungeru that water balloon thing seems to be a rather bulky and reliable pokemon than my starmie (as im use to using swarmpert you can see why I prefer reliable ones).

  • I have always loved dragon pokemon as well as water types, so its obvious that im going to pick a pokemon like Sanzandora. I normally have a dragonite in my past teams because of his move pool and how reliable he is. I didnt really like salamence that much and flygon is alright. Sanzandora seems to blow these pokemon all out the window. Its also pretty awesome he looks like one of my art concepts in college (lul three headed silicone skeleton dragon with a spiked rattle tail).

  • Metagross, yeah I know his a ***** to kill as well ever since playing pokemon colosseum actually. I always remember he use to go down easily with an earthquake from my swarmpert so I know to watch out for that when he is in play.

Blissey @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural cure
EVs: HP:252 DEF:252 SPEDEF:6
- Seismic toss
- Toxic
- Softboiled
- Aromatherapy

Blissey being basically a tank with its 714 HP and very high spe def. I did have double team instead of seismic toss but I heard that it is banned or something? Also I think its better to have some kind of attacking move so if Blissey is left she can still damage steel types. I did also have healing wave instead of aromatherapy (for double battles) but I find aromatherapy more useful for both battling styles. Its rather amusing when playing against noobs and they dont know how to take blissey out so they end up losing all their team against her just by using toxic and softboiled (yes I took a whole team of legendaries with her and the guy was like WTF lool). Blissey only has trouble with a pokemon that uses a sword dance then a fighting type move, which I would then bring out my water balloon to save her.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
EVs: HP:132 SPEDEF:255 SP:123
- Brave Bird
- Roost
- Stealth Rock
- Spikes

Of course as you can tell he is for the setting up by the spikes and stealth rock. With his sturdy im able to at least get one setting up move if he is attacked by any fire type moves. Brave bird has recoil damage which I can heal up by the leftovers and roosting. I'm unsure if I should have skarmory to be sent out first or Blissey.

Tyranitar @ Life orb
Ability:Sand stream
EVs: HP:76 ATK:252 SP:180
- Aqua Tail
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Crunch

I did have garchomp on this team before which is why I still have tyranitar. But I noticed that Sanzandora seems to be much more stronger and with a bigger move pool. Aqua tail deals with any other rock, ground or fire types which is immune to earthquake (such as the pesty lil candle pokemon which keeps on popping up). Earthquake is just generally a great move to have because of the amount of damage with tyranitars 367 attack with life orb. Stone edge is for any flying. And crunch is very useful for psychics. His pretty much quite a bulky sweeper. Problem with grass pokemon here but Sanzandora can help me out here with the flamethrower.

Burungeru @ Leftovers
Ability:Water absorb
EVs: HP: 255 SPEATK:252
- Recover
- Safeguard
- Water Spout
- Ominous Wind

I replaced my starmie with this water balloon looking guy as he can actually survive quite afew hits (which I prefer more in my pokemon than them just being KOed in two/one). I have looked up move sets for this guy after I set him up with these moves but I find these much more useful. Safeguard helps my sweepers not to get any par or poison etc. With that high special attack I think water spout works better than a boil over. I remember with Drifblim that Ominous wind did so much damage to my past teams which I prefer over a night shade that I have seen in other move sets. Leftovers + recover with a 404 hp makes this ballon guy crazly beasty. The only problem is grass pokemon (KO's him with one power whip) which is why im wondering if I should change a move for ice beam. Its rather amusing once when I went against this noob who used hydro pump on him..and does nothing but restore my hp haha.

Sanzandora @ Focus Sash
Ability: Levitate
EVs:SPEATK:252 SPEDEF: 192 SP:64
- Dragon Pulse
- Flamethrower
- Earth Power
- Surf

I'm guessing your looking at them EV's thinking wtf why spedef when I could add more speatk. Well I dont care what all them other sanzandora EV spreads and crap are like because this guy is the main beast of this team. He out speeds most pokemon with 272 speed and with focus sash he can take out a faster dragon pokemon or anything that could be faster than him. The problem I use to have with most of my dragon pokemon was the weakness to ice. Now sanzandora can survive through an ice beam and then kill them with a dragon pulse. Earth power I chose over an earthquake so my other pokemon dont get affected by the earthquake in doubles. His the main sweeper for this team.

Metagross @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear body
EVs: ATK:252 SPEDEF:4 SP:252
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Bullet Punch
- Meteor Mash

So yes another bulky looking pokemon which also survives many hits. With that 405 attack I can use him to normally take out one of the other teams strongest pokemon. Meteor mash and earthquake both have 100 power which makes him pretty lethal. As his pretty slow I put some EV's in speed so he can out speed afew different pokemon. I mean not that it totally matters as his bulky enough to live through about three attacks/four attacks (if normal effected).